Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Last Post Before The A to Z Challenge

A quick post to thank you for your comments on my previous post. I don't think I will have time to visit you guys before the A to Z starts on Friday. Between doctor's visits, which have included tripst to Bakersfield, about 50 miles away, having fun times with Mary (I have been to more movie matinees lately), dealing with the weeds, and preparing ahead for the A to Z..... 

This is to thank you so much for coming by, for supporting me this past year, and for your interest in my A to Z posts. It has been a journey to write those post, for sure. I have been both sad and happy, even wondering if I could see it through. I'm now on the letter V, so I know I will get to the end.

This year, the A to Z has gotten more complicated, with more involvement of social media, which is something I don't do. And some other stuff too, linking up, and things I don't get. An early reveal of our themes that resulted in a separate list of participants. Well, I revealed my theme to you guys, but didn't participate and didn't get on that list. A bit confusing., if you ask me. 

So I have no idea how many new people will come and visit me. But I really did this A to Z for myself. To both record my thoughts and also deal with the loss of my husband. 

I will love it if you come by, you are such good friends by now. I'm so happy about that. And also much happier in general. 


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