Thursday, July 28, 2016

Julio, The Best Goat Ever ~ Good Fences No. 13

Once upon a time out in the high desert, the California Highway Patrol stopped a car from Mexico. As the cops were taking down information, a banging noise came from the trunk of the car. Wondering what in the world was in there, the police opened the trunk and found several goats! I think there were seven goats stuffed in there. Some had died, but several were still alive. When the Mojave Animal Shelter called and asked for help with this strange crew, two were adopted by the donkey rescue, where I worked in 2007 - 2008. 

We named them Julio and Eduardo. Survivors both, they turned out to be the most fun and entertaining of all the animals at the rescue. Nothing was safe from their mouths and visitors would lose gloves, hats, and anything else half-way edible. They were the first goats I ever knew personally, so to speak, and I still miss them. As some of you may recall, the donkey rescue moved to Texas and I now have different neighbors.

Joining Tex and friends for
Good Fences


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