Saturday, January 21, 2017

We Are Still OK

I've just been feeling a bit down for the past couple of months. 

Part of the grieving process, I imagine, because it isn't like me. Not for that long. Then the new year arrived and I decided it was time for me to find my way back to joy, so I set to work on myself and now I'm feeling much better.

Samson says: Good mommy, and don't forget you always have us. Me and that little thing, look at her out in the wilderness:

Yes, Samson, she's so small and running so fast all over the place. But she's both cautious and fierce, so I let her run, knowing she's having the best life.

My second eye surgery went well, but I have a slight inflammation in that eye, the left eye. It doesn't affect my vision, but I have to continue with the eye drops until the end of this month, then be checked by the local doctor here. Hopefully, I will be fine. 

For the second year in a row, we had a white Christmas here in our mountains. Since then it has rained and snowed a lot in California, and I believe that by now we are out of the long drought. 

I'm so in love with this little girl. 

It snowed yesterday and last night so we went out early and played in it. Snow melts almost immediately here at 4000 feet, creating a huge mess on my road to the main road. Fortunately that road is not long, about an 8th of a mile, I think. But when it's part lake, part muddy mess, it's no fun. 

We play in the snow while we can, 

then we come in and snuggle on the couch. 

Mary made this barn quilt for me for Christmas and I treasure it. I put it on the wood wall to the side of my fireplace and it cheers up a dark corner there. The colors are blue and yellow, not as dark as in the picture. 

Finally, thank you my friends for your emails, cards, and comments. I feel bad that you were wondering how I was doing and I may not have replied. I want to wish you all a very happy new year and I will stay in touch. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

We Are OK

and I had no idea a whole month went by since I last posted. 

My computer is not doing as well as it should. Windows 10 anniversary update helped some issues, but now it is so slow. Worse than ever, then better for a few days, then bad again. This makes blogging difficult. It's difficult to pull up your posts and to leave comments. 

My mood is such that I don't want to have to worry about it. I have done all the basics to clean it up, but still....  Sometime in the future I will definitely deal with it. It is clear it needs more in-depth attention. And maybe a visit from the nice computer geek in town. 

Another thing I have no patience with and my computer is unable to handle is something new that's going on between it and my cell phone. 

Yesterday, Samson came and lay down next to me on the couch and started to communicate with me, the way he does. He's so cute, little looks, noises, and then a full howly bark. I took a set of pictures that really captured his cuteness in doing this. I used my cell phone, which is the only way I can do it since neither dog will pose for my other camera and its flash. Then, as I went to download the pictures, I was informed on my phone that I needed to take some other action, involving a download. This took so darned long that in the end it couldn't be completed. 

I was really annoyed, but decided to go outside and try to capture some of the feeling of autumn in the canyon: rain, mist, and clouds that finally showed up this morning. The pictures you see here are from that effort.  

I'm getting very tired of technology, cell phone in particular, right now. Of course, other technological advances are wonderful. And so it was for my first cataract surgery. I had it done on the 7th and it went off without a hitch. So far, so good, and how great to be able to see what's really there again. Seeing how deep my wrinkles are, the only exception. The rest is just fabulous, just as great as everyone who has had it done told me. 

I'm having my left eye done on Monday, the 21st. It has some issues the doctor told me, that may make it a bit more difficult to fasten the lens, but he assured me he would be able to deal with any complications. But I feel very positive about the whole experience and not worried at all. So I will go and get it done. 

I will continue my blogging break until I'm past the other surgery, Thanksgiving, and all that. Then I plan to be back to blogging and dealing with computer issues until they are all fixed. 

Have a nice Thanksgiving and take good care. 


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