Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Faith Gets The Last Word

I was cleaning out drawers in the master bedroom when I came upon this bandanna that Faith got last year from Gracie (the love of Samson's life, his virtual girlfriend, and her mommy Bobbi). I realized I had never taken a picture of her wearing it, so I tied it on and took her into my bedroom for a photo shoot. (OK, it was dark in the master bedroom and I didn't see how dirty she was. When I saw the pictures, I couldn't resist posting them. Sorry, Faithie, baby girl of mine.) But as you will see, Faith puts me to shame, as she questions my choice of words, and gets the last word here.

Faith: No, mommy, you know how I feel about that thing bursting flames into my face. 

Me: There are no flames, just a quick flash to capture your pretty face.

Faith: You don't believe me? OK, I'll show you: This is exactly how I feel. Get it?

Me: Oh, Faith, don't be such a party pooper, come back so we can show Auntie Bobbi and Gracie how pretty you look wearing the nice present they gave you. 

Faith: Party pooper!!?? You have that? At your parties? Hmm, I don't want to be accused of that; us dogs are better behaved, for sure. So here I am, flash away and then let me get out of here. To herself: You could at least have washed my face first, sigh..........


  1. Hi Inger - wonderful ... and Faith - I agree ... you certainly could have been helped with a brush up to show off the bandana round your neck to give us your full beauty! Seems a little unfair to me ... but us humans are mighty odd critters ... party poopers aren't fun to have around ...

    Take care enjoy your Desert Canyon and Mommy's newly cleaned bedroom ... big hugs to the three of you ... Hilary

  2. Ahhhh cute and a bit dirty perfect. Hug B

  3. aren't all dogs dirty? he he he... Jake needs a bath right now.. you look lovely and sweet in your scarf and you did a good job of tell Mama what is what

  4. i love the dirt sprinkles on her cute nose!

  5. Loved that first one. She was definitely not into having her picture taken but did a nice recovery by the last one. Looking good Faith. Hey a little dirt adds character.

  6. Oh Faith you look beautiful!!!! Pink is your color! Gracie says: sorry you had to go through this, Faith. My apologies that my mom would send this to your mom and cause such drama in your home. I know, I know.. it is humiliating at the time.. but when we humor them (our moms) we sometimes get treats or extra playtime. So hang in there. You look so purddddddy BOL (better you than me).. oops. sorry. I mean to say... what a shame. as I hang my head in shame right along with you...

  7. Candid shots are always the best!

  8. Natural can be the best, and Faith is telling you that. Love the photos.

  9. Faith, you look so pretty. I don't care if your face is a tiny bit dirty.


  10. Faith, dirty is just natural for furry humans, don't you know? :-)

  11. My goodness how she has grown,wow.I know I don't post on here often but I do read what you write dear.

  12. Faith you looks beautiful and adorable as always! Love you with the nice bandanna from Gracie.
    You make me laugh always!
    Lots of hugs to you, your Mom and Samson too! :)


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