Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Notes From The Canyon

Last fall, I took time off from blogging and many other activities to basically stay by myself and think on things. I'm turning 80 this summer and thinking about where I am in life, how I want to live for the remainder of my life, and also looking back turned out to be interesting, healthy and good for me.

As far as my blogging goes, it became clear that I am very fond of my blogger friends and want to keep in touch. I also realized that I want to write, I want to tell stories from my life, I want to learn how to become better at it, storytelling. We'll see, because my blog will be the only place where I will share my writing. 

This is what's going on right now. I'm doing great with my diabetes management, which makes me feel so much better. In a few days, I will get the G6 version, the latest generation of Dexcom's continuous glucose monitoring system. Once it gets here, I will have to learn it, which will mean some setbacks, but I will benefit in the long run. And no more finger sticks or so they promise. Could be huge! 

I love my new Dell Chrome book, but I still don't know how to upload pictures. So the ones here are old. Youtube was no help and, once again, I wish User's Manuals had not gone obsolete. Most of us can follow written directions and it's beyond my comprehension that electronic devices, all being different, can just be sent out with no information about their software whatsoever. 

I will call my computer guy soon. He said he knows how to do it and I hope he is right. 

Right after Christmas, we got an epic snowstorm here in our mountains. We got at least 18 inches of wet, heavy snow, which, when it landed on the widespread branches of our juniper trees, broke them. Five trees in my immediate yard suffered terrible damage. My wonderful helper, Mark, just finished cutting off the broken branches and carting them off to the dump. It's taken him several visits and up on my hillsides there are many more broken trees. Nature will have to take care of them, unless they become a fire hazard. I already have a few dead ones from the drought years that Mark said he will cut down. 

Samson's breed originated in Siberia and I guess that's why he's so protected from wet snow. I'm fascinated by how snow  lands on his outer coat and just sits there. As far as his health goes, Samson, who will be 11 this year, is healthier than he's ever been. I believe all his medications have been balanced now and are just right for what he needs. 

I don't know what kind of Labrador mix Faith is, but she just hates water, hates getting wet in any kind of way. Misery! Let me in already!!

Finally, I have written posts about my next two dogs, Gypsy and her son, Red, but I don't have any photos of them in Google, so I will wait to post until I can get some uploaded from old pictures.  


  1. I hope you get your photos uploaded soon because I love seeing the canyon....and the dogs of course! I'm glad you are going to continue writing here. I think it is a great place to share and I value our friendship! Enjoy your day sweet lady!

  2. The nature around you is so beautiful! Samson looks like a giant fluffy snowball. And oh how I relate to Faith. I hate getting wet too.
    I'm glad you're feeling much better, and I can't wait to see the new photos!

  3. Interesting that you had a kind of thoughtful period around that upcoming birthday. I'm a little older than you, and did something similar. I turned down quite a few workshop teaching opportunities, because I wanted my energies for my own art. And I've cut down on activities, just keeping the ones I really love. 80 felt like a kind of crossroads, and I'm happy to read that it's what you've been doing too. People are not very quick to accept these decisions, I find, but they do eventually, and now they know it's not personal.

    So glad you're staying with the blog. I only recently found it, and I really want more. Pictures too, when you get them sorted.

  4. I bet when you get the help you need you will find that it was a simple and completely obscure solution! That is my experience anyway. :D
    I am glad that you and your dogs are doing well.

  5. Think you will love the G6. I had lunch recently with a friend who has it and she showed us how it works. She got the reading and gave herself the shot at the restaurant.
    Love Samson's snowy coat. Faith had a little of her own.

  6. that fur on Samson amazes me. did not know that it stays like that. Big is just like Faith, a water hater. your photos are beautiful. if you search by name of your chrome book for manual, there should be an online one available. I always find the one that goes with mine and download and save it. if you need help email me details of your Chrome Dell, and I will find one. good luck with decisions on what to do next

  7. 80, do you ever wonder how you got to this age? I know I do, and am now older than my Mum when she died, not as old as her Mum or my Dad, mortality is not something to dwell on, the snow, that would have been a surprise for your area? Samson, no wonder the snow stays right on top, and Faith, definitely not the favourite time to be out there.

