Saturday, March 14, 2015

Human Kindness ~ An Update With Some Good News

A view from William S. Hart park, Newhall, California

Human kindness is overflowing in my life right now: From strangers sent over to my blog by blogger friend Janie Junebug; from my husband's eldest sister, who left a long and loving message about the love the family feels for me and thanking me for taking care of her brother; and from all the rest of his family and many friends. From all of you, my blogger friends, who don't seem to mind that I'm so tired and not able to get back to all of you, reading your latest posts and leaving my comments. Kindness from old friends and new. Thank you.

A colorful bottlebrush tree.

Thursday, my husband had the final surgery related to the liver transplant, where they attached the bile duct to -- where I don't know, doesn't matter -- intestines perhaps? The doctor said he would call when the surgery was over, no one did. No one called with updates, in the past a nurse called. By day's end I was scared, really scared. I lost all the peace I had felt, my stomach churned, my heart beat too fast, and my mouth was dry......

The barn at the park. You can see the face of one of the two horses that live at the park through the opening in the middle. Part of Mr. Hart's conditions when he donated the estate to the county was: Entrance should always be free and farm animals should always be kept there. 

Finally, late in the day, I called the intensive care unit and asked for his nurse. And all was well. She told me the surgery went fine and ended at 2 p.m., they removed two lines from his heart (his heart?? - I didn't know he had lines in his heart), and he is resting, recovering.....

I couldn't resist another picture of this sweet deer.

Yesterday, I learned that a few other medicines were reduced. He is still in critical condition, or as the nurse, from somewhere in the British realm, said in her lovely accent: Guarded. 

Rachael gave me 18 eggs from these and the rest of the chickens at the park.

I am holding up pretty well. I only drive to Los Angeles twice a week now, Wednesdays and Sundays, but it still makes me so very tired. I slept 11 hours after I got back on Wednesday and I'm still tired today. And with gas prices on the rise, two days a week of gas and UCLA parking will cost me close to $500 a month. That includes a McDonald's latte on the way home, but no food -- I bring my own because food is so expensive at the hospital (or so it seems to me, who has not spent much time in restaurants since moving to the canyon).

Other than that, I enjoy being alone and getting a lot of work done around here. I managed to put our electric lawnmower back together and charge it, so today I will begin to mow weeds and grasses that are popping up everywhere after the December rains. They don't need much to come to life. 

And I'm cleaning out our two freezers, getting rid of old, expired, food. When done, I'm taking that and the rest of the stuff I purged from hubby's boxes (3 large trash bags) to the dump. I enjoy this kind of mindless, but result producing work a lot right now. Doing it adds to my physical tiredness, but in a good way, and I sleep remarkably well, considering. 

 Asian pheasant.

I will end with the picture of the Asian pheasant, and, for the first time, with hope for the future. It will be a very long journey. 


  1. i am glad the final surgery is done and behind you both. i hope he can continue to regain strength and his body can return to full functions! i am grateful you are sleeping and staying busy, too.

  2. That is SOME relief--all I can do is continue to send our love!!

  3. I am so happy for you that the news is good. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts......

  4. I love the Asian pheasant, and I love hope.


  5. As always I love your pictures. And you! I am so glad that hubby is getting better and the surgeries are over. Will continue to say prayers for you and for him.

  6. I like the pheasant and the furry donkey; animals can bring us smiles and a bit of peace even in harsh times. I am glad the news after hubby's surgery is good, and that you are coping with the long drive and the worry.

  7. Take each day one at a time, and deal with the immediate. I found that helped me. I had to keep reminding myself to take care of me, too. So, please look after Inger too, as you need your strength. Stress can be tough on us. I experienced the high parking rates here too, since I went everyday to be at the hospital, but I was much closer than you are to where your hubs is. Glad he is out of the surgery, and hoping for sunnier days for you and him! Hugs from Canada.

  8. You seem to be very different from the pheasant, he seems to have lost his head while you are keeping yours remarkably well.

    Continued good wishes and take care. Do what is best for you but you must also rest. Like you say, there is still a long road to travel.

  9. It seems as if he is holding his own - I am so thrilled to hear that. Shame on them not calling you. One day at a time. That is a great expense!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry about that.

