Saturday, October 14, 2017

My Crooked House

is testing my patience. 

It was freezing in the house this morning, 24 degrees outside, and the floor installers had put my bookcase in front of the window I opened for them yesterday. So it was open all night, no wonder it was cold. Before sunrise, the sky was smoky to the east. I went to town yesterday morning and it was much worse there. I don't know where the smoke came from, but it was far enough to not smell too much, just very bad air.

 My living room right now. I love the color and grain of the laminate floors, as well as the 4-foot long boards. 

Two guys came Thursday to install the floors and ran into trouble because my house is not well built and nothing is level, plum, even or whatever. And that's particularly noticable when you lay down flooring. They did the best they could, got my approval for another large amount of money to grind down the concrete as needed and add cement to make it even. When they left at the end of the day, that's all that got done.  

Two new guys came Friday. Much better, according to Glenn, who kept a close eye on the proceedings. They completed the living room, but when they got to the kitchen and hallway, they realized they needed to remove the above boards and grind, sand, and add some more cement.  Not the best news, but what can you do? And this also gave me a chance to work on my ever lacking patience. Glenn is so good at it, the most patient human being I have ever known. 

It got too late last night, so they came this morning and added the cement where needed. But it was freezing in here, they had another job to go to. They said they could come back later today, but I suggested they come tomorrow morning instead. "You don't mind on a Sunday?" they asked. I said, "no, not if you don't." So now I'm tip-toeing around the cement to get to my coffeemaker, fridge, and so on. 

Ever cautious Faith, stepping gently, sniffing, sniffing, while ever hungry Samson sticks his head in a box, hoping for something to eat, no doubt. 

And here I am in my only unaffected room, which is my office/bedroom combination. Not knowing what to do with myself, I have so far cleaned out my email, cleaned up my computer, talked to Glenn and Mary on the phone, visited some blogs, taken these pictures and written these words. 

My closet door was open while I sat here and talked to Mary. It's a mess in there, plus my summer tops are still on their hangers and it's in a generally disorganized state. So I said to Mary, "I know what to do today, I will clean my closet!" 

So on that note I will leave you with a raven on a post, smoky sky in the background. Should I take before and after pictures of my closet too? 

Two things finally:

My heart goes out to the fire victims all over this state. Both Bakersfield and nearby Oildale had fires last week and many horses perished, so terrible I had to turn off the news. So terrible too for the people all around Northern California. I knew a wonderful woman, years ago, who lived in Santa Rosa. Haven't thought about her for years, but now I have. What a horrendeous year this has been.

Finally, as a breast cancer survivor, I can attest to the importance of early detection and the role that mammograms, while not perfect, can play in saving your life.

Samson Says: Can't help I'm hungry, it's those little pink pills you keep giving me. Don't think I don't know. 


  1. Hi Inger - love the title ... just sorry it's true to its name ... but sincerely hope it gets sorted out and tidied up for you tomorrow. At least other things will be done ... take care ... and those fires are just terrible - I'd be switching the news off too ... so sad ... with thoughts - Hilary

  2. I love the boards, the color and the grain. it will be wonderful when completed. hope tomorrow will be the last day for workers. the dogs look like they are wondering what the heck is going on... good idea to attack the closet. working makes the time go faster... brrrr on your cold. I am sick to death of 90's but don't want 20's. I am longing for 68 degrees at wakeup and 75 as a high...

  3. Once the floor is completed, it will be worth it. It will look so nice.

  4. That wood is gorgeous. When the project is done, you will be so happy with the results. Try to keep thinking of that during the upheaval phase. I feel the same as you whenever work is done on our house and it's in a state of chaos so I understand. Hang in there. This will pass and you will have gorgeous new floors.

  5. Nothing in our house is square or level- the joys of a 100 year old house on a dug foundation. You will love the new floors and it will make the inconvenience worth while. I am like you- I need to be cornered before I start cleaning out closets.

  6. I'm sure a lot of other people have a crooked house but at least you have a house that can be fixed. I will be so worth the wait to have your beautiful new laminate floor. Renovations and never fun and it makes a lot of dust but you will be so happy to have a new floor.

    In my upstair bathroom, I notice the unevenness under the cabinet and when I told my husband he said after a while I would not see the imperfection and he was right. I never notice it anymore until I mention it.

    One of my cats got so upset when I had a new floor installed by professionals that she started peeing on the large area rug in the livingroom.

    I hope and pray about your safety from wild fires. It's just heart breaking about the devastation in California. Canada has had it's share of wild fires out west this year too.

    Hugs, Julia

  7. Once they are finished you will be glad that they took the time to do the job correctly in the first place, the wood looks really nice and will lookvso much better when finished.

