Thursday, May 28, 2020

Taking A Break

I want my blog to be a happy place about life in the country, cows visiting, wild critters coming by, young ones coming out into the world from coyote pups to twenty some California quail babies crossing my road. Happy walks with happy dogs and, in general, for me -- being at peace with the world.

Then this thing happens again, a black man murdered in plain sight by police, in Minneapolis this time. Then something else happens in Central Park. And here on our California beaches -- I see a teenager on TV telling me, and the rest of the vulnerable population, to stay home if we have a problem with him not wearing a mask. 

Then the riots, just as bad, burning down innocent people's businesses. I witnessed this first-hand in Los Angeles, it leads to no good whatsoever. But people are angry and people feel powerless.

So I will see you in a couple of weeks. After all, I have the most fun dog ever to write about for the month of June. And I have a big birthday to celebrate. 

 "A change is gonna come," sang Sam Cooke so many years ago.

And almost 60 years later, still waiting.......

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Rust ~ Post No. 31

After we bought this house, Errol spent part of a year fixing the inside, cleaning, remodeling, painting, and so on, while I finished up my work at UCLA. 

Then in September 2006, I moved here and Errol went back to Los Angeles to continue to work for several more years. He was six years younger than I and wanted to work until at least he was at least 65. 

So here I was, lots of things needed to be done outside and all our tools and our wheelbarrow were in Los Angeles. When I discovered this rusty old thing, I sort of fell for it. And I used it for a couple of years. 

This year, I made it part of my yard art display. You have now seen the three individual parts - a picture of the full display will follow in another post. 

And then I found the cutest rusty thing on one of my fence posts. That will follow soon too. 


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