Saturday, July 22, 2017

We Are OK, Just Hot And Tired

Faith tries on her pitbull look. Can you see it?

So my Los Angeles house is sold! Escrow closed last Wednesday, the 19th. You know how it is when you have been tense and worried for a long time and then when everything works out just great, you get so darned tired you can't lift a finger or compose a simple sentence. That's how I feel right now. But I will try a little here:

This chest of drawers was left behind when Errol moved up here in 2011. I was determined to get it. You can see how big it is, made out of wood, so very heavy. My neighbor, Joyce, who has a big Acura, offered to drive me to Los Angeles where the realtors had stored it at their house. 

 I love this carving. The chest fits so well in my house here.

So last Tuesday, Joyce and I drove to her parents' house in a very cute section of Los Angeles, where we were treated to lunch. The realtors, a married couple, live in my old neighborhood, so on the way there we passed many old landmarks, as well as some new ones. I had heard that they are building the subway under Wilshire Boulevard, with a station right up the street from my old house. And there is was, a big construction zone mess! Of course we went by the house too, so I could say good bye and show it to Joyce. We just drove by, didn't stop. The realtor sign said "Sold." Another passage in my life, I thought and felt a little sad. Just a little....

Wagon wheel knobs!

The chest just about fit in the Acura. We were both very tired and stopped at a Starbucks in the San Fernando Valley on our way home. The following day, as I was taking a nap, Joe, the realtor, called and told me we had closed. And since then I have been just so tired. And excited, and tired, and back and forth. 

Faith back to her Lab smile again. She's a great retriever, but she doesn't like water. And she sheds like any good Lab would. Because I broke my new vacuum cleaner, the carpet is sooo dirty with her shed fur. I have cleaned it since, promise!!

Selling the house cost me a lot of money so it would not have been a good thing if something had gone wrong. But it didn't, the buyers fell in love at the first open house, offered above asking, which I accepted, and after a 30-day escrow with no hassles or hangups, we closed. I'm so grateful for how well it all went.

Hot Samson on his cool slate floor. He loves it, but I now find him in the air-conditioned room more often than not. So he has figured out that it feels nice and cool in there. And the nights are cooler now, in the 40s, which is wonderful.

Samson is doing better. The new dry food, called Wellness, that the vet recommended, seems to work. His eyes are doing well. We see the vet on Monday, when Samson will have a blood test to determine how his liver is doing and also have his eyes checked. I'll bring a stool sample too, just to make sure there's no more blood. For the past month, he has been on just a half Prednisone every other day. I feel hopeful. 

I plan to be back to blogging again soon. Hope you are all doing well. Have a nice rest of the weekend.


  1. Hello Inger! CONGRATS on your sale! I know that feeling you're talking about all too well, and I know that feeling when you sell your house. I'm glad it went well! The dresser is a treasure, and I'm glad you were able to get it home with you where it belongs! I'm also glad that your boy is feeling better! Take care of yourself, and get your rest - We're here when you're refreshed and ready to come back! :-)

  2. Selling a house can be stressful and once it's done you are so relieved you can feel worn out, It looks like everything is going well for you, the chest is amazing and I don't blame you for wanting to keep it.

  3. It is always nice to see you on Blogger, Inger, and to know that things are going OK for you, Samson, and Faith. Getting the house sold so quickly (over asking price -wow) has to be such a relief.

  4. Such good news, well done to bring back that beautiful set of drawers.Snd good news for Samson. The secret sewing is getting done, part way there!!!

  5. Hi Inger - such good news .. I'm so pleased for you. Love the chest and am glad you've got it back up to your Desert Canyon - gorgeous carvings and I'm sure Errol would be chuffed you wanted it. So good the realtors have been so helpful and then Joyce driving you down to collect it ...

