Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Red Rock Canyon ~ Part 2

Red Rocks

"Look," I said to Jeanne as we arrived, "I see a troll." The large forests of Sweden are full of these creatures, but I had no idea they also live here in the high desert. 

"Let's take your picture with him," said Jeanne. I agreed, but as I approached the creature, I realized it wasn't a troll at all, more of a giant, actually. I used to be six feet tall, I've shrunk a bit, but still you can see how huge this red rock is. 

This is the turban rock. 

I see some openings in the rock wall here. Maybe a cave or two? 

Grey Walls

Hidden Secrets

In the wall above, I see faces of humans, an old bearded man, two men in turbans, something that sort of looks like a Swedish tomte, a gnome, at bottom center. I see two animals  close to the top right, I see a sheep with curved horns, a bighorn, maybe. I see more gnomes, and some chess pieces. 

Weird things here.......

This looks like a wall from Game of Thrones, ready to be defended by tossing (wrong word, perhaps) those large red rocks down on an advancing enemy.

Here I see the face of a lion, some open mouths, and maybe some eye sockets too. I'm sure different people see many different things in these rock formations. I think it's fun to let your imagination run wild sometimes. 

I see a crown on top of the rock in the center. 

Enough of my imagination.

Balancing Acts

I don't think I would sit at that picnic table........

That red rock in the center ~ what a balancing act!

I guess this one took a tumble.

I loved Ginny's comment in my other post from this canyon: She saw nuns walking in formation with their prayer books . Here they are again, behind me.

Red Rock Canyon is only 45 minutes from my house. I've driven past it several times, but this was my first visit to the park. A fun day out with Jeanne, who is always up for more trips. 

A long time ago, I read a book called Blue Highways, about a guy who traveled the back roads of America, marked in blue on those oldfashioned paper maps. Since then, that's what I hoped to do when I retired. Now that's coming true, and, since it's just about the only kind of travel I can still manage, I'm happy and grateful. 


  1. I see lots of beauty and a lot of dangerous rocks perched to roll down on someones head. I see none of what you and Ginny see, even though I tried to. Ginny sees things in sky that I don't see. those walls are amazing works of art and so beautiful and that troll rock looked so small before you stood next to it. so glad you got the chance to visit and share it with us..

  2. Well it appears we could be sisters. I'm 5'11" with hair the color of yours. You are nice and slim and I've gained some pounds but they will be gone soon...lol. I love hiking and traveling to see different places. These rocks are amazing and I enjoyed the photos. I need to visit Red Rock Canyon. Oh...and Blue HIghways - what a great book!. I love retirement because I get to play as much as I want and we're always out and about looking for new places to walk or take beautiful photos.

  3. Hi Inger - your troll/giant is a delight to see. Amazing rock formations ... and yes I love Ginny's comment - I didn't see it earlier, but can definitely see nuns (I just typed huns)!!! walking in formation with their prayer books. I'm so pleased you and Jeanne are going to be looking around your local area ... I used to do lots of travelling around the UK like that ... tiny roads taking me usually westwards towards Cornwall ... and I'd love to do it again. Beautiful photos ... and all kinds of imaginative thoughts could arise here. I presume they're worn down by rain and wind ... cheers Hilary

  4. What a stunning and other-worldy post!! The first picture, I really do see the troll. Thought it was much smaller till I saw you with it! It is a giant troll. I see the crown on the rock. I wonder how the nuns got this way, only wind? They look almost carved! Do you think anyone ever lived here, maybe made some of these shapes? And the smaller different colored rocks on top don't seem to fit in with the rest of it. Picture #5 I see columns like in the Roman coliseum. In the bearded man photo I see the heads of two men, one is holding the other up and helping him. Front just right of center.

    1. Native Americans lived here, but I believe all the formations are made by nature. And she's really a marvelous artist, I think. Sandra said you would see all sorts of things here and I am so glad you took a good look and shared your imagination with me and our blogger friends. Thank you, Ginny.

  5. Inger, I love seeing all of these rock formations. I have been out hiking and exploring out west many times. It's a beautiful part of our world.

  6. That does look like a gigantic troll and there are lots of images in the beautiful rock formations.

  7. I could see people, animals and more. The wind must blow so fiercely to make those outlines, and YES, I,too, have shrunk in height, but try to stand tall every day. The colours, shapes, and sizes give us some indication of the marvels of nature without anyone interfering at all.

  8. You look stunning in blue and on the rock formations' background!

  9. Fascinating rock formations and beautiful!!
    I spotted the troll before I even read that you did! Nice to see you in the picture! :)

  10. What an amazing place. I see faces and people too. It reminds me of a sentinel of statues on top of Roman columns at the Vatican or statues on old Cathedrals.
    I think I could spend a lot of time exploring what I can see.
    Thanks for sharing. A most interesting post.
    Hugs, Julia

  11. wow! what a delight!
    as a child Mrs Crites (about 100 yrs old even then) taught me how to see cloud pictures in Colorado! it's one of the things that has carried me through life. so I immediately started 'seeing' things in the rocks! in one of them I saw the calm face of an iguana. LOL. I saw the little troll easily until you stood in front of it and I realized it's a GIANT troll! wow. you look wonderful! I'm glad Jeanne had you stand there. isn't perspective a strange thing in photography! I have also shrunk. but I couldn't afford to lose that inch. now 5'1" instead of 5'2"!!! you look like a fabulous super model to me! I on the other hand look like Mammy Yokum minus the corn cob pipe. ah well. loving these trips and your photography!
    p.s. please don't count the exclamation points in this comment. simply over exuberance and joy enclosed. xoxo

  12. I do that with clouds but mostly see poodle dogs in need of a trim in clouds. Your rocks have much more possibilities. Once you said what you saw, I more easily found it. I'd have missed the nuns with out a nudge. Fun game.

  13. You and your camera's eye sure captured some amazing images.

  14. That is a gorgeous place. I love the turban rock!!!! Your photographer's eye is superb! And I love your imagination. If I am ever near there, I am visiting that park :) Thanks for sharing!


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