Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another Update From the Library

First, thank you for your comments and good wishes. Bobbi, Samson misses Gracie too. He also misses his blogging a whole lot. And I miss all of you so much. Second: Welcome to my new followers. Once I get my computer at home, I will add links to your blogs (if you have any) and welcome you a bit more in detail. It's great to have you sign up at this time when I have been so out of touch.

The latest on the computer: Fran got her new computer and she loves it! There are still some files that need to be transferred from her old one to the new one before I can get the old one. Her nephew, who is helping her with this, is away for a few days, but after that I will get it. Thank you Fran (again, yes I know)!

I have a ton of ideas for blog posts and some nice photos too. Yes, I will let Rachael know you liked her pictures -- I do too.

My husband and I have had a great summer. He has been up here a lot and we have had fun together. In the veggie garden where we only put seeds in the ground after he tilled some rows, we now have corn, cucumbers, squash, watermelons, okra, radishes and mint. The trick here is watering, which we do two or three times a day, depending on the heat. We are really tickled about our garden and have big plans for better soil prep and lots more veggies for next year. He is also designing a chicken coop in his head and thinking about where he wants to put it.

It has been unbearably hot here for a few weeks, but today it is cooler. I think the library, where I am right now may have an air conditioning problem, because their doors are open, but it is still nice in here. A fly has taken a liking to me and with all the people in here, I am trying to make it go and visit someone else. I'm just not used to blogging with a fly on my arm!

We had one fire on the other side of town, where an small plane crashed, and over 14,000 acres have burned with 32 homes lost. It was 91% contained as of last night, but today it's so windy here, that I just don't know what will happen. Another fire has broken out and one can see the smoke behind the mountain toward Bakersfield. There are many, many firefighters in town here from all over. Many left to fight the fires in Texas, I heard on TV last night. These guys are really heroes. And I am so sorry to hear about all the terrible fires in Texas and all the flooding on the East Coast. I hope you my blogger friends are OK. TV, yes, we now have it. After my husband had been here for a while, he had to have TV. So we now have TV reception again and it really is good for things like fire updates and other weather news. Bakersfield stations are now our local stations and I, for one, am glad to not have to listen to the Los Angeles news any more.

I'm feeling a lot better and spend several hours outside every morning, walking dogs, working in the garden, hanging laundry on the line, and so on. I love it! I have started on Fosamax, the generic for it whatever that is called and so far I have had no side effects. So things are looking up and I'm happy. I just can't wait to share my pictures here. Take care, and have a great couple of weeks until I can get back here or blog from home.


  1. great to hear from you and to know all is well. those fires are terrifying. we've had a couple here too near for comfort. we just need rain...

    hope you're up and running soon from home!!!

  2. Got that little "oh boy!" feeling when I saw you had a new post up. It's so nice to hear from you, and to know that everything is OK. Can't wait until you have your computer, and can really catch us all up on what you, and Samson, of course, have been doing.

    Enjoy the bounty of your garden.


    I can't wait to get my computer to you! Bud won't let me nag my nephew to finish transferring files. He says Michael has his own life to lead. That's just silly--our nedds are much more important (to ME)!

    Soon, kara Inger..........

  4. Can't wait till you're blogging full time again Inger, I know Samson misses it also!

  5. Your garden sounds wonderful...all those fresh veggies...I love veggies..any kind. I hope those fires are contained scary. We are enduring cooler weather now...been through one hurricane Irene, now uneventful Katia just beautiful waves to watch and maybe Leigh. Seems are world is all water and you are all heat and fire....pls take care!

  6. That fire sounds scary. I know the winds can really make it touch to fight.

    I laughed about your new pet... the fly! They can be so darn irritating! And why is it that they keep insisting on coming back!!

    Can't wait for your computer woes to be resolved.

  7. Thanks for the update Inger. Good to hear all is going well with you.....congrats on your garden! Don't you just love it to be able to just go out and pick your harvest! See you soon.

  8. a lot of people here design their chicken coops to be functional but decorate the outsides, using jigsaw etc, to look like their own house in miniature.

    Or some design the outside to fit the garden, like a Japaese pagoda or an english cottage.

  9. Hi Inger .. not long now and am so pleased to hear you'll get the new machine (well new to you) ... and then we can have your wonderful photos again.

    Glad you're feeling better, and you've had some time with your husband ..

    Life is not easy out there - we now have Hurricane Katia's remnants here .. and it's blowing a gale - and I'm in the south ... much worse further north.

    Look after yourself and see you around soon .. cheers Hilary

  10. Glad you're feeling better..and hope you're posting from home soon! :)

  11. Inger, it has been awhile since I visited you and I just wanted to say that in reading your blog, I am remembering why I enjoy stopping by to see what you're up too. Please continue to be safe, and feel better. Know that we're thinking of you here in Northern Virginia!! Take care!!

  12. Good to know you're doing well! Will look forward to more later.


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