Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blogging From Home

My husband cleaned out the computer, using his air compressor (a thing I had seen many times, but never connected to computer cleaning). I'm sorry to say that Samson was right and the computer was very, very dusty inside. No wonder it would shut down and get over-heated. Well, it still shuts down, so something else is wrong, but I am writing this from home, so we'll see how long it will stay on.

Today, I'm going to the diabetes support group meeting in town and then to the library. I read all those books I got from there last time so fast and I'm looking forward to getting some more. I got some really good books for my birthday and once these computer problems are over with, I will start my Wednesday's Book again. I am saving one of the books, the one by Peter Hessler whose books from China I really love. It will be a treat for later on. In this heat, the easy and fast to read library books work better for me. I guess it's what they call beach reads, though there is no beach within sight here it is still summer and easy living.

How I miss blogging! I miss taking pictures and posting, and most of all I miss all of you guys. With this written at home, I will be able to read some blogs at the library. I won't have time to read all of them -- you get 60 minutes on their computers and I have to do week five of a health survey put out by the University of California benefits department. Once you complete six weeks, you get a $100.00 gift certificate. In prior years, I always chose a gift certificate for Home Depot for practical things, but this year I think I will splurge on something fun instead, like books and movies, perhaps.

My computer still feels cool and it has now been on for well over half an hour. It must be feeling pretty good. This is huge, but I will leave it like this for now and not try to download any photos today. I have to get ready to go to town.

Thanks for all your comments and for hanging in there with me while I was having computer issues. I'm so looking forward to visiting at least some blogs later today.

Samson says hello to Gracie and says he doesn't mind her being older. He says he's got his Angel here and she's going on 13 after all. And he says he's crazy about her too, but in a brotherly way. He sends Gracie all his love and, yes, he's learned to cop an attitude from reading her diary whenever her mommy posts it.


  1. Yes that dust in computers is damaging. I hope the major cleaning solves your problem. My laptop is going on 4 yrs old, has had a new battery, a thorough keyboard cleaning, and I am holding my breath that it keeps working for at least one more year!

  2. oh, glad you at least are getting SOME computer time at home now! i hope it will cooperate for you a bit more again!

  3. Kara Inger--I always knew your husband could fix ANYTHING!! Look what he's done for our house. WELCOME BACK!

  4. Inger....You sweetie for being such an absentee blogger. A lot of us would be tearing our hair out. Be bald by now. I hope you'll be up and about (you and the computer are one) :)...aren't we all? and running soon enough. It's been pretty quiet though in bloggyland. I think a lot of bloggers take off during the hot weather.
    Miss you lots and hope you enjoy your your meeting. Love from Manzi


  5. SO glad you're getting even a little blog time at home!

  6. Hi Inger! Gracie and I were so excited to see your post. It's good to know all is well and tell Samson Gracie's heart still belongs to him. Sorry about the attitude for Samson... Gracie can be a not-so-good influence at times. Love to you and the family... We sure did miss you!

  7. Welcome back Inger! We have missed you too.
    I read one of those 'China' books by Peter Hessler....the one about living near the river. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot about the Chinese and was surprised and not at the same time, if that makes sense.
    Looking forward to your Wednesday's Book too. All the best, Jim

  8. I have really missed you Inger. I've been having trouble keeping up with commenting lately and I fear I haven't visited you as much as I should have.

    I miss Samson and Angel and Soldier too. Hope things keep going well with your computer so we can catch up. :)

  9. Glad you are up and running... or maybe I should say up and limping.

    I mentioned that your computer is overheating to my son. He asked if all of the fans are running. Then he said that he knows people who actually have taken the case off the computer and directed a house fan at it. Also, he mentioned that if it is hot in your house, you will only get limited cooling with the fan. Hmmm... have you thought of putting the computer in the fridge and running the cord out the door? Just joking ;-)

  10. Welcome back, Inger. It's so good to hear from you.

  11. I'm glad you're back too. I've been having computer problems myself so I feel for you.

  12. Good to hear from you I miss seeing how the canyon is doing and how you all are getting on in the Summer season.

  13. Hey welcome back! Looking forward to more photos soon! We'll be waiting :-)

  14. Nice to have your computer back. It's a good thing there are libraries isn't it?

  15. Hi Inger .. glad the computer is getting itself sorted out .. and hope all will be fixed soon.

    I'm missing your photos .. glad Samson and his friends are well in that canyon of yours - loved those pics too ..

    Look after yourself though .. cheers for now - Hilary

  16. yes. definately do something fun with the 100. have a great weekend!

  17. Hi Inger,

    I just stumbled across your blog and just wanted to say I really love your photos of the desert.

    In the early 1980s I was a kid living in Edmonton, AB (Canada). During summers we (Mom, Dad, younger sister and me) would pack up the indestructible Ford Econoline van my Dad camperized and go on road trips across North America, especially through the western states and parts of Mexico.

    My favorite memories are of exploring the Mojave and Sonoran deserts...sometimes we'd just find a spot off the main roads and camp "in the wild", other times we'd overnight at a campground or stay in a motel in one of the small towns along the highway.

    I vividly remember the beauty of the open desert - the excitement I felt when spotting a coyote, fox, bobcat...the fear I had of snakes (every snake I saw was a "rattlesnake" lol) and the many species of birds that my Dad was an expert at identifying. I remember the mysterious shapes of the cacti and the desert shrubbery...the daytime heat pressing down on us, the cool air after a ferocious thunderstorm and, at night, the sound of crickets, coyotes and train horns in the distance.

    On the road we'd I.D. license plates from different states (and the odd Canadian province and Mexican state), pretend we were characters on an adventure TV show, sleep, or just watch the scenery go by. I recall the many trucks barreling down the Interstate and the joy of jumping into a pool when we stayed at a motel or campground (the Needles KOA springs to mind). And the indestructible van? The only we had any trouble was when the air conditioner packed it in on a hot, hot night on the Interstate between San Diego and Las Vegas!

    Thanks again for sharing your beautiful pictures. They really bring back some fond memories. I look forward to exploring more of your blog.

    Hugo (Vancouver, Canada)

  18. Glad to see you up and running! My son had to get parts, simply because his tower was full of dust and animal hair. A good sucking and blowing does do wonders!

    Don't know if you know it, But I have moved. Just click the picture of yarn brains and it will take you to the new site. Check it out - it may be pretty boring, not so many pictures.

    Take care now and I hope I see you around!

  19. Great to see you back on line.

  20. Howdy Inger...been missing my Inger...hope the ol' computer perks up a wee bit if not a lot. Coolish temps are starting to infiltrate the mornings here...that means fall is knocking on the door...let me in, let me in.

  21. Must feel to have your computer back. Now we don't have to worry about not seeing your blogs:)


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