Thursday, July 31, 2014

Great News!

I love the light here when the sun sets on stormy clouds. 

And our personal storm clouds became much brighter this week as we got a great report from the liver specialist: The targeted chemo worked, the tumor is gone. The Hepatitis C medicine is also working and the virus is gone. Unfortunately, liver tumors come back and the only hope for a cure is a liver transplant. But this is what I hoped for, buying some time.

Time for my husband to build up his strength, for him to be able to enjoy his life until the next phase of this process. Hopefully, that will be a successful liver transplant. But I am unable to think that far ahead. 

The other morning, I woke up to see a bright red sun rising over the mountains. I went outside and tried to capture it. The air was smoky from the fires up in Northern California and I thought, how amazing smoke can travel that far.

I was unable to capture the bright red sun, but something interesting happened. In the two pictures above the strong red color of the sun is reflected in the juniper branch, which perfectly captures the actual color of the sun. Something I couldn't do. 

Little Faith is getting bigger and bigger each day. Something interesting is happening to her looks. Her ears are changing to not quite upright, but half-way there, and her face is getting longer and thinner. She no longer looks like a lab, although I am sure lab is in the mix. She loves nothing better than playing in the water bowls, tipping them over, putting all four paws in and splashing away. I should get her a kiddie pool, but she would probably destroy it in no time. 


  1. GREAT news, indeed! wow! SO GOOD to hear things have been controlled/reversed - at least for now!

    faith is a doll. love that header photo.

  2. So good to hear good news about your husband, Inger, and it eases your worries somewhat. Faith is looking just as cute, and she will cheer you both.

    As for my situation, little improvements by hubs every day are helping me cope. I have no end in sight, but living day to day with him still here certainly helps.

    I love your photos of the semi-desert mountains.

  3. Vilka härliga nyheter! Så bra!!! Hoppas att han kan få en ny lever´.
    Faith är ju för söt. Hon bringar mycket glädje hos er nu kan jag tro.
    I natt fick Tyra 4 st han valpar. Synd att det inte blev en enda tik. Måste nu göra några ledsna men så är det. Det är gott gry i killarna och alla mår bra. Jag låter ju mina köpare döpa hundarna efter en lista med forn nordiska namn. En ska heta Brand. Det tycker jag är häftigt. Jaktvallens Brand låter väl??
    Kram Majsan//

  4. I am doing a happy dance over your good news about the tumors. so glad to hear this... the light in the first two is awesome and awe inspiring.. the header shot of sweet Faith made me want to hug her tight and kiss her nose..
    can't wait to see what she looks like full grown. maybe about 50 pounds i would say... mixed breed dogs are the best and all i have ever had... if you have an old wash tub, i have seen many blog friends with those filled up for the dog to sit in. Deb has one for her grandson and the dogs..


  5. Happy to hear things are looking up. Smoke was really bad here Saturday night from the Madera County fire, sun this morning was bright orange thru the smoke and haze. A galvanized wash tub would withstand puppy play.

  6. It is amazing how that smoke travels. We get it here too. Mom's cousin had a liver transplant. She had a good experience and did well. Now about that kiddie pool - get it! me and Stanley love ours!

    Your pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Hi Inger - gosh what brilliant news and so so fortunate for you both - I'm really happy to hear this.

    Must be a huge relief .. and I hope hubby can build his strength up ...

    Faith is growing inches by the day ... a Heinz 57 - still she's very pretty ...

    The sun and the colour are great aren't they ... my thoughts for the future too .. cheers Hilary

  8. Beautiful photos, Inger! Faith is so much bigger than the last photo we saw of her! They don't stay tiny for long do they. I love the new Faith photo at the top of your blog too!
    I am also glad to hear about your husband, that has made my day knowing things are a little better for you.
    Have a great day

  9. superb photos and good to hear good news about your hubby.
    Trout Lures Australia

  10. Sunshine in the sky and your heart, wonderful news. Here, the smoke from fires in Australia can travel 2000 km or 1200 miles, we have it here when the fires are intense and the wind is westerly. Lovely smoky scene photo too. Hugs for all days to be good for now, Jean.

  11. Rejoice! More time means more research and cures!

    Your photos are awesome. The light on the Juniper is perfect.

  12. I am so, so, so happy for you and your husband. I pray that the news for D.G. is soon as good as yours!

    O.K. Someone has to stand up for Samson! Where is he? Off, huddled in the corner lonely and unloved?

    Just joking. Faith is certainly growing in leaps and bounds -- like her gait, right? :-)

  13. Happy for the good news! Hope you hubby get's that transplant when it's needed! Nice pics and cute puppy, too!

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  15. Inger, you just made our day! This is wonderful news to hear! Amazing what science/medicine can do now.
    Great photos here and I LOVE the new header!! Faith is a real cutie-pie!

  16. Oh Inger thank you so much for stopping by today , I too had not been in the blogging realm for a bit and was unaware of some of your goings on ~you are a wonderful blogging friend and one of the dearest.
    I am so glad to hear your husband is doing better !
    What a beautiful new addition you have as well .
    I must mosey through some of your posts and catch up to speed now that I can.
    Hugs my friend.

  17. I'm sure glad that good news arrived. It must take a big weight off your shoulders.

    Your pictures are very soothing. While I like my mountain top in the Smokey's, I miss those long views of the landscape.

