Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Rust ~ Post No. 24

From the Hogwash collection.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Rainbow Gold

Joyce took these pictures from her veranda. Enjoy!


Happy Birthday wishes to my friend Carol, whose birthday falls on Memorial Day this year. Sending lots of love your way, Carol.


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Red Rock Canyon ~ Part 2

Red Rocks

"Look," I said to Jeanne as we arrived, "I see a troll." The large forests of Sweden are full of these creatures, but I had no idea they also live here in the high desert. 

"Let's take your picture with him," said Jeanne. I agreed, but as I approached the creature, I realized it wasn't a troll at all, more of a giant, actually. I used to be six feet tall, I've shrunk a bit, but still you can see how huge this red rock is. 

This is the turban rock. 

I see some openings in the rock wall here. Maybe a cave or two? 

Grey Walls

Hidden Secrets

In the wall above, I see faces of humans, an old bearded man, two men in turbans, something that sort of looks like a Swedish tomte, a gnome, at bottom center. I see two animals  close to the top right, I see a sheep with curved horns, a bighorn, maybe. I see more gnomes, and some chess pieces. 

Weird things here.......

This looks like a wall from Game of Thrones, ready to be defended by tossing (wrong word, perhaps) those large red rocks down on an advancing enemy.

Here I see the face of a lion, some open mouths, and maybe some eye sockets too. I'm sure different people see many different things in these rock formations. I think it's fun to let your imagination run wild sometimes. 

I see a crown on top of the rock in the center. 

Enough of my imagination.

Balancing Acts

I don't think I would sit at that picnic table........

That red rock in the center ~ what a balancing act!

I guess this one took a tumble.

I loved Ginny's comment in my other post from this canyon: She saw nuns walking in formation with their prayer books . Here they are again, behind me.

Red Rock Canyon is only 45 minutes from my house. I've driven past it several times, but this was my first visit to the park. A fun day out with Jeanne, who is always up for more trips. 

A long time ago, I read a book called Blue Highways, about a guy who traveled the back roads of America, marked in blue on those oldfashioned paper maps. Since then, that's what I hoped to do when I retired. Now that's coming true, and, since it's just about the only kind of travel I can still manage, I'm happy and grateful. 

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Country Life



Hard Working Woman
(Joyce, not me)

Critters And Best Friends

Do you see ears? I call her Ears; Joyce named her Angel, so now she's Angelears to me. The two llamas look so funny with their necks sticking up above the tall weeds. I hope you can see them. 

Carmen, Joyce's dog.

Judah, her other dog.



We found a couple we really like to help us with weed abatement and general cleanup work. Joyce let me borrow her tractor, so they used it and weed whackers to remove weeds for the required 100 feet around my house and shed. 

Joyce lost a calf, the first after several years of happy births. The mother was young, it was her first calf, it was cold and raining. Bob came and helped Joyce bury it. Now she has to milk and we both had quite a surprise when the milk came out thick and creamy. Her herd consists of American Devon Milk cows and they don't produce milk like this. 

But Joyce also has a Guernsey bull that she raised after she sold her Guernsey cows. The poor cows almost perished because they couldn't tolerate our climate. We now know that the Guernsey bull finally managed to avoid the ever cow-guarding Devon bull and mate. This milk is so rich and creamy, I use it in my coffee; Joyce made yogurt that she said was heavenly.  

Joyce climbed the tall hill behind her house and took this picture of my house with the land cleared.  

And then it rained, then rained some more. I will keep a close eye on additional weeds that may now think they can safely pop up. 

The couple, who are quickly becoming friends, will come back if/when needed. You have no idea how good this old worrywart feels about that. 

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Samson, Faith, And Me

Happy Mother's Day

to all of you moms on the blogs

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Red Rock Canyon in California's High Desert


I left this a wordless post for you to just enjoy the varied beauty of the high desert of California. 

There will be more from this place: Faces in the rocks, a troll (a "real" troll, of the kind that lives in Sweden, not on the internet), a crown, a turban, and more cliffs straight out of Games of Thrones. 


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