Saturday, September 28, 2019

September Update

When I said I needed a break from blogging, I had no idea it would last for such a long time. More about that at the end of this post.

Here's my September update:

Samson Says: OK, so I went to the groomers and now I have to pose the clean version of me! I will put up with it, again....

Me: Thank you my sweet boy, you were such a good dog at the groomers. 

Samson: I know, I just wish they didn't put that smell-good stuff all over me. I don't even smell like the big, strong dog that I am.

But I'll give you my Sammie smile anyway. Then please take this flowery bandanna off of me. Makes me look like a girl!

This year, the GranFondo cyclists who signed up for the 100 mile race came through a part of the canyon. This was early in the race and the turnaround was set at the end of our road. Joyce and Bob participated in traffic control, Rita and Cindy directed the cyclists to the turnaround, and I, who didn't volunteer this year, rang a cowbell, cheered them on and took some pictures. 

It was a beautiful morning as we waited. Here are the first cyclists to arrive at the turnaround.

And here is the crowd. Good thing they didn't run into each other as they turned. 

Here is my friend, Kathy, who came to the turnaround in the middle of the 100-milers. She yelled at me, and I yelled back, while frantically waving the cowbell around and trying to take pictures of her - all at the same time. So glad I got something as that kind of multi-tasking gets a bit more difficult with age. 

After it was over, I took a few pictures of the rock formations on top of the hills across the road.

They are the view from my living room window.

And I'm very fond of them.

One day, I opened the glove compartment in the Jeep and found this pile of insulation with a mouse, blinking surprised at my intrusion, sitting on top of it. This one disappeared, but I also had mice in my bathroom cabinet drawers. Same thing there, I opened a drawer that I don't often open and there were two of them. Phew! My neighbor, Bob, set the traps and we got rid of them. This got me on a cleaning frenzy. Everything is clean now and most of the junk that accumulates over the years is gone. Glenn came and fixed an entrance they had gnawed on the outside of the house. Hopefully, that will keep them out for a while.

It's that time of the year again. The rabbit brush weed makes up for being a nuisance for the rest of year. Our part of the canyon is covered in yellow blooms right now. It makes me happy because I know our long hot summer is over. It's supposed to be 32 degrees F tomorrow morning. Can't wait!

Can you see him? The cows came by the other day and the Guernsey bull took a nap under my tree. 

Samson and Faith are both doing well. They are now ten and five years old. Next week, Samson goes to the vet for a wellness visit. Which means he's been healthy and not seen by the vet for a year! This must be a record for him, he's doing so well, and is such a happy, sweet and kind dog. 

I'm doing well also. I've had a few medical issues, but nothing serious other than my diabetes, which is driving me nuts. 

I'm not blogging because I have things I really, really need to get done here at home. I thought it would go faster. It's taking forever or so it seems. It will probably get better now as the weather cools down. My house is less than 1100 square feet, but I feel such a need to downsize. Which I can't do as long as I have the dogs. So I'm continuing to work on downsizing my possessions instead. 

I smile when I think about the young woman who arrived in New York City in 1962 with two suitcases. Off-white they were, one large, one small.

I will update again in October. I am working on a very fun and important project that I hope I can tell you about then.

And I hope to be back to blogging again after the holidays, in the New Year. 


  1. Great to know you were there ringing the bell, and trying and getting a photo at the same time, to have your friend all by herself, a miracle in that crowd of riders maybe. Blogging takes time, commitment, thought, and some will power, and I have been lacking all those lately. So good to know the doggies are OK and you are off to cooler weather.32F, that is Zero C for us, and very cool.enjoy the respite from days that are too hot, as we turn the other way. 10C outside this morning as we start Daylight Saving!!!

  2. It's nice reading your blog once again. I haven't blogged much either lately. It's good to see how well Sampson is doing. You're a good Mama.

    I'm glad the cooler temperatures have finally arrived in the canyon. I'm looking forward to seeing your new project.

    This morning, we got a visit from my husband friend we hadn't seen in a long time. He wasn't well and had diabetes quite bad and was on medication and insulin but after he went on a keto diet, he lost 30 pounds and no longer need his medication or insulin and his blood pressure is normal and he feels so much better and looks well.

    It nice that you could ring the bell to welcome the cyclists and take photos as well.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. Wow, glad you are doing well. I came here the other day to read older comments to see if you had commented recently... Loved reading your news and seeing the dogs. Sounds like you are busy downsizing - I did that once when we moved from a rather big house to a smaller one which is 1100 sq ft...and now I feel it's time to get rid of things I've accumulated in the last seven years while here.

  4. the first comment goes to WOW on the view from your windows, some how over the years I have not known about those knobby hills you can see. I have seen photos but not the fact they are what you see out your window. I must say Samson does look handsome and happy and is smiling so big. sweet Faith looks beautiful to. I am happy to hear they are well and sad to hear you are still struggling with your diabetes. I think that getting rid of what is in your 1100 sq feet is a type of down sizing, and makes things easier to keep. also will be less to do some time in the future. good to see you pop up

  5. Samson and Faith are looking good. I am glad to read that you are doing well also. Take care Inger, and I look forward to your future blogs in the coming year.

