Thursday, January 23, 2020

Just To Let You Know

that we are OK.

Much as I like my new Chrome Book, I can't figure out how to upload photos, so for now, I will just post some old ones. This one of the dogs must be really old because Faith is not that skinny now and it was before Samson's tear ducts got blocked. It's hard to believe that Faith will be six this spring and Samson is now 10 and a half.

I also find that I couldn't see the picture I posted for my new header, which is why it's sort of wintry and dark. Since  it depicts a winter sun, something I'm very fond of and since I have no idea what I'm doing, it will stay there until I learn more. I will have to call on our local computer guy once again. We have by now become good friends, so it's OK.

The night after Christmas, we got hit with a fantastic snowstorm. Epic, my friend Jeanne called it -- and it was. We got 18 inches to two feet in places and the snow, which always begins to melt the next day, has lasted until now on the north side of our mountains. We lost power for about 40 hours, our road washed out, and worse, because the snow was so heavy and there was so much of it, our Juniper trees really suffered. My favorite one, the one I spent a lot of time on pruning, broke off from the top and several others lost many branches. I will post pictures when I learn how pictures will work on this computer.

In case you wonder what I have been up to, I'm not sure I know. Nothing much for some of the time, working on my cleaning up, getting rid of stuff -- a never ending project or so it seems - and also on a more serious side, I have spent time reflecting on my life, on Errol and me, on grieving, on missing him, on getting more in touch with what losing him has meant for me. This was a necessary process because when it all happened, I was more focused on getting on with my life, fixing up my house, making new friends, and, well yes, getting on with it all. I've spent most of this time home alone.  

I have lots more to write about, but I will close for now with wishing you all a very Happy New Year, and thank you for your emails, your lovely Jacquie Lawson Christmas cards and general greetings of hello. I have missed you all.


  1. I have missed you, too. And been wondering about you. So I am glad to see this post! I'm glad you have a good computer guy! I just got Windows 10, and am struggling with some aspects of it. So our computer guy is becoming our friend. I love the last two pictures. He looks like he is howling for the camera!

  2. Hi Inger - have been thinking of you ... and was going to be in touch - but your coming back to blogging life has eased my embarrassment! Take care and it'll be great to see the 'bashed' juniper tree and other photos of your canyon. All the best and glad both the dogs are well ... and all are happy - cheers for now - Hilary

  3. And we have missed you, Inger.

    I am surprised that you got such a large snowstorm in the desert. The can be beautiful to look at but are dangerous and destructive.

    I am sure that with help, you will get your Chrome book up and running 100%. You might want to check out You Tube for answers. There are so many helpful videos there on every subject imaginable.

    Take care and hope to see more of your posts soon.

  4. I can see the header photo. It's nice, a grey and cold winter day in the desert.

    Grief is many steps. Allow yourself time.

  5. hi, so glad to see you pop up again. so good to see Samson and Faith sweet faces again. sorry for the catch up on the grief, but you have to do what is needed... that is a lot of snow and a long time to be alone. now I hope you can start to get out and be around people. alone is good but also not so good. do a search on youtube for tutorial on how to upload photos on a chrome book. I would be glad to help but have no idea..

    1. Learning about youtube from you in the past, I did a search and sat through several tutorials without really learning what I need to learn.

  6. So good to see a post from you and an update on Faith and Samson. I'm glad you have been able to work through some of your pain. Hope you will continue with the posts. You have been missed.

  7. Inger- it's so good to hear from you. I check your blog every few days to see if there's an update. I'm glad you and the dogs are doing well. Take care ~ Jeff

  8. Love dogs, yours are so cute! I miss snow so much, so thank you for those beautiful pictures ☺

  9. oh dear friend! it's so comforting to read this and know that you're still soldiering on!
    and they may be old pictures but you have a knack for knowing just what we need to see when we need to see it!
    and I love the puppies. you can never post enough of them for me! I got tickled at Samson 'TALKING' LOL!
    and sweet little Faith and her earnest face ever watchful for you.
    and Inger... it's incredible maybe... but I still sort out many feelings of my time losing Bob to cancer. there is a calmness in my thoughts now that I didn't have before. maybe what is meant by the healing of time.
    there are those gifts along the way.
    sending you love and happiness for the year ahead. and thanking you for this beautiful post! xoxo

  10. So happy to hear from you and to know that you are okay. I can’t even imagine the grieving process for losing a spouse. I still struggle with the loss of my mom, and that was five years ago. Working through grief is a many layered process; I’m glad you are taking the time to reflect and heal.

  11. Dear Inger I am so glad to hear from you and see your lovely post! I miss you so much!
    I did not have been visiting my dears blogs friends... but today I post pictures that my dearest and so missing Carlos took many times ago.

    So nice to see photos of adorable Samson and Faith! So good that you have them with you!
    Wow! You had after Christmas a fantastic snowstorm. I never saw snow in my life!

    Dear Inger I see that you and me are thinking about our life with our dearest husbands.
    I also have spent time reflecting on my life, on Carlos and me, missing him so much, every day...
    I agree with Sandi, grief is many steps... sad and difficults steps...

    Wishing you and your adorable Samson and Faith a Happy New Year!
    Lots of Hugs and Love!

  12. It is so great to have you back, Inger! We have missed you. Can't wait to see your pics when you figure it all out. Gracie and I send you, Faith and Samson lots and lots of love!!

  13. It's wonderful to hear from you and know you and the pups are having a good winter! We do live a lot of different lives over our life time and it's good to reflect and see how it all makes sense. Take care of yourself! And Happy new year!

  14. I took a bit of a blog break too. It has been five years since Richard passed and I am still trying to figure out the grieving process. Like you, I put it off for a few years because of the grandkids. NOw that I am totally alone I am trying to figure out what living alone will be like for me. I haven't even started most of the getting things done. I am sending you a good long hug.......

  15. We have missed you, and I am so glad that you and the dogs are okay. I am sorry that you must go through this grief. I've thought of you often.

  16. Glad to hear from you and your lovely dogs. Hopefully, you're back to tell us about life in the desert.
    The pictures of the landscape and of the dogs are terrific!
    Have a wonderful New Year!

  17. Oh ..nice to know all is well at least in your world. We were also without power and a huge snowstorm - same one as you - both over Thanksgiving week and then Christmas. We had a lot of tree damage and are still doing clean up and waiting for the chipper that is suppose to come by and chip the branches we leave on our property along the road. I assume you are doing e xactly what you need to do in terms of your husband passing and learning about how you are coping with it all. Those are beautiful photos - i love the colors in your house and the beautiful dog.

  18. So nice to see that you are posting again.
    The snow is so pretty, but the heavy kind can do lots of damage to bushes and trees.

  19. LOOKY THERE!!! Faith in the SNOW! I love that header! you got it figured out!
    Kudos to you.
    unless that's an old picture. and if it is... I still love it. LOLOL!

    1. Last year's snow. But I have found more pictures in this computer and learned some more about how to work with them. More work is required, however.

  20. Your furry friends are so cute! I miss snow. I live in Germany now and unfortunately have nod seen snow this winter. The pictures you posted look beautiful!


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