Sunday, September 5, 2021

Honda, High Desert Driving, and Fat Bear Week Underway

After the sun/moon roof on my new Honda mysteriously opened on its own and then could not be closed all the way, I had to take it to Honda, Lancaster. After a while it was clear this would be an all-day affair. Fortunately, my relatives were home and could come and pick me up. I took this picture while waiting for Kenny to get us a Subway lunch. I could have lightened it up, but I like the spooky atmosphere of the dark, spiky trees, so I left it alone.

Honda had to keep my car and gave me a Honda Accord as a loaner. A car, as opposed to an SUV. What a difference it made for me: My bad right hip acted up, my right leg got numb, I was lucky to be able to move my foot from the gas to the break pedal. 

Because of road work on the freeway, I took Sierra Highway, which runs parallel to the freeway, part of the way home. This also made me able to stop a few times and take pictures. As you can see, there's actually light colored sand in this high desert. But mostly it's full of rabbit brush and other low growing vegetation, as well as the occational tree.

I took this picture of Soledad mountain, which was mined for silver, then more recently for gold. I don't know if they are still mining there. If they are, I wish they would just leave the mountain alone.  

Finally, Fat Bear Week just ended in Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. People go online and vote for their favorite Fat Bear. I don't, but I like to check in on them. 

I'm so in love with their chubbiness. 

The above bear is number 409 Beadnose. I'm rooting for number 131 Marshmallow, a lovely golden bear. The winner will be announced on Fat Bear Tuesday, which is this coming Tuesday.

The Washington Post will announce the winner, so I will be able to show him or her off in all their Fat Bear glory soon.  


  1. I'm glad you made it home safely in spite of physical concerns. Marshmallow is a wonderful name for a fat bear.


  2. That seems annoyingly soon to have a problem with the car. Not what Honda used to be like!

  3. Hi Inger - I do hope they can sort the 'chip' challenge out so your sunroof works smoothly and correctly in future. Love those photos of the highway ... Fat Bear ... well I sincerely hope #131 Marshmallow will win ... looking forward to hearing the result. All the best as you wait for the car to be repaired ... cheers Hilary

  4. I hope you got your car back by now and that they got the moonroof fixed and that is a beautiful sight that you saw as you rode along and I feel the same way about cars I just can't hardly even stand to ride in one much less drive one either a truck or an SUV. Glad your family was home and could pick you up

  5. How annoying that your sunroof malfunctioned on your new car. The other day, my son and I both went to a building supply store and when we came back to my car, it was running. I need to push the button and the brake to start it while the key is in my purse. This spring, I went to put grocery in the trunk of my car and when I opened the trunk it was full of someone else grocery all neatly packed in green cloth bags. This person had parked their car next to mine and they were identical. It makes me wonder how safe these electronically loaded cars are.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your winner fat bear.

    Have a safe weekend,

    Hugs, Julia

  6. your posts are always beautiful and interesting! I learn things!
    I knew nothing about Fat Bear Week. :D
    I am so glad you had relatives there when you had to take your car in.
    and I too Love the contrast in the 'spooky' picture! we finally had rain yesterday.
    and it has made this morning Heavenly Cool!!! maybe the high summer heat is over.
    be careful dear friend. Happy October! XO


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