  8. We had the same issue -- grinding down the floor and adding filler before laying flooring. Our house is also poorly built -- but we love it anyway. Amen on your mammo comment.

  9. My sympathies. The clean-up after they finish will wear you out.
    Brr! 24 degrees - that's cold!

  10. Good luck with your renovations, Inger. It always seems there are surprises when one starts to renovate, sloping floors, holes in walls covered up - just a few things I've encountered in our different houses. Hope all is well with you. I haven't been visiting blogs much, life has been monopolizing my time. . .but I'm still here.

  11. We installed a laminate floor earlier this year. We did run into some difficulties because the walls were not even but it was worth the trouble because it looks beautiful. Yours will too!

  12. Certainly your renovation will be very beautiful! I like the colour of the wood, just gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing all these pictures!

    My country house needs a renovation too! I know I will have much work to do... But I don't know when I will do it...

    My solidarity with the people who are suffering with the fires. I saw on tv and the fires are just scary.

    Samson and Faith are always lovely!
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday!
    Lots of hugs!

  13. Hello Inger! Wow, a lot going on there! I can remember when we were getting our walls done a couple years back and how unsettling it was to have to bend beneath the plastic to even enter one of the rooms being worked on.. and Gracie couldn't understand what in the world was going on. Looks like Faith and Samson are really checking it out... I'd love to know what is on their doggie minds. I have been so sad for those affected by the fire and the hurricanes.. it is hard for me to watch the news. Just praying for them. It is so good to see an update from you. I wasn't sure (had forgotten) which part of California you were in and I will admit, I did start to worry a bit. Love your little house... can't wait to see the finished product. Gracie sends lots of love to Faith and Samson... Take care.

  14. How awful to try to live in a construction site. It does seem like you have a conscientious crew who will do it right and you have Glenn to make sure it is. So sorry about having the side effects of those fires. The news is so horrific that I can't watch it all the way through. Our country has had way too much catastrophe thank you.

  15. I doubt if the floors in my house are level, so the flooring will have to stay the same forever and maybe be refinished someday. Your new flooring looks nice.


  16. When Errol laid the wood flooring in our entry hall we discovered that that our walls were crooked. He had to use tiny strips of wood at the edges. I think it gives our house character!!

  17. Hi, Inger, it's been ages since I read blogs but I've been here for quite awhile this morning catching up. You have had some set backs with your health and I am sorry to hear that. I can sympathize with you on the remodeling. I use to flip houses and there is not a level or straight one around! How fun for you to get these new things will be enjoying them soon. Take care.

  18. Oh, I almost forgot to thank you for telling me the name of the Rabbit Brush..I was just taking pictures of that plant here at Vantage, WA, while I was camping. There was a real pretty pale pink flowered bush too. At least I've got a name for the one. :)

  19. We've done a lot of floors like that-- a whole lot of work. We usually used a substance called a "floor leveler" and you can buy it by the gallon or 5 gallon buckets. You just pour until the whole floor is covered, and it will go to the low spots and level it out. There will be a thin coat over the highest part of the floor, and a thicker coat in the lower parts. You need a thin layer over the highest parts so that you know you at least went high enough everywhere else to make it even. But you don't need to know any of this if they have already decided to use concrete. That will surely make it level as well. :-) Good luck with your remodeling.

  20. This sums it up: gave me a chance to work on my ever lacking patience.

    The fires up north are an unbelievable disaster.

  21. Oh, I know the feeling! We live in an old cottage where not a floor or a wall is straight. We took up carpets and put reclaimed wooden strips down in a couple of rooms and the hall. It took far longer to do than we had planned. Sore knees and panic as the glue in the large can began to set! But once completed all the hard work was forgotten, it's warm and pleasant underfoot, looks good and is easy to clean. Your patience will be rewarded!

  22. Having the house 'torn apart' is very depressing! But think of the outcome, Inger! It will be a wonderful change.
    Luckily ours floors were plum when we laid hardwood flooring in 3 rooms a few years back. Will never attempt THAT again! lol
    Hang in there!

  23. Oooooo! its going to be pretty when its all done! And you know that everything wonderful usually takes a little bit of work and time ;) sometimes we see it, sometimes we do it, and sometimes its a freakin' miracle :D

  24. I haven't been by in awhile, but I am glad to see you and the dogs are hanging in there. Hope the mess gets all finished and you are snug again. Remodeling is always hard.

  25. Love the floors. I am so jealous! Thinking of you with all the smoke in the air! Stay safe

  26. Luckily ours floors were plum when we laid hardwood flooring in 3 rooms a few years back. Will never attempt THAT again! lol

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