Monday, July 21, 2014

10 Randoms From the Canyon ~ Catching Up

1.  I have lived in a fog of tiredness these past few weeks with no energy for anything. But my husband has been home from his latest hospital stay since Monday, a week ago, and is feeling better. 

This is the latest, randomly put together, as I am hoping for some normalcy.


2.  After a ghastly 4th of July holiday weekend, with my husband in severe pain and running out of medicine, I took him first to the ER here in town, which was useless. The next morning, I drove him down to UCLA Medical Center Emergency. There we spent most of a day, waiting for the liver specialist team to appear. Once they did, they admitted him and he spent a week in the hospital, getting lots of tests, including a CT scan and an MRI. 

3.  After receiving conflicting and very scary information about the status of his liver, the final word came in that need for a liver transplant is not as urgent as we were told at first. Such wonderful news I had not dared to hope for. And he is feeling very much better. He still has cancer, of course, and will need a liver transplant eventually, but the targeted treatment is working right now, and each good day is a wonderful gift. 

4.  Thank you all so much for your kind and supportive comments.  I haven't been up to visiting your blogs with all that's been going on and I know you understand, but please know that for me blogging is the entire experience of putting together my own posts, reading yours, and leaving comments. According to my statistics, lots of people stop by my blog and leave without commenting. I sometimes wonder who these people are, if they enjoyed my post or maybe not. 

Thank you also for your emails, what wonderful friends you are ~ you are no longer virtual, you are very, very real to me. Thank you. 

5.  While the mornings are cool and lovely, it gets very, very hot in the afternoons here in the canyon. Much warmer than in our town. The other day, huge black clouds appeared, but any rain they may have held evaporated before reaching the ground. Then yesterday, for a brief moment, it rained. I can't find words for the joy I felt. 

6.  Someone asked if I still have a Swedish accent and the answer is:  Yes. Computerized answering systems have a difficult time understanding me, which can be very frustrating. Imagine me, annoyed, sitting there, yelling, "agent, agent," trying to be transferred to a human being, while the computer voice goes, "I'm sorry, I did not understand," and proceeds to repeat its instructions over and over again. Other than that, I like my accent. 

7.  My friend Judy sent a large box full of good books. They have helped me no end to cope with what's going on in our lives right now. I just finished one I liked a lot, called Clara and Mr. Tiffany, based on the true story of Clara Driscoll, who may have been the first person to design and make a Tiffany lamp. Written by Susan Vreeland, the book tells the story of the triumphs and hardships of Clara and the 30 or so women who worked for her at Tiffany Studios around the turn of the last century. 

Fran, I think you would enjoy this book as it provides in-depth details of one of your artistic expressions: The making of Stained Glass Art. I found it fascinating.

I just started on The Goldfinch, a critics' favorite and Pulitzer Prize winner, but put down by many others in articles I have read. Judy sent it, and I figure it's time for me to read it and make up my own mind. 

8.  I have lost 10 pounds since my husband was diagnosed, he has lost much more. Now that things are calmer, we are eating again and making sure we both get our nourishment. 

9.  Our container vegetables, mainly peppers, tomatoes, rosemary and thyme, are doing very well, but our large garden is nothing like it was last year. And a chipmunk has discovered it and will no doubt end up the best fed critter on all of our dry, dry land. I don't begrudge him our garden goodies, so many animals have disappeared; the rabbits are skinny, I see no more ground squirrels, snakes, coyotes, or bobcats. It's scary and sad. 

10.  Finally, this is Faith, also known as Princess Faith or Miss Bigfoot. Check out those paws! Faith came to live with us in mid-June and will be three months on July 28. I will tell you her story soon. 

Puppy Love, how sweet it is.

Samson Says: 

Gracie, she's my little sister. She will always be my little sister. She's frequently a big pain in the butt, so not to worry, you are my love, my feisty one. XOXOXOXO, Your Samson.


  1. Inger,it is Sandy from FlyingWG. I have not been around for a while and I am so sorry to hear about your husband's diagnosis. As you are aware my husband had cancer also. So if you ever need to vent or talk please email me. I understand what a difficult time the both of you are going through and I wish only the best for you both. I have a new blog and I hope when time permits you will come visit me. Faith is absolutely adorable!

  2. glad to see a post, I know you have not had time and fully understand. sorry he had another bout in the hospital but at least you got good news from this visit.. prayers are with you both. Faith is adorable. don't tell Samson i said so... those automated voices do the same thing to me and i shout at them to...

  3. oh, my goodness! a puppy named faith! precious!!!

    so glad to hear your husband is getting better again! bless you both! and i hope you can both regain some pounds and some strength!

  4. Hi Inger - what a good post to read - with things at least settling down for you both ... so pleased things aren't quite as serious as you had at first thought.

    However Samson's sister looks a delight - how lovely for you to have a new puppy .. she looks quite gorgeous ...

