Sunday, October 8, 2017

Notes From The Canyon

Once upon a long time ago, I used to post almost every day. Now it has been a whole month and hurricanes have moved on from the letter I for Irma in my last post, through J, K, L, and M, spreading more disaster, and now we're at N for Nate. And there's been another, worse than ever, mass shooting. And the president says we're in the Calm before the Storm.... 

Here in the canyon, life is trying to move from summer to fall. The nights are cool, in the 30s and 40s usually, but the days are still warm. It was a good summer for all critters, huge coveys of quail, hundreds of rabbits, large murders of ravens, coyote packs yodling at night, waking me up, dogs barking. 

It was also a great summer for wild sunflowers that lined the roads, the railroad tracks,  and in  places took over entire fields. And now the Rabbit Brush is in bloom and for a short while I will enjoy these bushes, as the fields turn yellow. 

For this past month, Glenn has been here early to beat the heat. Getting the house ready to be painted has involved a lot of noisy tools, sanders, hammers, and so on. After being with Errol, who never knew a house he couldn't improve upon, you would think I should be used to it. But no, I'm a morning person and all this noise has been difficult for me to deal with. Just an excuse for not posting to my blog. 

So this is to let you know that we are OK. Samson's liver values are better, one is within normal range, the other on the way down.  However, Samson's eyes continue to be problematic. Now his tearducts are blocked. After a week of two kinds of eyedrops five times a day, total, and placing a warm wash cloth over his eyes and nose and massaging his tearducts (or their proximity, I mean I don't really know what I'm doing, but read online to be careful as it is a sensitive area).

I took him back to the vet Friday. The warm wash cloths didn't work, so the vet tried to do their procedure and it didn't work either. "Like concrete in there," said he, which brought me to tears. Samson is so good, so kind, so patient, and I feel bad he has to go through all this on top of his steroid induced hunger and thirst. We were sent home with some special eyedrops to be applied twice a day, continuing his NeoPolyDex three times a day, as well as the warm wash cloths, but no massage, I don't think. We go back on Friday. 

Faith is fine. I haven't taken any pictues of the two of them for a while, so I'm posting landscapes instead. And I'm fine too. My hand is OK, just the arthritis pain now and that's not all that bad. Thanks for your concern about my falling. I have to do better on that, it is a bit scary. 

On Thursday, the flooring people are coming to install Pergo XP laminate floors (Highland hickory) in my living room, dining area, kitchen and hallway. I have taken all the books out of my bookcases, my china out of that cabinet, it's on the guest bed and all over the guest bedroom. 

With a whole month gone by, I have so much to tell you. I can see I will never get my perfect blog together. The one where I post a picture or two and just write a few lines, but often, almost every day. I so envy those of you who do that so well. 


  1. Hi Inger - how lovely to see a blog post from you ... but can understand the things you are dealing with... especially with Samson - he's special. Love the photos of flora and fauna ... also good to know Glenn has been out helping so much to make your life easier. The flooring sounds a really good idea ...

    Good luck with all things and I do hope Samson's challenges ease up ... with lots of thoughts - and enjoy the autumn scenery ... cheers and hugs Hilary

  2. glad to see you pop up again. poor sweet Samson and poor you. if I were busy like you are I would not post either. I do nothing all of the time so blogging gives me something to do... this means you have plenty to do without the internet world. that world is pretty much my life. even with a husband. love that tire pic and the rabbit brush is still gorgeous. when I wake up each day I have to soak my eyes with a warm rag, but no massage, it helps them to stop burning from night and clears them out. it is the first thing I do wheni step out of bed. hope your flooring goes well and that there is not much more work to do... I don't remember a post about you falling, but looking below it has been a month since you posted so I might be forgetting what I read.

  3. Glad to see you again. I would guess that fall is one of the nicest times of year where you live. I have been slow on posting, too, there seems to be a lot else to do but I realised I was missing it. Glad you are getting through the home improvements, it's better to have them done than have the prospect looming over you!

  4. Post any time--no pressure!! I hope Samson's eyes get better soon.

  5. So nice to 'see' you again, Inger! Lots going on at your house, I'm sure you can imagine the outcome and how cozy you will be this winter! Pergo floors, wish mine were! I wonder what the dogs will think of them. Lovely rabbit bush, it really brightens everything up. Sorry Samson's eyes are such a problem, I hope the vet figures something out. Take care of you!

  6. I'm okay with when ever you want to post. Poor Samson. I have been worried about him.

  7. I like your post. It gave us an insight in the ragged beauty and hardships of your living style. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Good to see that you are moving forward in as a positive direction as you can, Inger.
    You will be so at ease when all this housework is complete.

  9. Inger, I do try to post, but not so well! lol I am so glad to hear from you. Sounds like most is as well as it can be. I do hope Samson has some improvement. Sounds like you will be getting some nice floors. Home improvement is always such a mess! We are getting a new roof at the end of this month. I will be glad when it is over!!

  10. Poor Samson. That boy has been through so much. He's lucky to have you to take such good care of him. I do hope that there's some progress with those tear ducts soon.

    I understand about being driven nuts by workers. I am a wimp about that - I never can handle it for very long. The noise and the lack of solitude drive me insane!

    Enjoy those new floors when they're in. They sound nice!

  11. Sending hugs and love. Be careful OK I care. xo HUGS B

  12. I'm sorry about Samson. He doesn't deserve this hardship, and neither do you.


  13. I'm glad your hand is OK but I really feel bad about poor Samson. Renovations is always a pain but once it's done it's worth it.

    I kind of lost my Mojo about blogging too. Life is so busy on the farm. My husband is hoping that we can retire by Spring. I can't wait. I hope that we will still have a world then...
    Hugs, Julia

  14. Sorry about Samson.
    Glad to see a post from you. : )

  15. I love to see your desert pictures Inger - good to see your posts whenever they happen. I'm not doing much online at the moment either - too much going on and I can never think of something interesting to write that isn't about work.
    Good luck with all the building work and I hope Samson gets better soon - beautiful dog.

  16. Blog when you have the time. We are here and understand. If this is the calm--not sure I will be able to handle the storm:(
    Good news and bad news about Samson. Sure hope the new drops clear up his eyes. Looks like you are back being a caregiver again. He is lucky to have you.

  17. I love seeing those quail and I agree with others....just blog when you want. We all struggle to keep up, especially when we're extra busy. I hope you get the house fixed up and make the changes you want to make. I'm praying for you my friend. Hugs, Diane

  18. Love your photos of the landscapes, the desert, these yellow flowers! Beautiful!
    I am so glad to know that your hand is fine!
    I hope that Samson's eyes gets better soon. He and Faith are just adorable.

    So terrible these hurricanes spreading many disaster...

    Lots of (((Hugs))) to you!


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