Saturday, March 26, 2016

Notes From The Canyon

Isn't it amazing what a little rain can do? It seems strange that we are still in a very bad drought.

I cut back these weeds the other day.

The dogs are mad because they can't see out unless they climb up on their table. I will start on this tomorrow, because, before you know it, the snakes will be out. 

Fortunately, I found out about a guy who does tractor work and doesn't charge a lot. I got his phone number yesterday and will give him a call later today.

Other than that, I have now been back to Bakersfield for a bone density test and also to see an orthopedic hand specialist. I don't know the results of the bone test yet, but the pain in my hand is from osteoarthritis. I got a cortisone shot, which hurt like, you know what. So far, the pain is a little bit better and I'm hoping it will improve more. 

Mary went with me to my appointments, which made the whole day so much nicer.

The field next to my property suddenly filled with Texas thistles last year. Now they are turning into tumble weeds. Last week we had a wind storm with up to 75 MPH wind gusts, so you can imagine what happened. Lots of tumble weeds to deal with. I don't mind though. I really love everything country. 

I have been busy editing my A to Z posts. It's recommended we limit our posts to around 100 words. I'm a bit disappointed because some of the posts were better with more words, but then I know how time-consuming it can be to read long posts during the challenge, which is there to introduce you to new bloggers and perhaps make a few new friends. 



  1. Hi Inger - oh dear .. mine are longer ... ne-er mind! Glad the greening has got going for you - thank goodness for some rain .. but you get lots of healthy weeds in your Desert ... still it's good to get out and about. So pleased to read Mary came with you for your various appointments ... makes life easier and more fun - even if the appointments are medical.

    They've just 'named' another storm here ... I don't mind your storms being named ... but I'd like my storms left to their own devices!!! Which they will be this weekend ... yesterday was lovely ... the rest of the weekend - not so good - mind you it's cold here, but not raining ...

    Have a peaceful and blessed weekend ... cheers Hilary

  2. Hello dear Inger!
    Love always seeing your pictures!
    I know that it is necessary to cut back the weeds, but its little yellow flowers looks beautiful!
    Sounds great that you are editing your A to Z posts. I'm looking forward to read them soon!
    I hope all will be ok with the bone density test and also with the orthopedic hand specialist.
    HAPPY EASTER to you too!
    Hugs and Love!

  3. your canyon looks beautiful. hope the tractor guy does good work for you. and i love that you have mary to do things with. :)

  4. My posts are short, but still longer than 100 words. That is hardly a paragraph. I think I will leave them as they are and take my changes. I love tumbleweeds. Just not in my yard. You are such a busy beaver. I wish I had that much energy!

  5. beautiful weeds but i know you can't keep them, the word snakes gave me the creeps.. love the tumble weeds and that is great you found a reasonable tractor guy...

  6. I am looking forward to you A to Z posts. Do I go to a different site or have they begun and this is part of them. Sorry, I'm new to all this. And your pictures are lovely. It looks so peaceful there. I'm so glad you have Mary as a good friend. Being a widow too, I have a wonderful friend too and it sure helps.

    1. You are so right, a good girlfriend close by is wonderful to have. The A to Z Challenge begins on April 1 and goes through the entire month. You post every day, except Sundays, which equals 26 days or the same # as the letters in the alphabet. Someone began this in 2010 to meet new bloggers and make new friends. I participated in the 2011-2o14 A to Z Challenges. I missed the first year and last year. Now I'm tring it again. But writing more for me. I have so many blogger friends now, it's hard to keep up with everyone.

  7. Things looking nice out your way. : )
    Hope the tractor man will be able to help you.
    Happy Easter.

  8. The green looks lovely, but I know all about the cutting down because of snakes.
    Happy Easter to you, Inger. I hope your day is pleasant.

  9. I'm impatiently waiting for spring to burst out. We're a bit farther off than you. But I am enjoying the singing birds and everyone feeling spring like

  10. Best of luck with the pain. :-( I hate that you have it. Snakes? Like Indiana Jones, I hate snakes. Brrr. I have made it to N with my advance posts. I am laughing with the ghosts of Mark Twain sniping at the ghost of Sigmund Freud. I believe most of my posts are 100 words -- but if folks don't like my posts, they are missing some great laughs. And which of us does not need laughter these days? :-)

  11. I do like those yellow flowers/weeds, but wouldn't want to keep them as cover for snakes! We are having a bit of greening up as well. Do take care. Always good to read a post from you!

  12. Hello Ingar! Happy Easter to you and the kids! Nice to hear from you :-)

  13. Wow the green looks so good! Oh yeah - the snakes - ... time to clear that area for sure. Someone told me that they are having to release some water from Mt. Shasta as it is filled to capacity - that's good news! Sure wish we had better ways to retain the water and less water flowing out to the ocean.

  14. I love tumbleweeds--but I don't have to clear them away!! Happy Easter!!

  15. Green is good. Happy Easter!


  16. It is good to hear that you got some rain. We take it for granted (it is raining now) in spring, but you people on the west coast have been in such a long drought.

    Cleaning out the areas and gardens after winter is a long, hard job. I am glad you are looking for help. I have begun to work a little in my gardens and the work ahead has me questioning how much I really want (or can) do this year by myself.

  17. Rain makes such a difference. We are not on the high side of rain but have been so grateful for what we've received.

    Have a very blessed week.

  18. Ouch, those shots hurt. I had one in my heel once that really got my attention. Those tumbleweeds are amazing. Does anything eat them?

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  20. Rain in a desert is such a gift! Green growth makes me feel good all over.

    I will be on the sidelines during the A-z this year. Too much going on after the death of my husband's mother (she was mine as well).

  21. Hi Inger, things are really greening up in the canyon. I'm so looking forward to reading your A to Z challenge posts.
    I have those bone density tests every year since my bout with cancer. I hope the tractor guy can get the work that need to be done for you.
    I'd be scared of snake encounter too.
    I hope you had a great Easter.

  22. Whoa, 100 words is not very many! That should be interesting. It's annoying how weeds will grow with just a little water and choke out the welcome plants. I hope your area gets more water this spring.


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