Thursday, July 28, 2016

Julio, The Best Goat Ever ~ Good Fences No. 13

Once upon a time out in the high desert, the California Highway Patrol stopped a car from Mexico. As the cops were taking down information, a banging noise came from the trunk of the car. Wondering what in the world was in there, the police opened the trunk and found several goats! I think there were seven goats stuffed in there. Some had died, but several were still alive. When the Mojave Animal Shelter called and asked for help with this strange crew, two were adopted by the donkey rescue, where I worked in 2007 - 2008. 

We named them Julio and Eduardo. Survivors both, they turned out to be the most fun and entertaining of all the animals at the rescue. Nothing was safe from their mouths and visitors would lose gloves, hats, and anything else half-way edible. They were the first goats I ever knew personally, so to speak, and I still miss them. As some of you may recall, the donkey rescue moved to Texas and I now have different neighbors.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Notes From The Canyon ~ Fires, Fears, And Letting Go

An old-fashioned selfie in the fabulous mirror made by my friend and funny blogger/serious artist fishducky . After a week of rest, I got up this morning, put on the wide-brimmed hat Mary gave me (it ties under my chin and is great in the often strong winds we have up here) got my rake and went out to rake some more. 

I have now worked outside since the end of March, raking, cutting, and hauling away. It seems never-ending, but I have made progress.

They recently put out the largest fire in our county's history, the Erskine fire to the north of us, close to 50,000 acres burned. Fueled by the strong winds we have here. And now, as you may have seen on the news, another huge fire is burning off the 14 freeway, north of Los Angeles. That's the road I would take if I had to go to the city. I'm so glad I don't have to go there any more. 

I love it up here from end of October to the end of June, but this time of the year is pretty awful. When the winds come up and blow with gusts up to 50 - 60 MPH through this bone dry landscape, I don't know how not to be concerned. Joining CERT and getting that training has helped a lot and I know I will not panic now, should something happen. 

The prevailing winds here come from the north-west and I have raked and raked as best I could in this corner of my property. The very large juniper is a concern since the branches are dragging on the ground. I had hoped to consult about it with my BIL/Contractor, but he's not been able to come, due now to a recent car accident. So I just cleared under and around it.

Both my friend Tom and the tractor guy did such great work, but there's still so much to rake up after them. If there is a fire, if something bad happened to my dogs, (the rest I don't care about, truly, I have given it much thought) I need to know I have done everything to clear the land to the best of my ability. And that's really all anyone can do. (I have tried to find some teenagers to help, but it seems they either don't work or get jobs at McDonalds or in one of the grocery stores in town.) 

Now to change the subject:

Last week, Mary and I went to Bakersfield where I saw my diabetes team and got another good report. Then on to the orthopedic back specialist. Mary drove, we both have GPS, but didn't use it, both pretty blind as far as reading road names go, we finally made it to the doctor's office. Where I was then sent across the street for some back X-rays.

After examining me, the doctor thought it was my hip. But he ordered an MRI of my lower back and X-rays of my hip and pelvic area. I will have that done on August 2nd. The doctor's office was good about arranging to see me the same day so I don't have to drive back down the mountain to Bakersfield. I will let you know. Probably hip, I have a feeling that's it. 

After I, hopefully, get this pain diagnosed, I will move on to have the cateract surgery. I have to get that done before it gets dark early since I can't drive in the dark right now. So, one step at a time. 

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Gate In The Canyon ~ Good Fences No. 12

A gate at the entrance to my friend Jeanne's property here in the canyon. I saw it recently for the first time and fell in love with it. 

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Samson Says Thanks, Faith Talks About Mommy, and I Post My Good Fences No. 11

Much is happening in this picture from Hart Flat California, a community located 12 miles down the mountain from our town. But I like the stone wall, the beautiful trees, and the road going off to a magnificent estate, perhaps; or an old country house with stables and a barn. 


Samson Says: Thank you all my blogger friends for your Happy Birthday wishes. You are the bestest friends a dog could have. I'm on my way to becoming and old dog now, wise and stubborn. Mommy is not feeling well, but she says she'll visit your blogs a few each day.

Faith: Yeah, mommy hurts a lot. She can't do Sit Stay any more, then the pain gets worserer and worserer. 

Samson Says: It's called, worse and worse, didn't I teach you how to write?

Faith: You teached me lots, write isn't one of the lots. You old grouch monster, you.

Me: Never did I think I'd have problems walking, but after I sit for a while, then get up, the vague pains I've had for the past six months, or so, have now become intolerable. I see my chiropractor tomorrow and an orthopedic specialist next week. I need this diagnosed so I can figure out what to do.

Good news is that I got the results from my stress test and the cardiologist said my heart is great! Such good news, I'm happy....

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Thursday, July 7, 2016



You may not remember this: You grew up behind all those flowers on that fence below.

You were the cutest puppy ever and all the kids in the neighborhood, and some grownups too, would stop to say hello and pet you through the gate. 

One day, daddy took you up to the canyon. Here are some pictures from your first day visiting. You were just three months old:

Samson Says: I'm getting wet feet! Not sure I like this...

OK, now I'm getting the hang of it!

And now I got muddy feet, sorry mommy!

Listening to Angel, who became your doggie mommy and raised you so well.

Hanging with the big guys! 

Celebrating Samson's 7th Birthday


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Good Fences

(Thank You, Tex, for the Fluffmonster moniker)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Notes From the Canyon

This beautiful Saturday morning, Mary and I set out on a road trip through our canyon. There are so many pretty country roads to explore here, we can be doing this for a long time to come. 

At one point we had to stop to let a covey of quail cross the road. It consisted of many families, probably more than 100 quail crossed the road in front of our car. The youngest birds were very tiny and so adorable. A young rabbit and some ground squirrels crossed with them, but unfortunately I was very slow with the camera. It was just too much fun to watch all the activity with my own eyes, rather than the camera's. 

A view of the road above where I live. The Tehachapis are to the left.

I had my heart stress test last Saturday and it went well, much better than what some of my friends experienced. My PCP has arranged with several specialists to come up here to see patients once a month or so. I have an appointment with the cardiologist on Tuesday and it's so nice to not have to go to Bakersfield for it. 

An interesting formation on the trunk of this old oak. I hope you can see it.

A couple of pictures of Sugarloaf Mountain, large and massive I think of it as the sentinel of our canyon. Keeping watch.....

And we have to be watchful with fire season upon us. As we passed his house, a resident hit the road and followed us to see what we were up to. Thinking we were tourists and being careful, fire season and all, he said. Once Mary opened her window and told him we were locals, enjoying a different part of our canyon, there was no problem. 

It was a lovely and enjoyable morning. As we turned the car around and headed for home, this was our view. It sort of speaks for itself, I think.

Have a Great Holiday!

Inger, Samson, and Faith


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