Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trash Day

In the city, trash day comes once a week with the minor inconvenience of alternate side street parking and moving your various cans to the curb. Here in the canyon, it's a do-it-yourself project. While a pickup truck would work better, our's is working in construction right now, so you do the best you can. For me that means lowering the backs of the rear seats in the SUV and spreading these brightly colored covers across the back.

Then I put on my plastic gloves and grab the sturdier trashbags in case they are needed. With hands protected, I empty the trash cans and put the trash bags in the car, open the windows, and take off for the dump.

There it is, below the taller hills. I doubt you can see it.

Here is the entrance.

On the way up the hill to the actual dump site, the road is lined with wild sunflowers. I'm always amazed at nature here and all the flowers, plants, and bushes that grow without rain. And the animals that survive here as well.
At the dump site, a nice young man who works there, helped me unload the trash. He always helps me when he isn't busy and I appreciate that so much.

Back home, it's now hot, so I put on my strawhat and my determined look. There is work ahead -- clean up time.

First I hang the covers on the fence and rinse them off. Then I brush out dead leaves, sticks, stones, and whatever else does not belong inside the car. After that I pull the hose through the fence and start to rinse off the car.
I hate when this happens! There I am, happily spraying the car, playing with water, like a kid and then the hose gets snagged!

I fix the hose and continue to spray the car, making a rainbow as I hose it down. Well, I just lost that pretty picture, so you have to trust me on the rainbow.
After the car is clean, I rinse out the trash cans and clean some with bleach. Before I go in the house I take my boots off and rinse them too. And that's my trash day. A little different form trash day in the city.


  1. You had me laughing. We also take our trash to the dump ourselves. Isn't it so much fun? And the hose kink. That was hilarious because that happens to me on a daily basis! When I saw the picture my first words were," Yup, that looks familiar!". By the way, I love your hat!!!

  2. Nice!! Love those colorful covers! Poor you, having to haul your own garbage. I thought we had it bad by having to truck it out to the nearest main road!
    Had to laugh at your choice of photos...they made me giggle!

  3. I can see the rainbow in my mind's eye. I love the way you seize the day and see the beauty, even when you are doing chores.


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