Friday, February 17, 2012

Pictures From The Road

Yesterday, we went to Los Angeles to take care of some business and to have lunch with our friends Fran and Bud. I woke up this morning feeling tired beyond belief, so I will rest today and just post some pictures from our road trip.
Then next week, I'll tell you about my socializing ways and visiting with both Rachael on Sunday and Fran, AKA fishducky, and her husband, Bud, all in the same week. That's quite something for an old hermit like me. I'm just surprised by how tired I get these days. 
Also thanks for your comments. I have read them all, but not been able to get back to you. I just want to let you know that I look forward to reading your comments every day and I love to hear from you. I will have some time to visit you later today or tomorrow. Do you feel guilty too when you can't keep up with your blogger friends?

 Snow in the Tehachapis.

Many new wind turbines have been erected in the desert outside the small town of Mojave. You can probably see them if you click on the photo to enlarge it.

Driving the long straight road through the desert from Mojave to the towns of Lancaster and Palmdale. This part of the desert was named Antelope Valley for the antelopes that roamed here when the first settlers arrived.

 Since I moved to the desert mountains almost six years ago now, I have become fascinated by rocks. I see so much beauty in them and history too, millions of years of it.  It was difficult to get a good picture as we zoomed by these marvelous rock formations.

 This is actually a park, called Vasquez State Park, formed by movements in the San Andreas fault. It's named for a notorious bandit that sought refuge here. This  spectacular scenery, so close to Los Angeles, has been featured in many films I learned from Wikipedia. You can read more about the park here.

My husband and I heard about this score of 100 for a perfect spouse. I determined that my score was about 80 and we've joked about this ever since. Here we are, in the CARPOOL lane, on the 405/Sand Diego freeway. My husband often travels here alone, stuck in traffic. He had completely forgotten that there's now a CARPOOL lane, that he thanks to me, could drive in, and thus speed past all the cars with just one driver. I joked that my wifely score now increased by at least 5 to 85.

 The buildings on top of the hill are part of the Getty Center a lovely complex of art, great architecture, and gardens with fabulous views of Los Angeles.

 We have arrived in Westwood, where I worked at UCLA for over 30 years. I lived 7 miles away. When I first began commuting to work in 1973, it took about 15 minutes. When I left the university in 2005, it took 45 minutes.  

On our way to fishducky's house, this is her neighborhood. 

 Gas prices in Los Angeles, $4.25, out here $3.85.  A sign of times to come?

 On our way out of town, we just beat the worst traffic. Here we travel downhill towards the many communities located in the San Fernando Valley. These are the suburbs of Los Angeles. They are varied in their population, from movie stars to gang bangers, but mostly just ordinary folks living ordinary suburban lives. It's a very large area.

Back on the 14 freeway, heading home in yet another carpool lane, I find these hills and buttes really interesting.

 So I thought I would share just a few views.

Finally, I always wanted to take a picture of the mansion that is perched on top of this knoll. It would have been a better picture if taken on our way to Los Angeles because then you would have seen the road/driveway that meanders up this steep hill to the house. It's a huge house, with a view of the freeway.  I wonder how much freeway noise reaches up there. Of course the rest of the views must be magnificent, but still, there's nowhere to walk in nature, unless you like to hike up and down a very steep and barren hill. Since the first time I saw this place, I have wondered who lives there.  One thing you would know for sure: The brakes on their cars must be kept in the best condition.


  1. Kara Inger--We SO enjoyed our lunch with you & your wonderful husband!! Did you know that we once bought one of those turbine windmills as an investment? (To identify it in the huge field, I painted my "logo" fishducky on it.)

  2. Ah, fishducky, we enjoyed seeing you guys so much too. And, by now nothing surprises me about what you two invested in. I will read your Friday post later, I need to recover from this road trip.

  3. Ahhhh...I DO! Feel so very guilty for not keeping up with blogging friends:(

    What a lovely blue sky...

  4. Beautiful views out of town, I wonder how people can live in the big cities anymore, with all the noise and fumes.

    That mansion - maybe they have a helicopter, if I had that kind of money - I would!

  5. Härligt att få följa med på er biltur. Vacker blå himmel ni hade. Vi skall ut på rävjakt. Vi har en varg i området här. Den var i Åseda häromdagen och nu är den tydligen nästa by från oss här. Inte kul. vi vill inte ha varg här nere. Kram från oss alla!

  6. yikes! what a place to perch a house! :)

    you have some lovely terrain on your drive. glad you got to spend some time w/ your dear friend!

  7. Believe it or not - I have ridden that same road a couple times myself. sandie

  8. I wish I could go to LA to have lunch with Fran. Sounds like fun.


  9. I just noticed that the gas station picture was at Westwood Blvd. If that was ar Olympic & Westwood, their prices are always 25 cents a gallon higher than anywhere else.

  10. Our daughter went to UCLA! I love seeing all the snow on our mountains, too, but this weekend it will be in the high 70's, so it will all melt!!!

  11. Looked like a nice road trip. Lovely scenery...except for the traffic. :) Love the house on top of the hill.

  12. Always nice to have a road trip and I like the photos. Traffic=yuk

  13. Funny how your value went up so quickly. I enjoyed the trip and hope you recover quickly.

  14. Thank you for taking us along on your trip to LA, Inger. I likely will never venture that far away from home.

    I do feel guilty when I can't visit my blog friends -- silly, but true!

  15. Those carpool lanes are a good idea. We don't have them here. The desert is so beautiful in a desolate sort of way. I would have been shattered too. I'm afraid it's an age thing. I also feel guilty if I don't visit bloggers. Why do we do it to ourselves. This is not supposed to be like doing a real job. We should chill more. Hope you're soon feeling refreshed.

  16. Ms. Inger, great photographs as they bring me home to California!

  17. Wow jag gillar verkligen bergen, så vackert!!

  18. Thats a whole lotta windmills in your photo. Yesteday I drove up a hill and visited a group of nine. Magnificent up close. I think I like the look of windmills. Locally a billion dollar windmill project has been turned down because of the landscape issues. And I agreed with that. But someplaces they seem attractive. It's hard to know what to decide.

  19. Dear Inger,
    I've been to California two or three times on business trips, so I've mostly seen the airports and the drive to downtown LA and San Francisco. Your travelogue today helped me understand that there is true natural beauty there. I need to get out more!!!

    And I think that being able to take that 2-person-or-more lane jumps you up to 90 at least!


  20. I had never heard of the mountains shown in your first photo until earlier today when they were mentioned in a book I started reading yesterday, California Gold by John Jakes. Aren't coincidences amazing! I hope you didn't have to guy gas in LA!

  21. fishducky: Yes, that's the gas station. Good to know it isn't all over town.

  22. Now I can say I drove into Los Angeles!!!
    Great photos Inger! Now rest up a bit...all that LA excitement I guess.

  23. I hope you have been able to rest up. Yes, I do feel guilty when I can't keep up with my bloggy friends. I really do try though!


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