Saturday, November 28, 2015

Computer Problems a Quick Update

A quick update before my modem conks out again. Is that how that word conk goes? Doesn't look right to me, but you know what I mean. I have had problems with the modem since that big rainstorm back in October. I goes on an off. Spent an hour yesterday with a very nice woman who tried to help, but in the end had to call for a service technician, who will arrive Monday between 8 and 11 a.m. Thinking about it, I wonder if it isn't something wrong with the connection to the satellite dish, not the modem itself. We'll see.

Continuing with the theme of all things here breaking down, I had the Jeep towed to my local mechanic because it too would start and then not. While there I asked them to fix the recurring 'death wobble.' So far the estimate for the wobble is over $1,300 and they can't find what's wrong with the starter mechanism. 

I choose to be with myself and my dogs on Thanksgiving. It was a choice, I had been invited places. I wanted to spend Thanksgiving the way I used to when I was single, by myself, being grateful for friends and family. Writing letters and Christmas cards to everyone and so on. It didn't work out that way and I hope to get that done tomorrow. Instead, I just diddled or piddled or whatever it is called around here. I cooked though, a lovely meal of baked catfish, roasted potatoes, and asparagus. It came out so great. I'm bragging here because I have sort of labeled myself as a bad cook. This is not true, I just don't love to cook, the way my husband did.

I missed Errol a lot, of course, but I wasn't sad. These days, sadness hits me at the weirdest times and I get overwhelmed with grief. I give in to it then, I cry and think of him, of him and me and our life together. Then the sadness subsides and I feel OK again. I know this is normal.

Today my friend Mary and I are going to Tehachapi to photograph a tree. I hope it works, it is very special, this tree, and you have to take the picture through the windshield of a car. We think, it is at a dead end of a busy road, where it connects with another road. Should be fun. Then we will have lunch and visit a gift shop in town. I'm looking for two more home-made soaps for my Christmas gifts. 

That's all for now and, hopefully, I will be back with a fully functioning modem on Monday afternoon. Just in time for Cyber Monday (just kidding, can't afford that now, though earlier I had thought of getting a new monitor, mine is from 2004 and may well be the next thing breaking down around here). Just kidding about that too, hopefully.

Pictures are from Water Canyon on the mountain on the way to the nun's place with Rachael in 2014. I'm having picture issues too with this new Windows 10, but no wish to deal with that right now. 


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