Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Hello again, it's me, Princess!

It has been a long and hot summer here in the canyon. Mommy is pretty good to us and takes us for our walks early in the morning, while it's still cool. But in the summer we have to stay on the road because mommy is worried we may run into a rattlesnake if we go hiking in the hills. I saw a rattlesnake earlier in the summer and started to attack it when it made a strange noise and went for me! Lucky for me, I'm still pretty quick and managed to jump away without getting bitten. We all have our vaccines, but it's still dangerous to get bitten by one of these critters:

A while ago, mommy bought us one of those kiddie pools on sale at K-Mart, so we could step into it and cool off. I'm the only one who has put my paws in it. Angel and Soldier don't dare to put theirs in, but mommy does in the evenings. She says it really helps to cool her down.

Here are mommy's feet in the water. They look funny, don't they?

In the evenings, when we are all outside, we can get frisky and start a play fight. This picture shows our different techniques: Soldier hangs on to the scruff of Angel's neck; I bite her hind legs (I'm part herding dog, so I know that from -- I think they call it -- instinct); and Angel puts her front legs on Soldier's shoulders so he can't move. They are all very good fighting tricks!

Here we are, friends again after our three-way dog/play fight. It's only for fun and we really like to play together.

Blogged by me -- Princess!

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