Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blogging from Home Again

So I went to the library the other day, got a computer with a 60 minute limit, sat down and happily started to read your blogs. I was so excited to finally have all those minutes to catch up on what has been happening in your lives. Well, that worked for a while and I was able to visit a few blogs and make comments. But then that computer too started to have problems. I couldn't open the blogs with large pictures, so I tried some that I know have small photos or none. That worked, but then I couldn't leave comments. I know I could have complained and changed computers, but I had had a busy morning and still needed to go to the grocery store. Going to our small town makes me very tired, particularly in the heat. So I left.

Bobbi, if you read this: I loved the new photo of Gracie in your header and I'm sure Samson will too. Yes, Samson has an attitude mixed with sweetness, just like Gracie. I couldn't leave a comment though.

I plan to take my computer in to be repaired sometime this week. I hope it will not be something expensive. Basically, it seems to work fine like this after it got cleaned, but I can't upload, download, or print. If I try, it just shuts down. At least it is clean -- I would have been soooo embarrassed if I had taken it to the shop full of all that dust.

While I don't like to blog without pictures, at least I can try for an update here. I have been very good with my walks, which will help my back. We take the dogs out early. I know walking Soldier will help him to keep his mobility for as long as possible. And that motivates me to get going, of course. I also work out on my stationary bike. It is a very old bike that someone gave my husband. It has no electronics and sits outside since the house is so small. So I only use it in the summer, but it works great and I can tell it really helps me. I discovered it can also be used to just work my arms, something I really need after my injuries. So I do two workouts every day. It's nice to sit on it and observe nature, the coveys of quail picking their way across the field and the ground squirrels running around while I'm busy with my exercises.

We have a little vegetable garden too. I thought we lost it due to late frost, but the plants were able to handle it and some are now thriving. My husband put a fence up around it, but of course some critters will dig underneath. We have a few tricks of our own, like Critter Out and cayenne pepper that seem to work. I do have pictures, but can't upload them.

The ravens have all but disappeared from the ranch and the surrounding fields. I have no idea why. Observing nature here, I find that it constantly changes. The place was over-run by rabbits when we first moved here, then there were none. And now the ravens. Rabbits are back in small numbers so maybe there is a cycle to all this.

I have been reading some really good books that I got from my friends for my birthday. More about them later.

I like the new spot we created where we can sit outside and relax. The other evening, I turned my chair away from the setting sun and watched how it reflected in the tall mountains to the east. It was so beautiful with the fields taking on a golden color, the closest hills and mountains turning dark, while the taller mountains in the back picked up the colors of the setting sun.  Oh, well, you see why I need pictures -- too hard to find the right words.

Take care and have a great day!


  1. oh, we do miss your lovely photos of the land, your critters, your pets. but it's good to hear your voice too. i hope the computer can be fixed without too much $$. :)

  2. It's good to see you back, pictures or no pictures. I really do miss you, Inger. Here's hoping that the computer can be fixed without too much of a cash outlay.

  3. Hi Inger - I too have been out of the loop for health reasons. I hope you are able to get your computer repaired at a reasonable price.

  4. I'm looking forward to the day you can post pictures again, as you are--but you always seem to find the right words! Kram----Fran

  5. Hi Inger .. glad to see you restored to typing at least .. and semi-connected ... I love your pictures too .. it's great to see the desert.

    Hope things get sorted .. and many thoughts - Hilary

  6. Can't wait to hear what you've been reading!

  7. Nice to catch up. Hope your computer is back in business soon.

  8. Oh, Inger how exciting to hear from you again!!! I'm glad your PC is up & running even if temporary! And, you described your new spot perfectly...I can just picture it!...:)JP

  9. Welcome back Inger! Your new 'sitting' area sounds perfect.....a great place to read those new books. 'Talk' to you later!

  10. They say there's a reason for everything. Perhaps this was a sign to allow you time to heal properly and enjoy the summer.

    Miss you. :)

  11. It's so good to hear from you, Inger. Honestly... your descriptions paint a beautiful picture without uploading anything. Thank you for that sweet comment. We really miss you and I'm so glad to know all is well and that you are getting plenty of exercise. You are in our thoughts and prayers.. and we look forward to updates. Love - Gracie and me...

  12. Hope your computer is fixed very soon. I love the sound of your new seating area with the setting sun as a backdrop. Beautiful.

  13. You are right that pictures really 'make' a blog post... but I created pictures in my mind of things you said you were doing. I can see the setting sunlight play along the mountains. The colors of sunset do very interesting things!

    Glad to have you 'back'!

  14. I'm late getting here, but it was and is good to see a post from you!! Please know that we all hope you're back soon!

  15. So glad that the summer has been a healing one for you - and I must admit, when you were talking about your pc and "cleaning" I thought you meant cleaning of the harddrive, until you mentioned dust lol!!

    Hope to have you online with freedom soon!


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