Thursday, April 9, 2015

Springtime In The Mountains & A Short Update

These pictures are from 2012 and 2013, before it got so dry here. We still have California poppies all over town right now, about a month earlier than when I took these in late April, early May.

The scenery on the other side of town is very different from that in the canyon. 

My hubby is doing better. I take it as a good sign when I get a call from a physical therapist, instead of a surgeon. Hubby's friend, Tom, flew in from Denver yesterday. The first thing he wanted to do, was to go to the hospital and visit his friend. 

 As for me, I started to feel ill on Monday, went to the doctor on Tuesday, and got some antibiotics for a minor infection. So now I'm tired and missed my Wednesday visit with hubby. Since Tom will be with him most every day this week and some other friends and a couple of his brothers will be visiting too, I don't have to worry about being missed.  

This would have been a nice picture for Thursday's Fences (if you can se the fence, that is). I'm sorry I haven't participated, but I still have some good fence pictures to share later.

You know, I said to myself that I would not post another post until I had visited and commented on all your posts. You have been here and left comments and been so kind, so that's the least I could do. And it also cheers me up to see what's going on in everyone's lives. But since I got sick, I didn't manage to visit everyone, but I will keep going. 

I don't want to own a laptop, an iPad, or smartphone (not that I can afford one right now, anyhow) because I don't want to get hooked on that part of modern life. I want freedom from devices for the rest of my life. I am very clear on that. I also switched to the cheapest DirecTV plan, once I realized I would be alone here for a while. And I hardly ever turn the thing on. I have my Kinldle because I love to read and it comes in handy for instant book purchases.

However, I must admit that a device I could hold in my lap would be a good thing right now. I could then connect with you so much easier, sitting on the couch or in bed, resting, while reading the latest from your blogs.

I hope spring is on the way to where you live and that you will have a nice rest of the day. Thanks for everything, your caring comments mean so much to me right now. 


  1. you do not think another thought about feeling bad for not visiting everyone. i am sorry you are sick, but are hopefully on the mend with medication. so glad to hear your husband is doing better and that he has his friend visiting, too, as well as family! thanks for the beautiful california poppies. always love your views.

  2. so glad to hear your husband is better, that is great news and also good news he is getting company when you are ill and can't go.... i am with you about taking the internet where i go, but i love my laptop. and i am not attached to it but i can sit in my rocker or on the sofa or in a comfy chair, and read it like it is a book. that is how i do my comments. i use a mouse and put it on the rocker arm, or on a book beside me. the only way we get attached is if we choose to do so....i would love to have an IPAD or tablet because it would be easier to read while sitting anywhere in the house, but can't afford it just for that.

    1. But I do get attached to games and all those fun things! Of course, there may be hope for me since I don't surf the web or use my FB even though I could.

  3. Hi Inger - how lovely to hear from you ... I'm pleased things seem to be progressing a little more easily for you - and certainly hope the infection goes away soon. It's great to know that your hubby's brothers and his great friend Tom are able to visit him and ease your time a little. However I hope you can get into town and see him pretty soon.

    The Californian poppies are gorgeous - I know you need rain desperately .. it's incredible how flora and fauna survive in times of drought ...

    Don't worry about us lot .. we're happy as long as we know you'll update us as and when - and appreciate you doing so.

    Re a little of old England .. we've had a few days of beautiful warm weather down here .. except the sea-fog rolled in today - that made it cold! We might keep a reasonable weather for the weekend .. but a cold front is winging in across northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales - just hope it stays away!

    Still lovely flowers are around and the greening is coming along slowly, but soon to sprout forth fast and furiously as the light and warmth come ...

    Much love and many hugs - Hilary

  4. Sorry to hear you have been ill, but it was probably the best time for it to happen what with your husband having visitors. I hope you are feeling better soon. I'm glad to hear an update from you, and that your husband is doing ok, I like to think of spring as a new start and new life being leased, so with any luck the spring will bring that to your husband too. Can you get the internet on your kindle? It might be a good way to still be able to check blogs whilst being a bit more comfortable, generally the internet on them isn't too powerful so you can't be seduced into spending hours at a time getting carried away in the abyss known as the world wide web!
    Lots of hugs to you, thinking of you always x

  5. Such beautiful pictures today Inger. I am happy to hear that your husband is improving. I know how hard this has been for you. Sending you love and hugs

  6. That's good news about your husband and that he has visitors this week but I'm sorry you've been sick. I hope you feel better my friend. Please don't worry about visiting your blog buddies right now. We all understand. Take care of yourself. I use a net book and they are just a small lap top. Very easy to hold in your lap and all you ever need. Sweet hugs, Diane

  7. Good morning dear Inger! How lovely to hear from you!
    I am so happy to know that your husband is doing better, that is really a great news!
    It's so good that his family and his friend Tom are going to visit him. It's so precious to have lovely family and good friends too.

    Please my dear, don't worry about visiting us right now, we all understand it for sure.
    I am sorry you are sick and I hope you are feeling better very soon. Take care of yourself too.

    Love your pictures as always. The colour of Californian poppies are gorgeous. Love too the photo of the fence with delicate and beautiful flowers all around.
    Sending you much Love and lots of (((hugs))).
    Kisses to adorable Samson and Faith too.

  8. It's good to hear that your hubby is doing a little better.
    Wonderful shots, the California Poppies are gorgeous.

  9. So sorry I missed this post Inger, yesterday was a busy day and apparently I didn't get all the posts.
    Those yellow California Poppies flowers are so very pretty and cheery. Sorry you've been ill but I'm glad your husband friend flew in to visit him.
    Praying for your husband's recoveryHugs,

  10. Never feel bad about that Inger we all understand. Never apologize for anything. HUGS B

  11. Feel better! Visiting ALL the commenters? Please...We're here for you.

  12. Your poppies are gorgeous! I must take a drive at some point this season and see if I can find a field or two! I just love Calfironia poppies. And Inger, I hope you completely dismiss the idea that you should "make the rounds" of reading and commenting. Goodness knows you are stretched like a rubber-band that could break with one more "duty." Concentrate on you and hubby and duties of the canyon….it's wonderful that you are keeping us informed as to his progress. oxo

  13. Inger never feel bad about not replying or visiting blogs you have much more to think about. I hope by this time you are recovering,please look after yourself and take time to rest. I have an iPad and I love it. It's so convenient and portable.

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