Thursday, April 2, 2015

Husband Update, A to Z Challenge, And A Walk With The Dogs

With my husband so ill and me so tired, I have decided to not participate in the A to Z Challenge this year. It was a difficult decision since I enjoy it so much. But I can't keep up with my current blogger friends. Friends who have been so kind and supportive during this difficult time. So now is not the time to post every day, read new blogs, and get more followers. Just wanted to let you know, in case someone from there stops by.  

Can you see Puppy Faith? She's 11 months now and will not grow to be the very big dog she believes herself to be. 

It has been such a long time since I took the camera with me on our morning walks. Sometimes though, it may be good to force oneself into a creative mood. Camera or not, I walk the dogs every morning. It keeps me balanced and as happy as possible.  

Hilary wrote me an email from England, saying she suspects I am having a torrid time. And that word, torrid, says it all. Last Wednesday, the 25th, the doctors noticed a change in my husband's demeanor and did two CT scans, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. After the last one, they determined something was going on in his abdomen and decided on surgery. I had just walked in the door, after spending the day with my husband, when the phone rang. Once again, for the 5th time since March 7, I gave consent to yet another surgery.

Serious things were going on, a leakage from an intestine, if I understood correctly. The doctor told me later he was concerned that my husband would not make it. Surgery went on until 2:30 in the morning. Serious infection once again. The doctor also said they would know if the mesh they installed would work in a week. Husband survived, his new liver doing so, so, worries there as well, and my torrid week went on. Long story short, yesterday, a week later, while I was there, another surgeon appears and says they have decided to operate again. Too much infection, we have to go in and try to clean it up. And replace the plastic mesh with one of a natural material, like from a pig. So I sign more forms to give consent. When I called this morning, the nurse said that his vital signs are good. Wait and see.

Wait and see is not a talent of mine. But when you have no choice, you will do it, and therein lies some personal growth. So all is not bad, even in an impossibly bad situation. Oh, and then, Sophiedoodle, I met a labradoodle therapy dog in the hallway. Just your size, but a lighter brown. I asked if I could pet him. Then I did, he was so sweet, and he helped me a lot. I thought about you and how I miss you and my blogger friends, furry and not.

I have always admired wildflowers here in the desert mountains. How they can grow among the sand and rocks. I came upon this one, all alone, very tiny, but still so cheerful looking. And I smiled. 

Spring is bringing many new arrivals to the canyon. Two baby calves were born to our neighbor's cows. They are so feisty and adorable. The house finches are back and settled in their old homes. I wish they would build some new adobes, as their old ones are full of guano from at least three previous years. I see they used some of Samson's fur to decorate the top of one of their nests. It looks really cute, actually. Ground squirrels are back and gophers are driving Samson to distraction. Scrub jays are here and I also saw a pair of doves this morning. 

Weeds are growing like crazy and I'm trying to keep up, using the electric lawn mower. It's going pretty well. I may take a neighbor up on his offer to bring his tractor over and just rake it all up, later this spring. I am so glad to have met really good neighbors here in the canyon. Another neighbor of mine, a Native American woman, a little bit younger than I, said the other day, after I told her about my husband: "If  you ever get scared or need some help over there, call me. I've got a gun!" I will never forget that offer. 

See how big my tongue got? Do you think I could be a poster dog for that rock band, Kiss?

Me:  Samson, I am so blessed to have a therapy dog of my very own, here at home. 
Samson: Who's that mommy?
Me: It's  you, of course. Do you know what's between your ears?
Samson: No, mommy, what?
Me: My favorite place to kiss you.
Samson: OK, mommy, you can kiss me there any time you want. Maybe I can get one of those chicken cookies? 
Me: I will get you some, because you are the bestest dog. Ever!
Samson: Thank you mommy, I try. 




  1. Our thoughts are with you Inger, and healing wishes are always on the ether. I'm hoping for the best, as it is tough to have your hubs in the hospital, even without all the complications. At least he is getting constant surveillance, a good thing. Hugs.

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  3. I'm forwarding this to Bud, as always!!