  18. Amei conhecer o seu blog, já fiquei por aqui!!!Achei maravilhoso!!!Visite-me:
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


  19. Inger time is everything and you and hubby have it now...thank goodness! See Faith and Samson knew it!!!...:)JP

  20. So glad that you guys had good news. You are such a good blogger buddy that so many people have been praying for your hubby. You guys have been brave.
    An other blogger friend "Beth" is waiting for her biopsy results. Please include her in your prayers. Thanks.

  21. I am happy for you. Faith is adorable.


  22. That's wonderful news about your husband. Sending much love and light that he continues heal and regain his strength!

  23. WONDERFUL news--& I love your new header!!

  24. Just wonderful news about your husband. Now he can build strength for that transplant.
    Love those golden shots. So pretty.
    Faith is adorable. Once she quits chewing,I'll bet a kiddie pool would be perfect. Those Labs love water and Samson might lay around in one also. That would be a picture.

  25. I'm so happy to hear your excellent news.
    Love the header. Faith looks so cute.

  26. Hello Inger!! I have missed so much, and have got to pay better attention so I can keep up--You are one of those bloggers who I don't want to lose track of. I don't even know where to start, I think first by saying what a sweet and cute new addition you have!! There is nothing like the spark and fun of a puppy in your life, is there? Second, I'm so thankful to read the 'good news' and will be sending positive and healthy peaceful vibes to your time zone. Take care my friend, and know that you are being thought of!!

  27. Oh I am so happy to hear this! Such great news! Wish I could shout out my joy - but I am afraid it would scare the dogs : ) Happy - Happy

  28. This is wonderful news. About getting the "upper hand" on the cancer, at least for now.

    And Faith is turning out to be such a wonderful dog!

    Blessings an Bear hugs, all round!

  29. love the picnic table shot

    as a cancer researcher I would like to know what targeted therapy he is on. If you would like to communicate privately That would be great. If not, i understand

    I am so overjoyed by this news. The Liver is a remarkable and flexible organ.

  30. Oh my dear Inger I am so very happy for you and your husband. One day at a time and you are heading in the right direction. Little Faith is doing good. Faith indeed. Photos are magnificent. Hugs hugs and your secrets are safe with me☺ hugs again. B

  31. Excellent news!!!! You must be so relieved (I know I am). I think I will skip Goldfinch -- if it were shorter I might try but I don't have a lot of time for reading so I'm pretty selective. I did just read "Landline" and really enjoyed it. I, too, love the light at the end of the day under overcast skies -- so golden.

  32. This is great news indeed and it gives you breathing space.
    Faith looks like she going to be a big dog when fully grown. She will be a good companion.

    I hope that August brings you much needed rest and peace of mind with lots of hope.

  33. I wonder if you could get her a hard plastic pool.

    Great news on your husband - keep praying and have faith!!!

    And it is so beautiful out there!

    I hope you have a great weekend.

  34. Dear Inger, what a GOOD news! I am so very happy for you and for your husband! I smile with happiness when I read the post tittle. What a huge relief to you both!
    Faith looks adorable and the header picture is gorgeous!
    Love all photos and the light on the juniper is fantastic.
    I hope you both have a pleasant weekend.
    Lots of HUGS and much LOVE!

  35. What a wonderful report, Inger. And you are right, you can't live thinking about the future of a liver transplant. Enjoy each day and live it to the fullest. The opportunity for a liver transplant will come in due time, and when it does, you'll both be prepared for that next step.

  36. Oh, that is good news! And what lovely light in your shots.

    Faith looks adorable! Is she good friends with Samson?

  37. Oh hugs all around! YAY!

    and little faith? Oh my, i do have a lot of catching up to do here!

  38. I'm glad the treatments were a success. After your hubby builds up his strength, he'll be in much better shape for a liver transplant. I'll be sending lots of good thoughts and prayers your way.

    Gorgeous photos, and Faith is adorable!


  39. I am so glad I was absent from blogland so I now only find good news on your blog!
    I am sorry your husband has cancer but I hope he gets the needed surgery as soon as possible.
    Faiht... she is a blessing your were given so that you can go through these hard times with a lighter heart.
    Stay strong!

  40. That is great news indeed!! I will be praying every single day! Faith is precious!

  41. I'm so happy to read of your wonderful news!
    And Faith is an absolute doll. What a beautiful little girl.

  42. Dear Inger, such wonderful news. Now I will begin visualizing someone offering a liver or part of a liver to your husband. I understand that just part will grow into whole.

    The joy of that news and of Faith's presence in your lives just permeates this posting. I'm so happy for you. Peace.


  43. Olá amiga,vim retribuir sua carinhosa visita ao meu cantinho.
    Fiquei feliz por seguir-me!!!
    Obrigada,volte sempre e pegue o meu selinho de agradecimento!

    Beijos Marie.

  44. What wonderful news you've shared, Inger. I am so glad to learn that your husband's immediate outlook is so much better. You've been very strong and at least appeared to be handling the situation with courage, and this is just great news. We will continue to wait in hope and faith with you about a future liver transplant. That new little darling Hope is certainly named well for your family. Big hugs, dear Inger. Debra

  45. Wahoo! I'm so happy for you. Here's to a speedy recovering and many more successful procedures!

  46. I am so happy for you and your husband! What great news! Your pup is darling!

  47. That is, indeed, wonderful news! And your pictures are Gorgeous!! Hope is giving me serious puppy envy. . .

  48. I'm a little behind with catching up on blogs, but I am so pleased to hear of your good news!


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