Saturday, August 30, 2014

Notes From The Canyon

"Always ride the horse in the direction it's going."

~ Chuck Pyle, 'The Zen Cowboy'

After a difficult summer, things are calming down here in our world. My husband's treatments are working for now, so we are getting the time I so prayed for. He is still in pain, something that I am not sure he should be, but other than that, he's beginning to feel better. 

This crazy man up on the sign post is his friend Tom, who flew in from Colorado to cheer my hubby up. I wasn't sure at first, the house was a mess, we were two messes, so very, very tired. But we spent two days cleaning, no time resting, but once Tom arrived, I knew it was the very best thing for my husband. And for me also, as I discovered a fellow spiritual seeker, and even a train lover. I have always admired Tom for the way he raised his beautiful daughter, Leilani, through her Cabbage Patch dolls stage to her golf scholarship to UCLA, but we had never before sat down alone to talk.

When hubby got tired one day, Tom and I went for a drive around town. At the Tehachapi Loop we were fortunate to see a very, very long train travel around the loop, through the tunnel, and off into the distance. We really didn't see it go on top of itself from our vantage point.

But I got some good shots and hope to dedicate a post in the near future to someone I don't know, who is going through some difficult times with a major illness. Oh, the wonderful thing about blogging, you really open up your heart to people you have never met. As has happened to us with all of you praying for us and sending good thoughts our way. 

Blue Oak, the most common oaks in our area are beginning to look tired from the drought. While still alive, they really don't look healthy and many have died. 

Driving a winding country road back to town, we had a good talk about life, love, disappointments, and moving on. Sort of unusual for a guy and for me, I know I found a friend. Before he left, Tom said to call him if we needed him and he would be on the next plane out. 

On our way back home, we stopped by The Mountain Spirit Center, the Korean Buddhist retreat in our canyon.

This time one of the monks came out and spoke to us and told us we could ring the magnificent Peace Bell. Which we did and chills went down our backs, as its sound reverberated through the mountains. 

At the bottom of the bell, children from all countries in the world dance together, holding hands. 

 Oh, Samson and Faith are doing great. Faith was four months on the 28th of August. I've been busy taking her to the vet for all her shots. She now weighs 30.1 pounds and knows how to both bark and growl. With all the dogs we've had, we never had a growling dog before. Soldier would, of course, growl/bite at the same time if you were a man and didn't get out of the way, but no one ever growled like she does. Four months old, where's this going to end?

Peace, my dear friends, and thank you for caring.


  1. your friend sounds like a true, good soul. bless you all.

  2. and ringing that bell would have been the highlight of my year, i think.

  3. Nice to have a good friend like Tom and Faith...let her growl..she'll be strong and brave!...:)JP

  4. I'm so glad to hear that things have improved somewhat. I will keep praying for your husband and hope he doesn't have to suffer with so much pain. It's nice you had a visit from a friend to lift his spirits. Sweet hugs my friend, Diane

  5. What an awesome friend.God knows what we need before we do.

  6. Tom must be an angle in disguise. It's so important to have good friends who are there for you. He sounds like a wonderful person.

    How fortunate that you were invited to ring the peace bell. I'm not even near it and it sends goose bumps allover my body.

    So glad that your husband is starting to feel better.
    Hang in there and thanks for the update on yoiur husband.

    Happy Labor Day weekend.

  7. Inger, the Peace Bell, what a perfect ending to a day out with a very special understanding friend. Hope your man continues to be as well as you hope for, and as you turn to the season that brings cooler days and nights, remember your blog friends, we might never meet, but an international family, we care, share, and support in good times and all others. Hugs to you both, Jean.

  8. So glad to read your post and hear that you and your husband are doing well! Your visit with Tom sounded wonderful! God sends us friends at just the right time. I'm glad He sent Tom to you. You are blessed. Take care and know that prayers are being sent from Oklahoma. ~Jeff

  9. So very nice to hear from you. It's so good to hear that your hubby is feeling better. I hope they can adjust his treatment so he doesn't have pain.
    What a wonderful person Tom is!

  10. There are people all over the world that care about you and your hubby during this very difficult time you are both going through. However, how wonderful that someone you know and love came to spend some time with you. I am sure he would not have cared if the house was not pristine, as he was there not to judge, but give you comfort. It sounds like he did just that. Take care of yourself, Inger.

  11. Glad your husband is doing better and I'm happy his friend came to visit him and make you a friend too. Nice picture of the loop. Peace bell - fantabulous!

  12. Please be sure to stop in again whenever possible--we LOVED seeing you both!! What a joy ringing that bell must have been.

  13. I am so glad that your husband's friend came to visit. It sounds like it was just as good for you too! I loved the pictures of the train. Richard would have loved to visit there and see that. He was a full blown 'train man' himself. And ringing that bell would have been pretty neat. Still saying prayers for you my friend!!

