Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rust ~ Post No. 11

OK, so who else do you know that has three huge diesel engines sitting in their field? Rusting away. They should have been sold a long time ago, now they are either scrap metal or rust sculptures. 

I have been thinking that I just don't have time to blog right now. I'm on a mission to clean up outside around here, to walk the dogs and myself in the mornings, to clean out the two lower kitchen corner cabinets that may contain who knows what, from mice poop to Errol's dusty gumbo pots. All other drawers and cabinets are done. Clean! Next I want to clean the outside of the cabinets, so they will be done when I get my new floors installed. Buy some new hardware for them.

I still haven't changed out my closets from winter to summer clothes, I just stuff my summer tops in there and, of course, I wear jeans year round so that's not a problem. I also haven't put together my new vacuum cleaner that I broke and may have fixed. It needs to be put together before I will know if it works. "Ack," as we say in Swedish! 

I so like to be organized.

Then I read your comments on the post before this one. And for some reason, I teared up. Actually, I know why, because you are my friends now. Those of you who leave a comment because you care. It's very different from blogging to get as many followers and as many comments as one can. In the beginning, I thought that being a popular blogger was important. This is something quite different and much more precious. 

As I wrote this, I felt that I had written it before, not too long ago. Old age is so funny, things come and go in one's mind and one can never be sure if one is repeating oneself. But then, nice things cannot be said too often. 

So I will blog and keep in touch with you.

And Jean, on the secret: She may be having surgery, so this would be such a perfect surprise. Thank you so much. I will email you in the next few days. 

Next week is a busy week for me with doctors' appointments, one in Bakersfield, one up here. After that, I will make up for lost time. I hope all of you are well and thanks for your patience with me and my erratic blogging. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

We Are OK, Just Hot And Tired

Faith tries on her pitbull look. Can you see it?

So my Los Angeles house is sold! Escrow closed last Wednesday, the 19th. You know how it is when you have been tense and worried for a long time and then when everything works out just great, you get so darned tired you can't lift a finger or compose a simple sentence. That's how I feel right now. But I will try a little here:

This chest of drawers was left behind when Errol moved up here in 2011. I was determined to get it. You can see how big it is, made out of wood, so very heavy. My neighbor, Joyce, who has a big Acura, offered to drive me to Los Angeles where the realtors had stored it at their house. 

 I love this carving. The chest fits so well in my house here.

So last Tuesday, Joyce and I drove to her parents' house in a very cute section of Los Angeles, where we were treated to lunch. The realtors, a married couple, live in my old neighborhood, so on the way there we passed many old landmarks, as well as some new ones. I had heard that they are building the subway under Wilshire Boulevard, with a station right up the street from my old house. And there is was, a big construction zone mess! Of course we went by the house too, so I could say good bye and show it to Joyce. We just drove by, didn't stop. The realtor sign said "Sold." Another passage in my life, I thought and felt a little sad. Just a little....

Wagon wheel knobs!

The chest just about fit in the Acura. We were both very tired and stopped at a Starbucks in the San Fernando Valley on our way home. The following day, as I was taking a nap, Joe, the realtor, called and told me we had closed. And since then I have been just so tired. And excited, and tired, and back and forth. 

Faith back to her Lab smile again. She's a great retriever, but she doesn't like water. And she sheds like any good Lab would. Because I broke my new vacuum cleaner, the carpet is sooo dirty with her shed fur. I have cleaned it since, promise!!

Selling the house cost me a lot of money so it would not have been a good thing if something had gone wrong. But it didn't, the buyers fell in love at the first open house, offered above asking, which I accepted, and after a 30-day escrow with no hassles or hangups, we closed. I'm so grateful for how well it all went.

Hot Samson on his cool slate floor. He loves it, but I now find him in the air-conditioned room more often than not. So he has figured out that it feels nice and cool in there. And the nights are cooler now, in the 40s, which is wonderful.

Samson is doing better. The new dry food, called Wellness, that the vet recommended, seems to work. His eyes are doing well. We see the vet on Monday, when Samson will have a blood test to determine how his liver is doing and also have his eyes checked. I'll bring a stool sample too, just to make sure there's no more blood. For the past month, he has been on just a half Prednisone every other day. I feel hopeful. 

I plan to be back to blogging again soon. Hope you are all doing well. Have a nice rest of the weekend.

Friday, July 7, 2017



I love this picture of puppy Samson so intent on what Angel has to say. It is one of my absolute favorite pictures.

I posted these pictures last year, together with a really cute current one of Samson, fresh from the groomers. I don't have any current pictures of him, but I want to let you know that he is doing so much better. We walk early every morning, almost. If I look like I want to skip, he asks for his walk and, I, of course, can't say no. 

He was such a cute puppy and has been the best of dogs. Not exactly the best trained, he rarely does what he is told, but tell him he needs to go outside to guard me and he's on it. He truly knows what he has to do, when and how, to benefit us all the most. 

This is another favorite. Hanging with the big guys!

He still has serious stomach issues, going back on his regular food didn't work. I ordered digestive soft food from Amazon at $15.00 less than what I paid at the vet. 

We see the vet two weeks from Monday for a blood test to check his liver and for an eye check. I plan to have my questions ready both about the steroid-induced Cushing's disease and his terrible stomach issues. Good news: He has now been on 1/2 a Prednisone pill every other day for almost two weeks and his eyes still look really good. So that's wonderful. 

Happy Birthday, Sweet Samson from Mommy and Faith


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