Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hiking in Snow

Earlier in the week, we were surprised by a mini-blizzard and made sure to go for a hike the next morning, before the snow melted. It melts so darned fast this time of the year. Oh, to have a sled and a little bit more snow! They would pull me, for sure.
 The pictures came out so dark -- I'm disappointed. I have to learn how to take snow pictures, they always seem to be too dark when it's overcast. But it was a great hike and I'll just share them anyway.

Princess loves to roll in the snow!
And she isn't the only one!


  1. Wow - more snow. I think we in northwest Oregon are about the only ones who *can't* talk about the repeated snow fall this winter! Love the picture of you with all your dogs...that's a lotta friends you got there! :-) I hope they don't ever decide to all go in different directions, especially with you holding all those leashes - lol.

  2. I can handle two of them, but that puppy has grown so big and strong, so we were just posing for the picture. So no snow in Oregon, that's too bad. It's all gone from here now -- it only sticks in early winter and not for long then either.

  3. Your snow pics are great & I love your dogs - seems like they had a lot of fun !
    Lynda, Kilimanjaro, East Africa

  4. Thank you Lynda, it's great to hear from you! And you know dogs, they always find a way to have fun.


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