Monday, September 16, 2013

Rachael Sent These Photos from July 2013

Where I manage to go through the entire "photo shoot" with my fly open, or so it looks to me. 

Where I get to pet a goat. 

Thanks to Rachael,  animal communicator extraordinaire, who made the shy goats come forward to be petted.

Check out the gorgeous nature in the background of the above pictures. 

Thanks for your comments on my vacation from blogging. I thought I would mention that I am putting blogging on hold for a while since so many bloggers seem to just take off, leaving those of us who care to wonder what happened. I have a very busy week ahead, then I will start getting back to part-time blogging and to reading your posts. I tell you, harvesting this enormous garden of ours is breaking my back, or so it feels, but I'm loving it. I also have doctors to visit and a diabetes group meeting this week, so busy for me who never goes anywhere. 

When Rachael sent these pictures, I just had to post them. Memories from a good day with a good friend. Open fly or not. Hope you enjoyed them. 


  1. i enlarged the photos and it is not open, it is dark color and light color showing. not open. these are wonderful, i love all of them. the goats and the people... so much fun. i am jealous.

  2. every time you share rachel with us, i just smile. her good soul just radiates through. and i always love to see you happy and smiling.

  3. I like this post and to see you and your friend. I like seeing who I am talking too. So do you have an accent still? And I am glad that you told us what you were doing - it is hard when people disappear. And I don't think your fly was open I think that is the darker stitching on the zipper. sandie

  4. I like this post and to see you and your friend. I like seeing who I am talking too. So do you have an accent still? And I am glad that you told us what you were doing - it is hard when people disappear. And I don't think your fly was open I think that is the darker stitching on the zipper. sandie

  5. Rachel has a gift! You certainly were having a wonderful time, and I think the goats must have enjoyed you, too!Your garden sounds wonderful...a lot of work, but that sounds like a success!

  6. I don't think it looks like your fly is open! The goats are simply precious. I'd love to pet them too.

    Take care!

  7. I love your attitude, Inger. Nothing is showing, so don't worry about an open fly. Goats appeal to me, too. I like sheep also, but they aren't as cute as goats.

    I can't see two of the photos, not sure why.

    Take care of yourself, gardening and putting away of said garden is hard work.

    Whenever you're back, I'll check in.

  8. Your fly is closed--enjoy your break!!

  9. Oh Inger a wonderful day like this with a good friend and some cute characters are the best. Good luck on the harvest and the doc appt. See you back here when you are ready. Hugs B

  10. I always appreciate the heads up about a blog hiatus. Other wise, I tend to suspect the worst.
    Once owned three goats and they are such fun.
    Surely if your fly had been opened, Rachael would have let you know. That is what friends are for.

  11. Lovely photos. I particularly like the one of you petting the goat :-)

    Hope all goes well with doctors etc.

  12. Those photos are just gorgeous. Thank you so much for posting them. Enjoyed every one!

  13. Since everybody checked you out, you can rest assured that everything is intact.

    I agree with you about people disappearing from Blogger without a bye- bye. I do become concerned and appreciate a heads-up.

  14. OH your pictures it's very beautiful I love the animals and you are very lovely
    sorry for my bad english ..

    bisous from FRANCE

  15. Just glad to see your smiling face Inger .
    Goats are fun kids !
    Take good care of yourself.
    See you soon

  16. What a beautiful photos!
    Love particularly these of you and Rachel petting the goat.
    Hope you have a nice day.

  17. Thanks for checking in with us.


  18. LOL! So good to see you looking so good, Inger!
    Enjoy your break to the fullest!

  19. Did you know that me and Stanley BOTH got butted by goats over the summer? Yes, it is true!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  20. Love these photos IngerDoodle. Your fly looks just fine to me. Denim does that sometimes, plays tricks on us. Your friend is quite beautiful and having a connection to animals makes her that much more special. All the best Inger and come back soon.(I think a lot of peeps were wrapped up in summer and neglected their cyber friends, they'll be back soon)


  21. Heeeeej! Saknar dig! Hoppas du mår bra med allt.
    Fina bilder på dig....du ser så svensk ut du det?
    Här är det ok, lite mycket med jobb som tär en del men men....vovvarna mår bra. Du får läsa mitt inlägg vilka framgångar vi hade i söndags.
    Varm kram!

  22. Hi Inger - love the photos and seeing your arena of life .. the first goat picture is great - love the way they look.

    Relax - enjoy garnering your produce and be happy with Samson and hubby .. with thoughts - Hilary

  23. My gr-daughters would absolutely love to visit that place; well, one of them would, Sunshine. What a lovely place.

    Check in now and then...I will do the same with your site.

  24. Great seeing you on the screen, Inger. I thought you'd taken a leave from blogging earlier. Why not just put your blog on mini hiatus until the garden's taken care of? People understand! My book's going to be an e-book but there's a chance it might be picked up for print publication. We'll see. There's now an all-digital library in Texas--not one book inside--that's probably the wave of the future. Libraries near me are extremely selective about accepting donated books, unlike before when one could just drop them in the bin inside. Anyway, if you have an Amazon account, any e-book can be sent to your computer.

    Thanks for clicking my author's page. I didn't know this was important either until Rachel passed the info on. Ahhh, the computer age. I'm such a dinosaur.

    Loved your photos. You look terrific! Keep up whatever it is you're doing. But, no, I didn't notice any fly open.

  25. How lovely - looks like a fun outing.

  26. Hi, Inger, me again. I don't know if this will help the WiFi situation but Brookstone sent me their booklet -- on page 44 is a 3-Port WiFi Outlet. It works with smart phones and tablets, which is what a KindleFire would be, I think. Anyway, it's $69.99, lots cheaper than installing WiFi and so on. Suggest you call them at 800.926.700 and explain how you'd use the adapter.

    Macedonia's a very poor country with very nice people north of Greece. However, those two countries don't like each other for historical reasons. Having said that, because I can read Cyrillic, I can pick out some Greek, enough to get around.

  27. Great pictures! (And it was great hearing from you again, too.)

    Didn't Rachael have long hair in your earlier posts? (Or maybe I'm just remembering wrong...) Anyhow, her haircut looks super.

  28. I hope you are enjoying your blog vacation from us, swedish goddess! Just checking in and making sure you and your critters(and well, hubby too) are doing alright!


  29. Dear Inger, thanks for letting us know that you are taking time off from blogging. I hope you are enjoying your days away from cyberspace and the world of blogging. And I hope that all that work of harvesting your garden and preparing the veggies for future eating is going well and not being too wearisome. Are you freezing or canning???? Peace.

  30. Hi Inger! It sounds like you are getting a lot done during your break. Love the pictures! Gracie wants me to ask you if Samson is harassing her during her walks?? LOL. You see, we walk past this house that has a big picture window in its living room and a dog that looks exactly like Samson has a few choice words to say to her as she passes... (Gracie thinks it is Samson, but I know better) She couldn't understand why Samson was calling her such awful things.. when he is supposed to be the love of her life...

  31. Finally had ice in the bird baths the last 2 nights. I pulled out the tomato plants and said sleep well to the trees. Take a rest. I think we need that every once in a while.

  32. I did enjoy. I'm afraid I'm a blogger guilty of taking breaks. It's the only way I can keep going.


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