  4. Inger, I know we don't know each other personally, but I think of your situation often. I do so wish you the very best of everything....strength, fortitude, and the will to press on with life. Prayers for you and your husband.

  5. good to get an update from you. i've been thinking of you. i'm so sorry your husband has had to endure several more surgeries and infections. bless you all as you continue this fight. so glad your pups keep you company, you've got beauty to find around you, and i love that neighbor lady (i've got one of my own - she's 82 and packs several guns when she needs to.) :)

  6. Oh Inger, what a tough time you and your husband are having. Sending warm thoughts and gentle hugs your way. I have four 'therapy' dogs here at home; one of which is Lily, a Goldendoodle. My doodlebug of love, I call her.

  7. I didn't like reading this. How hard for you, and for your sweet man. The dogs must be a huge comfort.
    I flew to San Francisco today. So much of your state looks so terribly dry. There were many lakes with bathtub rings where the water has shrunk to almost nothing. There were many dry river beds - however, I don't know if they had water in them previously. However, as we got closer to SF, I was surprised to see so much green in the arid hills. It looked so pretty. Spring time certainly brings hope. Hugs to you.

  8. Dear Inger, you are being so strong in all of this. I'm so sorry that the infections are not clearing out. Hopefully it will be the last surgery. your poor husband needs to heal. I'm thankful for the update.
    Sending prayers and healing thoughts your way.

  9. Blog friends far away, and friends so close, all bring comfort and care when needed. Waiting is so hard, let those 2 keep you strong, and comfort you with warm fur and closeness. Hugs and so many caring thoughts.

  10. I'm praying for you and your husband. I'm glad you're getting out for a walk each day. It's so important to take care of yourself when things are difficult. Your pictures are lovely. Happy Easter back at you, and wishing you every good thing.

  11. Bless you, dear Inger. Most of your friends here in Bloggerland, wish we could give you a hug.

  12. I'm glad you have some good friends and neighbors. The lady with the gun sounds like my kind of people, it's good she is keeping an eye on you. Taking those walks is good, it will help.

  13. It seems to never stop when one we love is seriously ill. I'm glad you got to hug the therapy dog at the hospital. I know Samson appears to be the best possible therapy dog -- so huggable. Mother told me I had to learn to be patient or I would become one! Easier said than done. May healing flow through your husband and you in ever stronger currents. You and he are in my prayers. Roland

  14. Dear Inger - thanks for the update and just letting us know how things are ... torrid they seem to be - yet being at home with the wonderful healing 4 legs must help so much .. and having them, having the walks and all the other things to think about - will take your mind of the anxiety of your husband in the hospital.

    Being patient is not easy .. and as Harry says - so pleased your friends and neighbours are around for you and will be there when needed ... re weeds, help etc .. and it's good to know the family is supporting you ... with many thoughts - Hilary

  15. So sorry to hear that your husband is still struggling.
    I'm glad to hear that you can still see the beauty of
    nature and enjoy it. Wish you both as much strength
    as possible to get through it. And you have Sam's and
    Faith's helping hand at home, you're not alone :)
    And thank you very much for the beautiful pictures.
    Wish you a Happy Easter, too.
    Big warm hug and a kiss

  16. And what a battle you both are fighting, Inger.
    The fact that you can even recognize that you are 'growing' from all this, is quite wonderful and inspiring to hear.

    Our heart goes out to you and your husband and we are sending positive, healing thoughts all the time.
    Sophie Doodle is honoured that you thought about her at the hospital. She LOVES hospitals, as she visits her grandpa, my father, every week. She knows that hospitals are special places were exuberance is put aside. Oh, and she would LOVE to share those chicken treats with Samson any day!!! Hey, she's a dog too don't forget!!lol
    Wonderful photos Inger. Isn't it amazing when creativity takes over and leaves our troubles behind for just a second?
    Happy Easter to you, your husband, Samson and Faith.

