Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Status of New Blog


I should be embarrassed about the information that follows, but instead, I'm sitting here giggling. It's all so incredibly weird and it makes me look like some old fool that has wandered into blogger land by mistake. 

As you know, this blog that has worked so well for me since 2009, has now become a problem that I don't know how to solve.  It has been honored with almost a million views, has interested over 400 people enough to want to follow it, and it has provided me with the greatest joy every time I publish a new post. 

The bad news, the news that has me giggling is that the new blog I mentioned and hoped to publish soon, is now also giving me problems. 

I know my brain may not work as well as it did before last fall's surgery, but still, I function just fine, except for this one thing. 


So, instead of getting stressed about a date for my new blog, I will work on it at my own pace. It may take a month, it may be next year, but in the meantime, I will share my stories, taking photos, and posting to this blog. 

Since you can't leave comments, I will just assume that you have enjoyed my posts. And if you really want to leave a comment, my email address is in the upper right corner of this blog. 


And please don't feel you need to comment via email, just a note every now and then would be much appreciated. 


Monday, October 23, 2023

Happiness & Me



I've been a bit concerned:

When you ask me how I am, I'm thinking physically, cancer, type 1 diabetes, breathing issues, old age, medications and all that. So I may answer that I'm not feeling well.

However, none of that has anything to do with my happiness.  You are such good friends and some of you have let me know you are concerned. I appreciate your caring so very much, but I don't want you to worry.

It took a while, of course, but sometime, somewhere in my life, I just decided I wanted to live a happy life and that I was so done with being and feeling miserable, worrying, and all that stuff.

I learned to let go. 

Let go of worries, fears, and all the rest that held me back.

Then I moved to the canyon and it all fell into place. 

I've lived here now for 17 years, most of the time alone, with one or more dogs. 

Granted the past year hasn't been easy, but then it hasn't been very difficult either. 

And look at my welcoming committee above. Often when I turn from the main road onto Joyce's and my road, her animals are in that pasture and come and greet me. 

I'm living a happy life here in the canyon.

With my best friend, Faith. 

Since this blog is messed up and comments don't work, please email your comment to: sweed40ij@gmail.com

I'm working on a new blog, but taking my time. 

Thursday, October 19, 2023

New Blog In The Works ~ May Take Some Time


Every September/October my part of the canyon turns yellow as the rabbit brush bushes bloom. For me, this is the happy sign that our hot summer is over. 

As you no doubt have noticed, my blog is no longer working. When even my friend Sandra, her of the Madsnapper blog, and with far better tech skills than mine, couldn't help me fix it, I decided it had done it's job and maybe it was tired, so I decided it was time for something new. 

I'm working on a new blog, but it may take some time. 

But once it's done, I hope you will come and visit. 

As for the rest of my life, it's going reasonably well. But my health, such a major part of my life, is suffering from the double whammy of how to manage Type 1 diabetes and breast cancer. 

Unfortunately, the pills I take to prevent a return of the cancer cause insulin resistance. 

To make matters worse, my diabetes NP works from home and only does phone visits. This is great when all is going well, but when you feel, as I do now, that an in-person visit is needed and she tells you she will not come to the office, it's time to find someone new. 

So for the first time since I got my Adult Onset Type 1 Diabetes almost 34 years ago, I'm doing very badly. 

But a change is gonna come, as that wonderful old song tells us about a problem so much larger than my diabetes issues. 

My email: sweed40ij@gmail.com 

If you feel like it, please drop me a note, I would love to hear from you.

Saturday, October 7, 2023



Autumn in the canyon is a favorite time for me. Here Joyce's fields have turned yellow with rabbit brush bushes in bloom. 

The mornings are cooler and Faith and I enjoy our nature walks.

As far as my blogging goes, I'm still having problems with the formatting of my blog, well, I haven't, until yesterday, tried to resolve the various issues I'm encountering. 

I get help from Sandra, but it can get time consuming and I really should be able to figure it out myself. 

It's after all just formatting, everything else is OK, I think. 

I'm posting this as a test to see if the comment section will appear as I instructed it to do. 

I hope I can get this to work, I have written some stories that I would like to post, and I have lots of photos. Including a series of shots when a helicopter came to pick up a power pole and set it down on a remote hill on Joyce's property. 

Happy Sunday, everyone. 


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