Friday, September 8, 2017

Thinking Of Everyone In Irma's Path And

all the people in Texas and Louisiana who now have to deal with the aftermath of Harvey's destruction. 

I was thinking about growing up in Sweden and how disasters like we have here never happened there. Sure there were forest fires and floods, but not the kind of fires we have here.

No hurricanes, no earthquakes, not even any really, really dangerous snakes. There's one, but I don't think you can die from its bite. 

There are snow storms and bad winter weather, summers where it rains all the time, but where it is neither hot nor humid like it can be here. 

But I regress, all I wanted to say to my blogger friends, Sandra, Janie Junebug, and Diane, as well as the rest of the people in the hurricane's path, I am thinking of you and feeling pretty helpless as this monster storm looks like it will just envelope your entire state. 

I have been absent from blogging because of the reno work on my house, and then I fell again, this time it was scary, but I'm fine now, except for my left hand. 


  1. I am so sorry to read, Inger, that you fell and I do hope your hand will be better soon.

    I have some dear friends in Fl who have not evacuated and are in harms way. I am so worried for them. There have been so many troubles this year.

  2. This has got to be the worst year all the way around. You having fires in your area?
    Sorry you fell. It is scary to fall. I hope your hand heals quickly!
    Yes, it is worrisome to have our friends in the path of these hazards. Think all we will get is a little from Irma when it's a tropical depression.
    Stay safe now!

    1. Only fire here was at the dump. It generated a whole lot of smoke and went on for days. The fires yuo see on TV are horrendeous.

  3. Hi Inger - I'm glad you're alright after the fall - always scary. But good the renovations are going along ... and I'll join you in wishing all well for those in Irma's swirling path ... just take care and all the very best - cheers Hilary

  4. Dear Inger, I'm sorry about the fall and I hope the hand will heal fast. Like you I feel helpless and just waiting for all these storms to stop and for people to feel safe again. Such a disastrous year everywhere for so many people.

    Take care and stay safe.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. thanks Inger, we will let you know when this is over. hope you are 100 percent soon

  6. So sorry about the fall and hope you are back to normal soon. Let us know. I have my eyes and ears turned south as most of my family and many friends live in Florida. Some are feeling secure, others are terrified. Sure will be glad when it is over.

  7. I'm praying for them, too!! Take care of yourself.

  8. Oh Inger I am so sorry about your fall. You must be very careful. Those pictures are stunning!!

  9. Sorry to hear that you fell and hope your hand is better soon.
    The pink and blue sky is so pretty.

  10. Hi, Inger! I'm sorry to read that you've fallen. I hope your hand heals quickly. I'm so busy with my new job as superintendent that I haven't had time to blog. I have so much to share too. We've moved to a beautiful home in the country only about 5 minutes from school. Take care and know that I think of you often! ~Jeff

  11. May your hand heal as quickly and painlessly as possible. Irma and Harvey made my life interesting as well ... and for my blood center which is why I have been so absent from the internet of late.

  12. Same here in Scotland, not much sunshine but no extreme weather so we have to be thankful.

  13. I wanted to laugh just a little with your comments about Sweden. My oldest granddaughter, almost 10, has been talking about her concern that we'll have a big earthquake here in California, and then she notes the hurricanes and other natural disasters. She wondered where we could live that would be safer and I told her there was no way to "out run" the potential for natural disaster! Now maybe I should tell her to think about moving to Sweden when she's older. LOL! I am glad you weren't hurt more seriously, Inger, and hope you're doing well!

  14. Dear Inger, I am so sorry to read that you fell. I hope you will be well very soon!
    Love the pictures!

    I am sorry with the hurricane and earthquakes. So scary... I am so worried for all those people.

    Wishing you, Samson and Faith a lovely week ahead.

  15. Dear Inger,
    I am sorry you fell and I hope you will be better very soon!
    Love your photos, as always! Your header is just stunning!

    I am so sorry with the people in the hurricane and earthquakes in Mexico too.

    Wishing you have a nice week with your adorable Samson and Faith too.
    Lots of hugs,

    PS: I think I did the same comment, but I afraid it vanish...

  16. Just stopping by to say hello since we haven't visited in awhile. I am sorry for your fall - I know how scary and disorienting falls can be. Beautiful photos as always!

  17. so I did read about your fall and commented on this post..this was while we waited for Irma so she wiped it all from my mind.


Thanks for leaving a comment.. ~~ Inger


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