  17. Hi Inger. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery and you take care of yourself too.
    Stay blessed :)
    Co-Host AJ's wHooligan for the A to Z Challenge 2015

  18. Cute dialogue with the dog. Have a blessed Easter weekend, and my best wishes to you and hubby.

  19. Your morning walk made me feel so calm ans serene, Inger. To share this with us, you know, is very theraputic for us too. The flower, your garden, the dogs, the rolling hills ~ your little patch of heaven on earth transcends our physical distance and I hope you can feel the warmth of our hugs and know that your offerings to us whether many or few bring us contentment and joy. Put your energies to yourself and your husband ~ Samson's furry head is a good spot to feel love.

    Cheers and the best to your husband.
    Ron and Sophie *snoozing ever so softly on the sofa* Doodle here!

  20. I think Faith is perfect for the KISS band... and those ears are fantastic and i want to kiss between them to.
    I am so very sorry to read yet more added to your torrid life. It just seems to go on and on and I know you are so weary and worried.. on the good side though you have a neighbor with a gun... I laughed when i read that. and if I were you i would not hesitate to call on her for anything. I pray God's blessings on you and your husband and for healing for him.

  21. Nature and animals. God-given gifts to soothe us as we face life's trials. So glad you have them in abundance. May God comfort you and your husband this Easter weekend, my favorite time of the year, the time we celebrate the Resurrection. May His peace surround you.

  22. Dear Inger, I am thankful for the update from you. I am so sorry to read that your husband has an infection. I am hoping for the best and that the doctor clean it up soon.
    You are very strong and I admire you so much! You are really an inspiration to me and to your family and friends for sure.

    Love the photo of cute puppy Faith so happy walking around and the dialogue with lovely Samson. Both are really adorable friends!
    Your pictures are beautiful and how beautiful and delicate this wildflower of the desert. I agree with you, it's amazing that they can blossom among dry sands and rocks.
    I am sending prayers and healing thoughts to your husband.
    Wishing you a Happy Easter, too.
    Sending lots of warm hugs and kisses to you.

  23. The story about your neighbor with a gun made me laugh. Everyone wants to help you in different ways. And all of your friends in cyber-space do as well. What we can do is "listen" and offer prayers and encouragement to a very brave lady and her husband.

  24. Good to see the update. Lean on your friends Inger, those near and those not so near and those special furry ones. So pleased to hear your neighbors are watching out for you.
    You and your husband have been run thru the wringer. So sorry about the additional surgeries and hopefully this will be the one that does the trick. You both remain in my prayers.

  25. Wow you've had a lot to handle and deal with lately. I pray that things will improve for your husband and his health. Having gone through a bit of a scare with my own husband lately I can relate to how you feel. Thankfully he seems to be on the road to recovery but the scared feelings I had during that time make me understand and empatize with others going through tough time. God Bless you both this Easter.

  26. Good to see that you are still finding things to be joyful about with so much that has been thrown at you lately.
    I'm getting a bit of this too. My mom has had two surgeries this week along and with her Alzheimer's it's been quite a week. We've been up here in Albany, NY at a hotel all week which is a 10 hour drive from where we live. Hard to leave but we are going back home tomorrow.
    God bless you.

  27. Happy Easter to you too !

    Yes I see Faith in the picture. Feeling like a big dog makes her happy so be it.

    Please do not worry about the "A to Z" challenge. As much as I enjoyed reading your posts, your wellbeing comes first.

    Take care of yourself.

  28. Thanks for the update. Sounds like it two steps forward, then three steps backward.

    It is easy for writers to give platitudes as if that will somehow change what you are thinking and feeling. There must be a tornado inside you, but you are looking down at from the sky. Find joy in what is around you, catch it all with your camera. You are loved, you are special, you are stronger than you think...

  29. I totally understand your inability to do the A to Z Challenge. I am so sorry for what you are going through with your husband. I know how scared you are. I cannot imagine with all the traveling and taking care of things at home and all the worrying what you are going through. My prayers are with you Inger!!

  30. The last thing you need now is additional pressure and should not have to worry about the A to Z Challenge. Thank you for filling us in on the condition of your husband, you have both certainly been challenged with all these surgeries. It's good you have the dogs and peaceful walks in the desert. Hoping for great improvement and that all goes well. You are one strong Swede!

