Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Three Old Dogs and a Puppy

Samson is definitely the offspring of the energizer bunny!! And we've all had our different reactions to all this energy: I'm OK, but not until I've had my breakfast and don't you dare bother me while I fix my lunch (I blame my total loss of patience before these meals on my diabetes....I may have always been like this, but I can't remember before diabetes). All in all, my three old dogs are far more patient with the puppy than I am. It's wonderful to watch how they control their feelings even when they are thoroughly fed up with him.

Princess is not liking this, but puts up with it:
Ditto for Angel:

Soldier, who is nine, going on 10 years old, took on the brunt of the babysitting duties. The two boys played for hours on end, with Soldier teaching Samson the various dog fighting tricks he knows: like grab the side of the neck and hang on. I'm sure that's how it's done in nature; how wolves and coyotes train their young. It's interesting to observe and to realize that this play is not just for fun, there are lessons to be learned here. After Samson goes back to LA, Soldier sleeps for two days, so it's a bit hard on him.

After all the playing, chewing, and digging it's time to get clean, so I bring the brushes out and try to clean this puppy up. Believe me, not an easy task! I brushed...he chewed my hand...I brushed some more...he chewed the brush...he twisted himself into a pretzel...he made choking sounds, anything to get out of it. When we got to his tail, he got mad for the first time, but I didn't give up and when we were done, he was pretty much untangled and looked good and clean. So clean I guess he thought he could go to sleep on my best couch!

Not so fast... he soons gets moved to the doggie love seat, where he strikes a pretty pose. Petra: You may be right -- I told him about all the snow in Stockholm so he may be dreaming of coming to see you. "Maybe if I try to look really cute with my tounge hanging out a bit, she will let me come."


  1. Oh my goodness Samson he is big now! Big and fluffy!!! What a good boy Soldier is teaching that rascal pup the tricks of the trade. Princess and Angel are very good girls, but pretty sure they knew that the brunt of puppy sitting was going to fall on Soldier. Sounds like the brushing was, well, quite the workout!

  2. Åh han är ju såååååååååå söt fina Samson och han är så välkommen till mig Inger, känner att han längtar till snö och att få vara med mig och bli en Hultman.

    Dina bilder är så fina Inger. Jag ska gå ut och fotografera vårt vackra Sverige så du får se det fina vinterlandskap vi har här.

  3. Chuck caught Henry laying on the Sofa in the living room the other day... not chewing pillows or being bad, just stretched out and enjoying himself.... but we don't want to get him started so he had to get down.... He does put his paws in your lap and try to climb up now too... way to big for that... Your dogs are fortunate they can "share" your comfortable furniture....

  4. Such a beautiful adult dog Samson is becoming! You are fortunate your older dogs have such puppy patience! My farm pup, Roxy, has had two new puppies enter her life this last year and she is NOT happy about it. She snarls and yips and runs away...I think it's because she's so small and the exhuberant puppies jump and bite at her face, which drives her crazy!
    Cute pictures!


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