  6. Samson is looking mighty fine after his time at the groomers.
    That is a lot of bikes!!
    Beautiful photos.
    That couldn't have been pleasant finding those mice there. How would Samson and Faith take to having a cat around keeping the mice away? : )

  7. So good to hear from you!! Wow, those are a lot of bike riders!! Looks like it was a huge success. Your photo with the brush weed is gorgeous! Glad you are doing well and mouse-free.

  8. Welcome back, Inger. I have missed you. Samson and Faith look great.


    1. Så härligt att höra ifrån dig igen. Ja möss är inte så roligt att ha så jag förstår att du varit noga med att rensa ut dom. Både du och dina hundar verkar att må bra, men jag vet att diabetesen kan ibland vara jobbig att sköta. Kram Barbro

    2. Så härligt att höra ifrån dig igen. Ja möss är inte så roligt att ha så jag förstår att du varit noga med att rensa ut dom. Både du och dina hundar verkar att må bra, men jag vet att diabetesen kan ibland vara jobbig att sköta. Kram Barbro

  9. I promise you I come here for more than just pictures of Samson and Faith... but the truth is I absolutely am delighted every time I see them both!
    here it is... a little past 1:30 on this Sunday morning (couldn't sleep) and I'm grinning from ear to ear. that first picture especially!
    WOW you really had a turnout of biker riders for the event! all glommed up like that I'm surprised somebody didn't run into somebody else! they probably needed the encouragement of your cowbell at the turnaround!
    have a wonderful month of October. looking forward to hearing about the new project! Fall is the perfect time.
    and isn't clearing out FUN? I love it!!! sending snoopy hugs to you three. XO

  10. Hi Inger - looking forward to hearing more about the young woman in New York in 1962 - glad you didn't stick around for the winter of 62/63 here in the UK - but of course you'd have enjoyed it - Swedish winter ... without being prepared for it - English style!!

    Gorgeous photos of Samson - he is doing well ... and Faith so glad to see them together. Turfing things out is difficult - but needs to be done ... so you're making the best of it - methodically and slowly ... but glad you're keeping in touch with us.

    I love seeing the views of the Canyon ... and what fun to have the cyclists come up to the turnaround nearby ... and you being able to ring your cowbell - what did the bull do??!! Cheers and all the very best ... and oh yes - glad those little mice have gone - they are opportunists. With lots of thoughts - Hilary

  11. I'm so happy to hear from you and wish you well with your cleaning out. I need to start again and get more serious about getting rid of things. Love the views around you at this time of year. Take care of yourself my friend! Stay in touch! Hugs!

  12. So good to read you again and to know your have just been busy and are mostly well. Loved the pictures of the kids and to know they are both doing well also. That was quite a ride your friend took. Kudos to her.
    Think peppermint essential oils. Mice do not like the smell and should leave you alone if you sprinkle it about. Besides it will make your house smell minty fresh:))

  13. Hello Inger, it is nice to see you doing well - keep up with it! :-) Greetings!

  14. Samson is so beautiful. Faith, too. Five and ten. Great ages for dogs. Sometimes it's more fun to cheer on and relax at those events, Inger. Pace yourself and have fun each day. :-)

  15. Samson looks very huggable! Tucker gets an occasional spa day. I don't think he is a fan of coming back smelling like... well, smelling "girlie"! Gypsy rarely needs any treatment, yet she is the one who would probably love having people grooming her and making her pretty!

  16. Hello Inger! It is so good to read an update, I missed you! I am commenting from my laptop which I am not on that often, but I'm trying to be on it more since my work computer will not let me comment. Gracie said to tell Samson he looks dashing!!! Faith, as beautiful as ever. The bike event looked like fun, wish I had the get up and go I once had. We got rid of our bikes a couple of years ago in our yard sale, but now we just got Gracie a 'stroller' to help her when she gets too tired walking and it can be fastened onto a bike as well. Maybe we were too quick to sell our bikes. I'm excited to hear about your projects and glad to know you are doing well. We send our love. (I hope this posts...)

  17. Hello dear Inger!
    Love the photo of Samson. He is always gorgeous. Love too the photo of Samson and Faith and I am glad that both are well!
    Wow! What a wonderful view from your living room window.

    Just great the picture of the GranFondo cyclists! Looks great to see the crowd passing by.

    I am so glad dear Inger that you are doing well!!
    Looking forward to the update to see your very fun and important project!
    Sending big hugs and much Love!

  18. Altho it is near Christmas, I think of you and hope all is well. Merry Christmas!

  19. Dear Inger!

    Love the photo of your header!
    I would love to be there for a walking with you!

    Big hugs and Love!

  20. I am super late catching up but I wanted to let you know that Sophie Doodle passed away on January 11, 2020. SHe almost reached her 13th birthday on February 2. It had been a long year of decline even though she was a major trooper.
    Take care Inger, all the best!
    Ron & Jim


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