Saturday, May 10, 2014

Samson And The Case Of TheThieving Raven

On our way home after taking Samson for his rabies shot, eye check, and pedicure, we stop at the grocery store. I wait with Samson in the Wrangler while hubby goes to the store. We sit, bored, watching an old man placing his groceries in the bed of his truck after first slowly and carefully tying the bags to keep the groceries in.

Samson: "Look at that bird, mommy, what's he doing? I think he's gonna steal some of that old man's food!"

Me: " I think you are right, Samson, that's one bold bird."

Samson: "Look at him, he's starting to peck at the man's bag!"

"I'm moving up here, so I can see better. Should I bark at him and try to scare him away, mommy?"

Samson: "Look, look, mommy he got something out of the old man's bag! Now that's not fair. That looked like a poor old man, I know he doesn't want a bird messing with his food! Why are you so slow mommy, you should go over there and tell the old man."

Me: "You know I can't get out fast, Samson, and now the man is backing out. He's leaving."

Samson: " Good, the raven's leaving too, so the old man will have most of his food left when he gets home. Do you think he will be surprised to find his bags open and food stolen?"

Me: "I'm sure he will very surprised, Samson."

Samson, changing the subject: "Mommy, why did those girls at the vet say I was AWESOME?"

Me: "They just thought you were a very handsome dog and such a good and brave boy."

Have a nice day everyone, I hope you enjoyed my raven adventure.

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Dog. 


  1. Hi Samson,
    You are awesome. Your mummy should have let you out to chase the raven.

    Inger, don't read this. It was a personal message for Samson.

    I love the pictures, and you are handsome, Samson.

  2. Ha ha kul dokumenterat. Korpar här brukar vara rätt skygga. Idag flög en glada förbi här hemma. Fick en bild faktiskt. De blir mer o mer vanliga här i Småland. Annars är Skåne deras område.
    ha en fin lördag!

  3. Inger and Samson, I so love reading your adventure with the brazen Raven. I bet that this Raven has been stealing food from other people too.

    Samson knew that this behaviour isn't acceptable.Good for Samson.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. It looks as if that raven has had some practice stealing things from the backs of trucks.

    Samson makes a nice companion to chat with while you wait for your husband. You always have interesting conversations. He is a beautiful dog - for sure!

  5. A raven has to eat too, and it looks like he only took one raspberry. . .That raven and crows know - white bags of food or garbage still may have good things in them.

    But, what a good sentry dog Samson is, I'd hire him for a guard dog anyday (if he were a working dog, that is)

  6. that was amazing! really great you caught all that! poor old fellow...

    and samson, i LOVE all your hair all over the seat! made me smile!

  7. That was very observant of you Samson and you ARE awesome!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Oh, Samson, you were so good to be concerned about that bird. You really are awesome.


  9. Enjoy??? heck, I LOVE your Raven Adventure - Those photos are tremendous . . thank you for taking time to share with us!

  10. Wow, a robber raven and pictures to prove it. Great series.

  11. Sampson, you are one awesome dog! Oliver and Olivia asked me to tell you woof, woof.

  12. What a caring dog! He is awesome. And you got some photo evidence of the theft.

  13. Thanks for sharing gorgeous Samson.

  14. That is a bold and smart bird!
    I hope your trip to vet went well, Samson.

  15. No ravens here, Samson, but some thieving magpies, which are about as bad. If you see those ravens again, bark loudly!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  16. How amazing to catch the Raven in the act.
    I hope all went well with the vet.

  17. Dear Samson, you are really beautiful and adorable!
    Yout Mom did a great photo reportage here! Amazing post!

    You all have a lovely Sunday.
    Lots of hugs.

  18. I just love reading the adventures of Samson and Inger! What a pesky Raven!

    My awareness post is not up on my blog by the way, so it's ready for you to copy and paste! Wooo!

    x Hayley-Eszti

  19. Hi Samson .. I think you should have barked - I really do .. poor chap having his food stolen. Those ravens over here are viscious ..

    But handsome you are that is most definite!! The vet ladies were so so right .. as your Mommy thinks too .. big hug - Hilary

  20. Samson is awesome, hope you are feeling better.


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