  10. A long trip to visit, but this seems to be the news we have all been waiting for, you had that wait beyond worry. So glad you can be busy, physical work brings better sleep than anything else, and from now, just one day ahead at a time, , I send hugs, and continuing heartfelt wishes for all to be well with you both .I, too, know how much the support, love, wishes and prayers mean, and when they come from so far away, are valued more than the sender or giver would realise.

  11. And your journey has brought you to this point, Inger, and I am confident your strength and determination will take you further along.
    So happy that things have improved somewhat.....every little improvement counts. So good to have the support from friends and family.
    Oh, cutting grass, eh? We won't be seeing any of that for a while!!
    Have a good trip to UCLA tomorrow.

  12. Dear Inger, you are still both in my prayers. I'm so glad the surgeries are over and I hope for healing for your husband.
    You're getting a lot done and it's good that you're keeping busy. I think you are done remarkably well under the circumstances. Love the donkey, he looks so gentle... Oh my, what a pretty pheasant. I never seen one so pretty. I'll have to go look them up on the web.

    Take care of yourself and keep your positive attitude. So sorry the doctor didn't called you with an update or ask someone else to call you if he was too busy.

    Hugs & prayers.

  13. Sending hugs and prayers but I think you already know that.Good news even a little bit at a time is still good news. HUGS B

  14. Sounds like things are improving. I was aggravated when I read the hospital didn't call you. That was thoughtless of them.

    Be careful working around your place at home by yourself. I hope you have a cell phone you can put in a pocket, and that you have coverage. You never know what will happen.

  15. I truly enjoyed your story of new hope and love all the photos, especially the one of you and the deer. so glad you got good news after fretting over the no call and will continue to pray for his healing. thanks for letting us know what is going on and i believe it is good for us to get exercise outside and inside and clutter removal i do love.. keep on working it is good for your soul

  16. Always good to hear he is doing ok, hoping for continued improvement. Love the header picture of your canyon, hope you are enjoying lots of wildflowers, so many are blooming here. Take care, long drives and heavy traffic can really be exhausting.

  17. I'm glad to read that your husband is showing some improvement, (another reader sent over by Janie) and that hope has been renewed. Sorry you had to go through so much worry when the hospital didn't call.

    Beautiful photos. =)

  18. Good to hear the surgery went well, sorry you went through the wait to know though.
    Don't work too hard, but I understand the need to keep busy. Hugs.

  19. Sounds like things are starting to improve. I think keeping busy is a good idea.
    Prayers continue.....

    That pheasant is beautiful.

  20. Dear Inger, I've read all your updates, and glad you're doing so well. That's good because it sounds like your hubby still has much ahead in his, hopefully, physical recovery.

    So glad for all the kindnesses you've received, especially from family. Family is, and should be, the major support, and it does sound like you're blessed in this area.

    Yes, mindless activity is good and along with the mindless physical activity does help one sleep. And doctors don't always do what they say they'll do, and so it is difficult not to worry. I hope if this happens again, you won't be so upset. Be calm. Take care. ((( )))

  21. Inger, this news is so wonderful and welcoming!!! Although the road ahead will be rough, the worst is over..:)JP

  22. hello, mrs. inger,
    for exhaustion under the tongue vitamin B drops are excellent. hope it will help.
    deb h.

  23. Gracie and I send our love (((HUG)))) and Gracie sends Samson some licks too. You are a strong woman, Inger. I wish I was one fourth as strong. I will be continuing to pray. Thanks so much for the update, I check often and this is good to hear. When you talk of his sister thanking you for taking such good care of her brother, I can't help but wish that my brother would have had someone like you in his life during his illness... What a comfort this must be to your husband's family to have you there. I love the picture of the donkey!