    Also good news re Faith and Samson ... just a delight to see or read about you all - rest up and recover - with many thoughts from a stormy-not too bad England in July! Cheers Hilary

  6. Mazel tov for all of it!!

  7. So happy that is off your back and mind now. Exhale.
    Good also that Samson is doing so well. Faith is such a ham. So catch up on your rest and just enjoy the lack of stress. You're due.

  8. Glad to hear Faith and Samson are doing better and also glad to hear all went well with the sale of the house. That must be a relief having that behind you.
    The chest is very pretty. Looks like maple and I know that is heavy furniture.

  9. Your dresser is fabulous. I love the carving, the knobs and the color.
    Congrats on selling your house. We are working on getting our's ready. We had a contract and were ready to sign... we were elated. Then there was a snafu with the buyer's closing date on their home. They have until 3 tomorrow to straighten things out or we go back to square one. Ugh! Stay cool!

  10. Congratulations on the sale of your house. One less thing to worry about -- and I understand the being tired. I've been too hot and tired to blog much myself, either.

  11. Inger, so happy to hear that the house was sold! What a relief!
    Good that you got that chest of drawers from you old is lovely indeed.

  12. Congratulations on the sale. Franklin spends the night in my tiled bathroom. Penelope sometimes shows her teeth, but I think she's smiling. Rest, and rest some more.


  13. Selling property is a very stressful thing. I am glad to hear that it all went well and is done! Rest up, Inger.

  14. Please pace yourself, Inger. Samson and Faith need you in good shape, you know. I am glad you sold your house without much hassle. Whew! I love your chest of drawers! I managed to save my mother's huge cedar chest when my home burned to the ground. It is in my entertainment center underneath my autographed poster of THE LORD OF THE RINGS. I am such a kid! Take care, please!

  15. That is wonderful, Inger! So glad it all went well in selling the house!! You do not need that worry. Gracie says: Yes Samson. You are hot!! *wink, wink*

  16. I am shocked I missed this from a week ago. I don't know how I missed the closing. so happy for you it is done now. you are the proud owner of one home... sorry I missed this post. hope Samson is ok and Faith is still so precious.... hugs and congrats on a seamless closing and thanks to the friend that helped you get your dresser moved.

  17. Hi Inger, congratulation on selling the house, I'm so glad for you. It always takes so long to tie up loose ends when selling a house. We just sold my daughter Nicole's flat in Scotland and settling her estate is almost all completed. She passed away in October and it has taken that long... What a lot of formalities and costly to sell a house.

    You are taking such good care of Samson. I'm so glad he's doing much better. I'll keep my fingers crossed that he continues to get better.

    You're like me, I like to be organized but my husband is just the opposite. I guess it's true that opposite attracts... It would be nice to have those diesel engines removed and I hope that someone will come to remove them for you.

    I'm sorry I haven been by your blog till now. I have been having google account problem and couldn't access my emails, my contact list, my reading list to see who posted. I could access my blog but couldn't post. Followers could comment and I could click on their icon and get to their blog after several steps but it was very time consuming as it took for ever. I just didn't had enough time. I have 7 new baby calves to care for plus all my bigger calves and a house full of family visiting.

    My daughter Christine finally was able to fix my google account problem. She a computer whiz girl.

    Hugs, Julia

  18. Congratulations Inger, on the sale of your LA house. Selling a house can be very stressful sometimes. We also want to sell our country house but it hasn't been easy to find a buyer.

    What a beautiful chest of drawers! Love so much the chest carving!

    I am so very glad that Samson is doing better. Samson and Faith are always adorable!
    Wishing you all a lovely weekend.
    Lots of hugs!

  19. Being in the 40's at night sounds heavenly!

  20. So glad your house sold. I'm sure it was a big relief and that is why you felt so tired. The chest you kept is lovely. Nice that Samson has figured out how to stay cool.

  21. Hi Inger ,
    Glad things went sooth for your house closing .Having been away a while I had wondered how Mr Handsome Samson was doing , good to hear he is fairly well and Faith is such a cute patoot. Hope the week finds you with renewed energy . Hugs Willow


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