Saturday, March 26, 2016

Notes From The Canyon

Isn't it amazing what a little rain can do? It seems strange that we are still in a very bad drought.

I cut back these weeds the other day.

The dogs are mad because they can't see out unless they climb up on their table. I will start on this tomorrow, because, before you know it, the snakes will be out. 

Fortunately, I found out about a guy who does tractor work and doesn't charge a lot. I got his phone number yesterday and will give him a call later today.

Other than that, I have now been back to Bakersfield for a bone density test and also to see an orthopedic hand specialist. I don't know the results of the bone test yet, but the pain in my hand is from osteoarthritis. I got a cortisone shot, which hurt like, you know what. So far, the pain is a little bit better and I'm hoping it will improve more. 

Mary went with me to my appointments, which made the whole day so much nicer.

The field next to my property suddenly filled with Texas thistles last year. Now they are turning into tumble weeds. Last week we had a wind storm with up to 75 MPH wind gusts, so you can imagine what happened. Lots of tumble weeds to deal with. I don't mind though. I really love everything country. 

I have been busy editing my A to Z posts. It's recommended we limit our posts to around 100 words. I'm a bit disappointed because some of the posts were better with more words, but then I know how time-consuming it can be to read long posts during the challenge, which is there to introduce you to new bloggers and perhaps make a few new friends. 



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