  31. Awe Samson, you are making me cry... what a sweetheart you are to care for you mommy so perfectly and give her so much love when she needs it the most. Gracie is proud to call you her boyfriend and asks, you are still mine, Right Samson?
    Inger, I never fail to pray for your husband and for you... every single morning during my time with God. You are one of the loveliest, strongest, kindest people I have known with such a huge heart. I am with you there in spirit. I am loving your pictures, as always. Thanks so much for the update. I try to check in every couple of days to see if you have posted. Rest well tonight, my friend.... and know you have so many who are praying and sending well wishes your way. We love you!! ((((HUG))))

  32. Oh, thank you for taking us along on your walk with your photos and thoughts. I'm sorry that your husband is so sick. It must be so stressful. I did stop by to check if you were in the Challenge. Hugs to you, and prayers. Glad you have your dog therapy, and the pistol packin' mama, neighbor!
    Play off the Page

  33. Sending you hugs and warm thoughts from me! I am glad you have pups that can give you a bit of happiness, and some good neighbors, it sounds like. I hope that things improve for your husband...
    Good things to you,

  34. Loved your photos and reading your thoughts of what you see on your walk. So wish you both weren't going through all this. You're fortunate to have those two fur kids for comfort and company. May God bless you both.

  35. Yes another traveller from the A to Z Challenge who loved your posts last year and returned for more but obviously totally understand you have many things going on in your life. May you have strength to get through it and your dogs as always to be there for you. Wishing you all the very best.

  36. I just popped in to see how you are - it's so good that you have your fur babies to make you get out and walk everyday - your photos are great.
    It's such a tough time you're going through. I don't know that I would have your strength.
    Take care of yourself

  37. Hi Inger! I just came over from Sophiedoodle's blog. Your canyon is so beautiful. We live in the foothills a little north of Los Angeles and the dogs and I walk almost daily. I'm sending some strength and good wishes. My husband has been having some health issues, but no hospitalizations yet! I'm Lisa and my rotties are Ruby who's around 10 and Otto, probably 2 and a half. Both rescues. See you again soon!

  38. Hello there.
    Wishing you the best. Your photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing.
    (You might find some comfort in these promises: Psalms 55:22; Isaiah 33:24; 1 Peter 5:7 and Revelation 21:3-5)

  39. I've missed something somehow, Inger, because I didn't realize your husband had his new liver! My goodness! That is wonderful, but then you describe what you've been through with new infection. You've undoubtedly been on quite a roller coaster of emotions and I can only imagine the fatigue. Walking with dogs is a perfect way to let just a little stress roll off you at least in the moment. Your photos are wonderful…and now I have to go back and see what it is that I've missed, because you are just full of news! I'm sorry I've been absent!

    1. I went back to read some past blogs, Inger, and I think I was fairly current, but had failed to really understand that the transplant was complete. He has been so ill and struggling for so long, that I somehow believed it was still a "work in progress." It is definitely true that I am quite ignorant when it comes to understanding what a huge struggle it isfor the body to accept a new organ. Forgive me for not understand your situation more clearly--you've actually done an amazing job of keeping us informed. A decade ago my daughter worked at UCLA with lung transplants and she did talk a lot about how hard it was on families. I hope this week brings you both some renewed strength. ox

  40. Came to visit from the A to Z list and just wanted to comment to say I hope things turn out okay for your husband and you.

    Much love
    Mars xx
    Curling Stones for Lego People

  41. Dear Inger, I was so honoured to have you come visit and leaving a comment with all that is going on in your life these days. I so wish I could come to give you a hand but all I can do is offer you my friendship and prayers.
    I'm hoping that your husband is starting to show signs of improvement in his recovery.

    A liver transplant is no small thing especially on an older person. Stay strong and positive. A lot of people loves you and are keeping your husband in their prayers for a complete recovery.


  42. Prayers and well wishes for you and your husband.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead
    I am Ensign B ~ One of Tremp's Troops with the
    A to Z Challenge


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