  24. What encouraging news from you, Inger. I'm so glad to know that hubby came through such a serious surgery and is recovering well. It's good that you do understand it is going to be slow. I honestly never considered how expensive it would be for you to travel back and forth! And expensive! Ouch! But I relate very well to the more positive exhaustion that comes with cleaning out and staying busy in the canyon. When I'm going through something very stressful I really enjoy repetitive tasks. There's something calming about that. It's good you're getting things in order now, because after the transplant and when hubby comes home you won't have time for these things. It's also lovely to hear that so many people have been extending kindness your way. It must help not feeling quite so alone in such troubling times. Here's to a new and fresh week, Inger…and more encouragement. oxo Debra

  25. Hang in there! You sound like you are certainly dealing with a lot of stuff. And being around a hospital can be tiring in the experience alone. Wishing you and your husband well.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  26. Dear Inger - you are doing so so well ... and how lovely to hear from your husband's sister and to have that enveloping hug from them all - that will help so much. It's wonderful that you're at peace and able to just quietly get on ... doing what you can and know friends and family are nearby when you need that company: though I suspect Samson and Faith are all you need most of the time.

    Stunning shots ... and it's so good to read your hubby is on the guarded mend ... those days of driving and parking and visiting ... definitely take their toll ... so take care of you too - and enjoy the Park and your own Canyon ... with many many thoughts and big hugs - Hilary

  27. Hi Inger ♪♫•*¨*•♫♪¸¸✰¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ thought I'd throw some musical notes in to lighten up your day and make you feel a wee bit better. Thanks so much for laying it all out for us because really we are all in this thing called life together. Some people roll their eyes when I mention blogging and bloggers (many don't of course) but our lives are so intertwined that this is the new way of meeting and helping others out when needed.
    I sure loved the picture of the burro/donkey (?) because it reminded me of Sophie Doodle. Just look at that hair ~~ love it. The Asian Pheasant is so beautiful ~~ those colours!!
    While you are considering mowing the weeds we are being deluged by our 8th snow storm (with 1 more coming on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!) Something is amiss with Mother Nature, even that Cyclone smashed Vanuatu really was huge unnaturally huge!
    I do enjoy visiting your dry world because I long for it. Is that normal? Longing for what others have!?! Oh well!

    Take car Inger and give all the 4 leggers a massive hug from me and Sophie, please!


  28. Hi, dear Inger! That's great news about your husband. It's natural to cringe when we think of all the wires and tubes required for post-op surgery patients, but it's standard operating procedure and clearly the doctors and nurses are taking very good care of your spouse. I hope he is now on the road to recovery with few speed bumps standing in his way. Thank you once again for sharing the beauty of the land and the friendly animals around the Wm. Hart estate. I will continue to keep you and your husband in my prayers, dear Inger.

  29. This is good news. How infuriating that there isn's a closer hospital. Take it easy on those drives.

  30. Wonderful news. Certainly the worst is over and now you can both enjoy improvement and ease on a daily basis. Loved the pics , especially that adorable donkey. Will still be keeping you both in my prayers.

  31. ((((hugs to Inger, the tired but still beautiful swedish goddess))))


  32. Sending prayers.
    I love the photo of the Asian pheasant.

    xx oo

  33. You are being so brave and constructive. With very best wishes for your strong husband. I wish people in hospitals understood how important it is to call anxious relatives.

  34. Ingrid - glad to read the update and I hope the reports keep getting even better - and wow - i kind of got a little irritated reading how they let you go all day without contact to let you know how the surgery went. Good for you keeping things going and knowing this is what is best for you at this point - the keeping busy. Hope every day brings more and more healing news.

  35. Ingrid, I am in shock! I have not read blogs for such a long time and now I see that you have been going through such a trying time. I feel sad that I have not been there to support you since I had to go through some of the same emotions, stresses, trying times that you have had to endure. But, now that you are back on my radar, let me tell you that both of you are in my prayers now. God is faithful and will give you peace and rest as well as look after your hubby. Hugs to you.

  36. Dear Inger, I am so glad to read this update and I am so glad that the news is good too. What a relief that the surgeries are over and your husband is recovering well! Sending you both my prayers and positive thoughts.
    Love as always your beautiful pictures! Love your photo with the sweet deer! What a gorgeous colorful bottlebrush tree!
    Lots of Hugs and much Love!

  37. Now it is all healing and getting better. Sending you love and hugs through cyberspace.

  38. Dear Inger, with you, I'm breathing a sigh of relief and feel gratitude in my heart that the operation is over and was successful. I'll go now and read the rest of the postings up to today--March 24th, the feast of Gabriel the Archangel. Peace.


Thanks for leaving a comment.. ~~ Inger


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