Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer in the Canyon

First a word about my computer issues. And yours! I am amazed at how many of you guys have had problems too. It will be difficult for me to read and comment on your blogs until I get Fran's computer and set it up. Cat left a comment and told me she just got a new computer and there is a steep learning curve. To practice and also to see if it would help my present computer, I ran a System Recovery the other day. While it helped: I can blog here right now, which is wonderful, but it still didn't cure the basic problem. And yes, we have taken it apart and used the large aircompressor my husband uses for the cars to blow all the dust away. But it still shuts down without being asked to and has some other issues.

My friend Upupaepops said she missed pictures of summer in the canyon and is looking forward to fall pictures once I get the computer situation fixed. I am looking forward to fall too and the cooler weather. But with my husband here and the weather reasonably hot, this really has been a great summer. Rachael and I talked about the daily difference in temperatures in northern Minnesota, where she is from. We have it here too -- 40 at 5:30 a.m. and often 100 by the end of the day. Here are some summer photos that I couldn't post in the last month:

On the way to the mail box, I pass the fields that were so pretty in spring when covered in mustard tumble weeds with bright yellow flowers. Now they are dry and brittle and will soon begin to tumble in the wind as they spread their seed.

 Fence lizards are everywhere here and this little guy followed me around as I did my morning chores in the garden. Then he found a neat place to take a rest and get some sun.

It seldom rains here in the summer but when it does, it is fabulous. Huge thunderstorms come through the mountains and roll around the canyon. After a storm, you feel so refreshed and ready to deal with the desert heat once again.

The above photo from earlier in the summer. The garden has been weeded, the corn is growing like crazy, the gopher ate four of the squash plants before we decided he had to go. He then became food for the resident fat raven. We are enjoying lettuce, yellow squash, mint, and radishes so far. And we have some stuff growing that we have no idea what it may be. Also, we know what we did wrong this year and have great plans for next spring. So much fun this!

I'm writing from my Wildblue Satellite provider's (powered by Google) portal and it has not been easy. The screen jumps up and down and the post gets saved about every 30 seconds, or so it seems, so all typing has to stop. I do, indeed, have a some work ahead of me. So I will end this post with a rose and a

desert mountain sunset. Have a great day --- I will try to prepare a post now about Rachael's visit and our trip back to the Zen retreat here in the canyon. I have a great picture of their Peace Bell and some of Rachael and me too.


  1. Loved the the photos. So you talk to lizards-eh? I talk to them too.

    Its great to grow your own. I use to love doing all that. You have a nice life style.

    Hope you fix your omputer issues soon. Mine is running real slow. I'm thinking of defragging next.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. August can be so hot and dry in the West, but I know I will miss it once the cold weather comes. Lovely photos!

  3. oh, thanks for suffering through the post for us so we could see some photos from you again! :)

  4. To you & Jacqueline:

    Talking to lizards is OK--just be very careful if they answer you!

    It was wonderful to see some photos again, Mrs. Ansel adams! I'm as anxious as you are for my new computer to be delivered so we can make the switch!!

  5. Always great to see your pictures. Life where you are is so unique. I sure do miss you and your stories about your canyon.

  6. The pictures are lovely ~ thanks for showing them to us ~

    My computer is running very slowly at the moment ~ I wish I was computer literate but I am not :O) ~ Ally x

  7. Thanks for the tour of your world Inger, looking forward to your next posts ...

    ... good luck with the puter problems.

  8. When I get up to CT, I've promised to give my PC and flat screen to my daughter who has DSL, which is what I'm supposed to have at the new house. I cant' wait as I'm sick of satellite (Hughes)...:)JP

  9. It was fun to see more photos of the canyon. I can almost smell the rain-soaked desert. That was one of my delights when I visited my grandparents in Arizona as a child. I don't often smell that distinctive odor, but when I do, it brings back scads of memories!

  10. Hi Inger .. beautiful photos .. and the 'feeling' of the land around .. wet earth and burning sunshine ..

    Good luck with the transition to new computer and dealing with your present 'net challenges pro tem ..

    Looking forward to reading and seeing more about your time with Rachael and the Zen retreat ..

    Cheers Hilary

  11. That desert sunset is fabulous! What a catch!


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