Monday, November 24, 2014

A Windy Day In The Canyon

Sheets I washed while the weather was calm had to go on the line after the wind picked up. It was cool out, but they dried in no time, which was good

since sand, whipped up by the wind, made it a lousy day for laundry.

Not great flying weather either, said the raven, as he somersaulted on the wind.

Soon our part of the canyon was a sandy mess: Sand in eyes, mouth, ears; the mountains disappearing behind brown dust. 

Inside it was peaceful. Puppy Faith practicing the frog pose.

Who me? I'm just cleaning my teeth, minding my own business, so get that camera out of my face, OK.

Samson Says: I'm here too, minding my own business, but since you took my picture already, this is what I have to say: Can you all see how dirty I am? Can you see I haven't been brushed in ages? Not that I enjoy it, but still, enough is enough! I used to be white, now I'm beige.

Gracie, I'm almost embarrassed to have you read about what I tried to do to Faith. It's just a guy thing, it has nothing to do with my love for you, my feisty one. Now, Faith is just a real tease and she's not in real heat yet (whatever that means) and mommy is hoping she will hold on until next week, so she can be fixed. I like her just the way she is and don't think she needs any fixing. But of course no one around here listens to me.

Have a nice day everyone! 
Hugs, ear licks, and kisses to my Gracie! 

This last part posted by Samson, the Samoyed Dog.

(For those of you new to our blog, Gracie is Samson's fiancee. (Gracie is a white Cockapoo, who lives in Maryland, so it's a virtual romance. But it's still a Very True Romance.)

You can read about Gracie's life here:

Growing Old With Gracie


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