Monday, August 8, 2011

Are You Bored Yet?

 Our first vegetables this year. The most reliable of homegrown veggies and so good too.

First, thank you so much for your comments and well wishes both for the computer and the tooth problem. Your comments make me feel so much better, you have no idea. I have been really, really sick with this infection (I looked like one of those cartoon figures with a big ice pack wrapped around its head, Donald Duck, perhaps, can't remember who now) but it is getting better. Thanks Kim for your thoughts on this. I know the root may be hiding an additional abcess, it happened recently to my husband. All my teeth have crowns and the crowns are old. Who knows...

A little yellow squash taking form. Will the gopher get it first?

I tried to visit some blogs the other day, but was only able to make one comment. And this morning I was unable to upload a photo. I will deal with the tooth first and the computer after that. In the meantime, I will work on some posts for this blog -- I feel like I'm losing it, ideas are not coming as fast, I forget to take photos, and I feel like I'm getting a bit boring with my bad teeth and computer issues.

Samson Says: See, I told you Mommy. You really need to keep your computer clean!

To remedy this, I took some photos yesterday. It's a start. Samson as usual was hamming it up for the camera. Some yellow squash, some corn, radishes, lettuce, and greens are happening in the little vegetable garden and our yellow striped umbrella made for a cheerful picture (this in case I can't upload the photos, so you can imagine). I finally was able to post a few photos after trying about three times. 

Finally: Oh, fishducky, what's up with your husband? He never took you to a dump? Well, I took myself to France, but I never went to Paris, so what can I say!? We're all bound to miss some of the great places on this earth, so don't feel bad.


  1. hurray for photo uploads! :) glad you're feeling a bit better, i hope!

  2. I too think I run out of blog ideas when one comes along or I just post what I'm up to and if it's boring well then so be it that's my life. This year I've really gotten into vintage sewing so I'm always up to something with that. That what is going on with your tooth has been my fear too as I have a lot of crowns. Recently the pain was caused not by infection but the bottom teeth hitting behind the front teeth and some grinding adjustments cured me. Take Care

  3. Samson is adorable! And grea job on the veggies!

  4. texwisgirl: I tried to get to your blog the other day, but it didn't work. I will keep working on it though, it seems like the computer is getting better and better on its own. Go figure.

    Nan: Thanks for the ice cream recipe. We don't have an icecream maker, but it sure sounded good. Bad teeth run in my family and I am grateful that at least the crowns have lasted this long, about 35 years. I wish you all the best with yours.

    Justina: I think the gopher is winning the veggies war, but we are learning a lot and you can't beat that. Samson says thanks for the compliment.

  5. I appreciate that with everything going on to trouble you, that you took the time to visit and leave a comment on my blog. I enjoy yours because it's about your daily life, and something as simple as pictures of the first radishes resonates with me, because those first radishes are the best!! They say, "Yes, something IS growing here, just be patient and soon you will have even more delicious vegetables!"

  6. I will never get bored of your pictures. Vegetables? Yum
    Samson needs to get his pictures on the computer so ofcourse he wants that computer clean:)

  7. Inger,boring?! They just don't ring true.
    You have alerted us about keeping our lap tops clean......thanks.
    I have a number of crowns too....and I don't want to think about their 'life-span'!!! I really fear trips to the dentist. Good luck with yours.and glad it is getting better.
    Till next time.

  8. I'm just glad to see that you are posting. I'm hoping that your tooth feels better, but, remember that your tooth comes before any old computer. An abscess in a tooth can be serious business.

  9. Glad you are up, about, and on the blog scene again!

  10. You take care of yourself first, Inger. That's most important. The blog and us, will be here when you and your computer are better. :)

  11. What can I say? You KNOW I love your blog--photos or no photos--& I love you! Say "Hi" to Samson,the ham, your other doggies & your fantastic husband for me.

  12. Inger, What, boring? I think we all get on a theme and that dominates our posts. It only makes it interesting, at least that is my opinion. My mouth must be like yours.... full of old crowns. Does that make us queens????
    Cheers and good health, queeny.

  13. Samson! It's SO GOOD TO SEE YOU!!!! Hugs & kisses from Auntie JP...:)JP

  14. Oh Inger - I hope you get better soon! i had two abscesses this year and I WAS MISERABLE! And it took awhile too - so give yourself plenty of rest!

  15. My garden has gone to the great beyond. Our temps are so high that I couldn't keep up with the watering. Hope you get lots of produce from yours.

  16. Hello inger. I hope you are feeling better. You couldn't be boring if you tried... Gracie said to tell samson: "looking good!"

  17. You actually grew vegetables! That's more than I can say. I usually plant French Breakfast radishes, but didn't get it done this year, and I missed having them. The heat has us weak and washed out this summer. I can't believe that I am actually looking forward to frost. Samson is so pretty! We have a new grand doggie named Woody. The grandchildren are all headed back to school this week: 3 in college, one high school senior, and the little one headed for fifth grade.

  18. Hmmm, Samson, maybe there's a connection between your pretty white fur and the computer problems. Hope your mommy feels better soon.

  19. Glad you are feeling better. I can totally sympathize, having had issues two weeks ago with a tooth. I went back to the dentist yesterday and he thinks that there is an infection in that tooth, which had a root canal that apparently wasn't total. He x-rayed all my teeth (a new dentist) and came up with an extensive list of restorative, ch-ching, ch-ching. Ouch - it hurts almost as much as the tooth did!
    But, enough about me! I enjoyed your pictures. The radishes looks so pretty. You can almost feel their crisp crunchiness.
    I surely hope that Mr. Gopher does not abscond with your squash.
    And of course, I love Samson - what a cute pup! His character comes across on 'film' just fine!

  20. No worries about boring!
    Tooth/jaw pain is simply awful and add to that computer problems..ugh.
    Heal heal heal and don't worry :)

  21. Hi Inger...I thought of you today when my cousin suggested I join this reading website. I wondered if you might be interested in it so I've sent along this
    Just copy and paste and check it out. Have a great day!


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