  8. Sweet puppies! šŸ˜Š

    I'm glad you are going to keep blogging.

  9. I am also happy you are going to share your stories on your blog. We are a family here. Some have been lost and found some will come back someday. We all need a break. Glad your healthy and happy. Samson and Faith and you are doing well that makes me happy. Take care Hugs B

  10. I love seeing your photographs Inger and hearing your stories so I"m delighted you're going to keep blogging - I don't call in that often but I've come to think of my blogger friends as that, friends.
    I see one of your commenters above has mentioned about getting the computer manual online - it should be easily found and easy to print out. ONe of my choir ladies wasa visiting her daughter in Califronia during that snowstorm and had a few days in the mountains - making us all jealous of seeing that snow.
    Take care.

  11. Heavy snow can do so much damage.
    The sky picture is fantastic.
    Look forward to reading your stories!!

  12. The pups look as if the snow can be fun. It drives me nuts when I buy something and it has no manual, or at least not a manual that I can access easily. If something is wrong with my laptop and I'm supposed to look up what to do with it, then the fact that it doesn't always work tends to be a problem.


  13. That orange sky was fantabulous. And it does sound like the G6 will be a huge huge step forward for you. Yay!

  14. Me encantarƭa visitar el gran canyon, que fotos mas bonitas nos enseƱas de tus animales.

  15. Beautiful photos. Happy Thursday.

  16. This is such a good, upbeat post, Inger. With your’s and Samson’s health doing well, and having new plans, this year should be a very good one.

  17. a Lab who hates water?!!! that's unusual for sure. must be her other "mix" kicking in!
    and it took me a minute to realize that's SAMSON under that snow coat! LOL!
    I'm so glad he's doing well.
    and I'm glad you are doing well too. you give me hope that facing 80 eventually will be
    a piece of cake! well. if I'm still eating an occasional sweet by then. :D XOXO

  18. Hi Inger, you and I have a lot in common, although I am living on the edge of a village, just at the end of a long drive, so I am not quite as isolated as I think you must be. Since my last dog, Millie, a lab/collie cross, died, I have not had another companion; I’d love a new rescue dog but how do I cope when the weather is bad and I don’t want to go out? Do you walk yours or let them roam?

    I am glad you are feeling well, at 80 that is quite an achievement. It’s good to come to a peaceful place within yourself. Since my husband died I have struggled, but I think, like you, I have come to terms with the solitude, and feel more able to cope. I miss him very much still, but he is never coming back and I must make the best of the years I have left, just like you.

    It is true, we need people to come and help us, I have my garden helper and my cleaner, so far so good. Let us hope that we can both live our remaining time relatively happily and contented. Good luck.

  19. Awww! Love the pictures of Faith and Sampson with snow on them!

  20. Dear Inger, so good to see a posting from you! I'm glad that all is well and look forward to the writing you are planning on doing. Thank you for visiting my blog recently and leaving a comment. I have been sort of out of touch for four months--I did no writing and fell into sort of a morass of self-pity. But I've finally taken myself by the scruff of the neck and shaken out the miseries. I plan to begin a new memoir on Monday. Four months is a long time to go without writing. Sometimes I can be my own worst enemy! Peace.

  21. It's always good to have a dialogue with oneself about present situation and future plans.
    You're right about blogging. It's a decent way to share one's writing and making friends.

  22. Hi Inger - it's great to know you'll be letting us have a few insights of your life - by writing memories up for us - I'll love them all. As the others have said blogging is so useful ... I decided about 15 years ago I needed to do more ... and am so glad I found blogging, and the A-Z challenges (early ones) I really met some wonderful people - you I'm sure too. Then I found I could write - that was a surprise ... I just blog - but it educates me ... love the dogs with the snow ... cheers and take care - Hilary


Thanks for leaving a comment.. ~~ Inger


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