    Enjoy those veggies .. and take care and with big hugs .. Hilary

  5. Dear Inger, what a good news!
    I am so glad to hear that your husband is getting better again!
    I feel the same about you, you are no longer virtual, you are very real to me too!
    I am enchanted with your new puppy! Faith is absolutely sweet, adorable!
    Samson, you have a lovely little sister!
    Many hugs and love to all of you. :)

  6. Faith is adorable! And perfectly named, given the current situation. I'm sure she is giving you both plenty of love and lots to laugh at, puppies are so funny!
    I am so very glad to hear that your husband doesn't need an urgent transplant and things aren't as serious as first suspected. You need to make a big pie or something with your fruit and put back on the weight you've lost, if you make one make sure you send me a slice!
    Take care Inger

  7. Hi Inger, So happy for the good news about your husband... and so happy that you came by my blog otherwise I would not have visited as for some reason your blog no longer appears in my blog feed like it used to so I thought that your were on a blog break.

    The name is still in my blog feed but when I clicked on it, it couldn't open the link to your blog. I'll reenter the link in my blog feed to see if it is still working.

    Happy belated Birthday to Samson and so nice meeting his little sister.

    Wishing you some much needed rain.

  8. Oh my gosh Faith is precious! Can't wait to read more about her.

    I'm so glad your husband's treatments are working so far, but sorry you went through such a scare. Glad you are enjoying your veggies - I hope you will be able to rest and get your energy back soon. Take care!

  9. I'm glad you are back at home and I'm praying and hoping things go well. Take care of yourself, too my friend. I loved the book, Clara and Mr. Tiffany! I even read others by this author. Sweet hugs, Diane

  10. I'm so glad your hubby is doing better!!

    Faith is a love.

    I had not heard of Clara and Mr. Tiffany but I will check it out.

    You know how much we love both of you!!

  11. I just ordered "Clara and Mr. Tiffany".

  12. Continuing to send prayers and comforting thoughts your way, Inger. So very sweet to see that you have Faith, so keep you going each day. Glad to hear that your husband is doing better.

  13. I'm so glad to hear that your husband is feeling much better. Thank goodness.
    So glad you have Faith.

  14. It is good to hear that your husband is doing better and the liver transplant is not necessary at this time. I can almost feel your exhaustion in your words. I do know what illness does to the caretaker, both emotionally and physically, and my heart breaks for you. We are going through cancer in my family also, and it is a roller coaster ride at all times and tests the strongest of people.

    You are in my thoughts, Inger and I hope that new little pup of yours can help lessen your stress.

  15. 1. I'm glad the scare with your husband is past and he's doing better 2. Keep eating, both of you 3. Let me know what you think of Goldfinch. I've read a bunch of reviews too and can't decide if I want to read it or not 4. Faith is adorable. Samson is maybe not thrilled? Or just being loyal to Gracie. :)

  16. Inger, you post is such a joy to read! I have had a rather longer than planned hiatus from blogging and find like you the three-pronged process it entails -- writing, reading and commenting takes a lot of concentration. But when I am away, I miss it and it nags at me until I finally succumb to the process once again!

    I am so sorry to learn that your husband has cancer, but it does sound as though you have had some positive and hopeful news. My best wishes go out to you both.

    As for Princess Grace -- what a treasure!

  17. So glad you are back and feeling better but best news is about your husband. Just know he will get his transplant when it is needed.
    Faith is a lovely name for your adorable puppy. Keeping the Faith has a duel meaning for you now.
    Don't worry Samson, she will look a lot better when she loses that annoying puppy enthusiasm.
    Keep this upswing going.Am keeping you both in my prayers.

  18. Oh dear Inger, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband. Each day truly is a miracle. May you both have many more good days.

  19. Goodness, I must have fallen off the planet when all this started happening. You have my thoughts and prayers. There's nothing so scary as major health complications.

  20. Oh, Inger. I'm sorry your husband is having such health problems. I had to call an ambulance twice for my daughter Jen on April 3rd. First ER doctor couldn't figure it out, sent her home, next morning still dire pain. The second ER got it right: gall bladder. So I'm not impressed with ER either. I can understand why you wouldn't blog with all you're dealing with, but glad it's going a bit better. I'm back to blogging, as you see, on a limited basis, that is, choosing just to keep in touch with old Blogger friends, which I think number more than I originally thought, which is heartwarming. But it does take time, as you say, to post and then interact, which is what this SOCIAL media is all about. Don't do it unless you enjoy it and it relaxes you. You don't need more stress. This is where I'm coming from too. (I would love to hear your Swedish accent. Jen and I have a lovely friend about my/your age in Salt Lake City who is Swedish. LOVE the accent.)

  21. Good to hear your hubby is feeling better. When you get those computerized voices that don't understand you 0 and it should transfer you to a real live person, if it doesn't transfer you the first time just keep pressing 0. Glad Samson has a new playmate, reminds me of the Scottie and westie ads ...Scotch and Soda.

  22. Glad to know that your husband is doing better, and won't need the transplant right away. But I understand something of the ongoing health problems, and hope that things do pick up for both of you.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!


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