Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hello, My Name is Faith

and I will be three months old on Monday, the 28th. This is how little I was when I first came here back in June. Looking at this picture, I think my legs have grown the most. 

First picture ~ 6/9/2014

Exploring the outside ~ 6/14/2014

Playing ~ 6/14/2014

At first I was very sad to have been taken away from my doggie mommy and my siblings, but then I sensed that there was a greater sadness hanging over this new home of mine.

I felt it the most from this big, fluffy, white dog that is now my new big brother. And from my new person mommy too. I soon figured out it had to do with my new daddy being ill.

My mommy's favorite picture of us playing. 6/14/2014

And then I got it! I will make them all as happy as I possibly can. I will play with this big, kind, dog and give him exercise when mommy is too tired. I will snuggle up with daddy in the bed and make him smile. I will be the best dog EVER for my family. I will try to do ALL my business outside, but, well, you know accidents do happen.


I have learned SIT, STAY, COME (but that come I don't always obey, depends on how comfy I am laying in the shade somewhere)and my name: FAITH. 

Faith: Hey, you! It's mine, I saw it first.

Samson Says: Yes, but I'm bigger than you. Faith: Try if you dare, you big old fluffmonster, you!

Faith: Give me that bone! 7/7/2014

Samson: No way!

Faith: I'll poke you in the eye, I will. You think you're so tough. Samson: Ouch!

I got up here by myself, getting down is much scarier. Help, me someone! 7/7/2014

Look at me run! All the way from daddy at the top of the hill. 7/19/2014

Nap time! 7/16/2014

Mommy's Story About Me

One day in June, after he had been told he had cancer, my husband went to the hardware store to get some snake repellent and came home with a six-week old puppy someone was giving away in the parking lot. 

He was numb after the diagnosis, depressed, no doubt. He said, "she's life-affirming." Then he said, "She will take good care of you, she will be a great ranch dog for you." "For us," I said. And went to town to buy some puppy food, which of course he had not thought to get.

Sitting in the Jeep outside the store, I wondered what we should call her. Faith, seemed about right considering everything that lay ahead. When I got back home, my husband said,"I think we should name her Faith." 

I was mad at first, after all, a puppy is all we don't need now. I'm way too old, they cost money, and on and on. After a few days though, I was in love. Of course I was.  

Since then I have come to realize that little Faith is a great help. Samson loves her and she gives him so much more exercise than we ever could. Samson is also very in-tune with his daddy and he knows he is seriously ill. Or at least he knows something bad is going on with daddy. So it is great the way Faith plays with him and cheers him up. They play all the time, chase each other, play tug of war, and have so much fun until they collapse in a tired heap. She loves to sleep wrapped in his big and furry tail. (Go figure, he won't let me touch, much less brush, his tail. Faith ~ she gets to sleep in it!) 

She cheers both me and my husband up and makes us smile all the time. Smiling is so good. 

I took her for her second set of puppy shots yesterday. They kept her in the back a long time, apparently a love fest was going on with Faith in the center of it; cuddles by the vet techs, licks back by Faith, or so the guy said who brought her back to me. She weighs 19 pounds. Soon, I will not be able to carry her around........

Come on, Samson, I'm taking you for a walk! 7/20/14


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