Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter Colors in the Canyon

Feeling a bit guilty after calling the canyon dun-colored in a blog post the other day, I set out with the dogs this morning to look for color. This is some of what I found:

A a dark-brown branch of a juniper bush, wet from yesterday's rain.

The green needles and blue berries of a juniper bush.
A small rock and a larger red rock, both covered with deep green moss.                                   


  Small red flowers on a grey bush, a tiny piece of blue trash on some crumbled green sandstone, and the beige mud of the creek-bed.
Rust colored rock formations with the opening of a small cave.
The entrance to the cave with green and yellow grass outside. What a a soft bed and nice shelter from the rain and wind this would be for some wild critter.
Then we came upon something very special here in our desert canyon: Water! And the tiniest little waterfall you ever saw. How wonderful to hear the soft trickle of water running down the hillside.
As I stood there for a while, listening to the water, Angel got impatient and tried to figure out how to climb over the rocks.
Further down, we came upon these lavender grasses. I hadn't expected to find something this colorful in the canyon.
As we got home, the predominant color was mud, on boots, jeans, and paws. What a mess, but we had a fun photo excursion.

I hope you enjoyed coming on this little hike with me to find some colors in the canyon.


  1. Hi there! Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your visit! I love the colors of your canyon there in California. There's lots of color there, it's just very subtle which means you have to pay special attention. And you did! I like those lavender grasses, too. I'll have to come back and visit you some more ~ I want to hear about your little ranch in the canyon AND your dogs!

  2. Amazing what the desert has to offer. Just bits of color here and there. Love the rock formations. Angel sure looks pretty!

  3. I've never been to California. It is very different from here in New York State. I have a cousin who lives near Los Angeles. Someday, I will make it out there to visit her, and to see all the beautiful colors of the canyons that you have pointed out.

  4. Vickie, I'm so glad you stopped by and appreciated the colors of this canyon. There will be a lot more about my of them even blogs here sometimes.

    Cindy, Angel says "Thanks!"

    Louise, I lived in Princeton for 12 years, so I know NY. It's beautiful there. Hope you'll come to California and visit.


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