Monday, February 1, 2021

Getting Vaccinated

I have some good news:

Took this of our hospital a while ago, was too excited to take pictures on Saturday

On Saturday, I drove to our hospital to get my first shot of the corona virus vaccine. We get the Moderna vaccine here. 

What I saw as I drove up, I just loved. The big open spaces,  cows grazing in the fields adjacent to the hospital, and only one car ahead of me at the first stop.

My paperwork was quickly checked and I was directed to turn the corner and drive up to the site where I would get my shot. This I did and got my shot through the open window of the Jeep. 

I was then directed to turn another corner and drive to where there was an ambulance and several EMTs. There I waited in the Jeep for 15 minutes, a safety precaution to make sure I would be taken care of in case of an allergic reaction.

Today Sunday, the day after, I have more pain in my arm than after any other shot I've ever had. And feeling a little out of sorts, but no real flu symptoms, which would have been normal.  So just some pain and a chance to have a lazy day.

I see, as we all do, horrors on TV. Long lines of old people in cold weather, waiting, then being turned away because there's no vaccine left. Just awful.

And this was so simple. Went so well. Amazing even.

Hopefully things will improve soon for those who have had such bad experiences with getting the vaccines. After this awful year, everyone deserves better than what I've seen people go through.  As shown on the evening news.


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