  14. Thanks for the update, Inger. I'm glad your husband is doing well but am sorry that he is in pain. Tom sounds like a wonderful friend -- to both of you.

  15. Hi Inger - I've been thinking about you both and checking in .. so glad to see this post. Also to have the news that the treatment is helping ... and you're able to have that time together.

    So pleased to read Tom flew in and that you had that companionable time together catching up and empathising with each other .. an essential at times. Tom will be invaluable to you both in the future - he sounds delightful, while his daughter has achieved loads.

    Trains - that train would totally bemuse me ... they are enormous aren't they .. one of those would stretch from London to Edinburgh?!

    Good to read Faith is developing her skills .. and g-r-o-w-i-n-g! Thanks for updating us .. while that Peace Bell is quite extraordinary .. and the sound must have been very special ... we need peace ... peace for us, and peace for the world ...

    With thoughts and am so glad you had this happy time ... Hilary

  16. really good news your hubby is responding to treatment, and also that your friend came and lifted both of your spirits.. i really like the train and remember a past post that showed it to me. i have never seen anything like it...Faith is getting so big and beautiful.. 30 is pretty big, so maybe 70 or 80 at full size? or do you know?
    i would love to ring that bell and hear it...

  17. I'm glad to see a post from you, I've been checking regularly. I'm glad to hear you husband is starting to feel a bit better, hoping his pains soon fade though, the thing about pain is that it demands to be felt, unfortunately. It must have been great to have a visit from your friend, and to fly all that way to cheer your husband up is very, very kind of him.

    Big hugs for you!

  18. It's so nice to "see" you, Inger. I'm glad you had such a good visitor. It sounds as if Faith's growl is meant to be. One of these days she'll probably frighten away something or someone that's in the wrong place.


  19. It is good to know Tom is there for your husband but for you also. Having someone in your corner who is there for you both is such a blessing.
    I am pleased your husband is responding and I hope those pains will soon ease. Keep the faith, we are all there for you both.
    Thoughts and prayers are with you both.

  20. One of the best things about people is their constant ability to surprise and delight, and when you're in need so many come forward to help. Wishing you many such good friends.

  21. I am sure your friend Tom did not come to visit to check out your housekeeping skills, sounds like he is a real friend, next time relax and enjoy someone that will come when you need them.

  22. I'm adding my comment a little late, had computer problems this morning along with other things.

    Good to hear your hubs is having somewhat of a respite. Hoping for the best and soonest solution. Animals do grow fast. Hope Samson isn't going to mind sharing the limelight on the blog with Faith.

  23. I want to close my eyes and imagine what that bell sounds like in the perfect stillness.

  24. I know exactly what you mean about the way we care for each other even though we've never met. I'm so pleased your husband is responding to treatment and I'm sure you gleaned lots of calm and positive thoughts from that amazing peace bell. Take care

  25. Dear Inger, I'm so glad to hear that your husband is starting to feel better!
    Sounds that the visit of your friend Tom was very nice. It's so precious to have good friends.
    Love seeing these photos of the very long train traveling around this beautiful scenery.
    Love also seeing The Mountain Spirit Center and I can imagine how amazing was to hear the sound of that big bell reverberating through the mountains.
    I'm glad to hear that lovely Samson and Faith are doing great too!
    Wishing you and your husband a good week ahead.
    Many hugs!

  26. Like Nancy wrote: Tom seems a great soul. I know how draining it can be to have guests when you feel good, much less when you are ill.

    It sounds like you and Tom have a fine, deep talk on your ride. I have always wanted to write about a supernatural mystery aboard the Orient Express.

    I can only imagine the golden tolling of that Peace Bell. One of my good friends that moved away is a Buddhist monk. I miss him.

    Give my best to Samson. Ask the vet about the growling. Never good to be bitten!!

    Oh, what sound do two porcupines make while kissing?


    I have written my first children's book and finished THE STARS BLEED AT MIDNIGHT. Now, come the final edits! Whew.

    These photos were beautiful!!

  27. Sounds like Tom was the best medicine for the moment. Funny how people come into our lives at such times. Prayers for you and your husband, Inger.

  28. So sorry to hear your husband is in pain. Prayers for you guys. These are beautiful pictures!

  29. Dear Inger, such good news about your husband and also about your finding a friend whose heart speaks to your needs right now. Ringing that peace bell must have brought some peace, I hope, into your life and into your very being. At least that's the emotion I feel when reading your posting. It seems replete with hope.

    The dancing children is such a beautiful motif. Perhaps you would like to look at the following video, which shows children and adults around the world dancing.


  30. I got chills just reading about the bell. What a beautiful moment.

    I'm glad you found such a dear friend in Tom. Life can definitely be amazing sometimes.


Thanks for leaving a comment.. ~~ Inger


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