Monday, September 15, 2014

Samson Says: If the Snake Hadn't Come

into my enclosure, daddy wouldn't have run off to Home Depot to get some snake repellent. If Home Depot man hadn't told daddy that he had to get it online, the store didn't carry it any longer, daddy wouldn't have gone across the street to the Tractor Supply store. If daddy hadn't gone there, he wouldn't have met up with the electricians who were giving puppies away. And I would have never got a little sister, named Faith. 

Thank you, you big old snake you. Having a little sister has made me the happiest dog all summer long. Every single day, I have come to love her more and more.

When she came, she was only six weeks old, way too young to leave her mommy and her siblings. Mommy told me it would now be up to me to teach her how to be a dog, how to fight, how to wrestle, what not to get into, and so on. Puppies should learn that from their litter mates and doggy mommy, said mommy. 

I looked at her and felt how scared she was. She cried and cried for her family and who could blame her. From that first moment, I knew I had to take care of her even if it would mean I had a lot of work ahead of me. She was so tiny and cute then.

So I said, OK, mommy, I will take her under my furry paw and keep her warm and content. I will teach her how to be the best of dogs, I promise, mommy, I truly will.

Faith soon recovered from her loneliness and started acting like the feisty pup she truly is. Look at her here, on her second day here, she saw that I got up on the table and she had to try too. Every day, she'd try something new.

What she liked the best was to chase me around. She's like a regular exercise machine, making me lose all that weight I gained from the steroids. Isn't she just the cutest thing? No Gracie, I'm not in love, just in brotherly love. Mommy and daddy say I am turning out to be a wonderful big brother. They think I don't hear them, but my hearing is very excellent, so nothing passes me by.......

Now where did she go? Come on Faith, so we can watch the Super Harvest Moon rise over the mountains. Come here you silly girl.....

Now, look over there, Faith! This is your very first Harvest Moon. That's one reason I love being with my Faith, every day there is a first for her. Look at her here, she's on the table now, has been for a long time. She gets in the bed too, sleeps in there. No one minds.

Have a nice day, everyone!

And sending lots of LOVE to my Gracie XOXOXOXO, your Samson

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Dog.


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