Tuesday, February 9, 2021

New Insulin Pump And Other Diabetes Supplies Require My Full Attention


So I will take a break for about a week. 

I've had a pump since 2000 and I never had any problems with setting up a new one as they didn't change all that much in the five-year periods that would pass before I got a new pump.

This one is completely different. I'm having problems with the setup, such as moving from one place in the menu to another higher up or lower down. Logically, it seems one would press the up or down arrows, but no such luck. So I'm getting nowhere with it.  

I've looked at the training video that came with this pump, but it focused on the important changes, not my more minor issues.  A youtube video didn't help either. 

I will call my friend Kathy, who works at Medtronics, the company that makes the insulin pump, and find out if she will train me. 

I met Kathy at my doctor's office years ago. Five years ago, she came over to train me on the pump I have now. Afterwards, we drove around the back roads of the canyon and bonded over some fun adventures we had with people on horseback protecting their land, signs threatening to shoot trespassers, and a phone call to someone we suspected of infidelity. Kathy had lived in the canyon and knew these people. 

We had so much fun, bonding over childish stuff. It's funny how grownups can easily become friends when we return to our giggly childish roots. But Kathy is also a highly qualified professional, with lot of valuable knowledge to share. So I'm blessed to know her.

All this to say I need to take the week off. 

Which, of course, is exactly why I need to take this week off. I just can't quit once I begin to type away...


And those beautiful photos you have commented on lately were taken by Errol with my little Sony point-and-shoot camera. I loved that camera. Sadly, I broke it when I fell with it while the lens was extended. 

And Errol, who made a living as a general contractor and builder, was also an artist with a wonderful eye for composition and design. 

Thus the combination of the little Sony camera, the wintry scenery, and Errol's talents get the credit for those recent pictures and my current header photo.

See you next week. Stay well and have a great week. 


I finally found the training manual I needed. I've been working with it for a while this morning and things are beginning to make sense. And it says in there that I will also be trained by a person. Inputting the wrong data in an insulin pump could have dire consequences after all.


  1. Take good care of yourself, especially now.

  2. Your late husband certainly had a good eye and talent for photography.

    It sounds like you are in good hands with your friend Kathy having expertise in your new pump.

  3. I am shuddering with you just looking at all those books. the more they write the harder it is to understand. i don't know why they can do a simple, A B C quick list to follow and they don't understand that people who don't deal with these don't understand what they mean. good luck, hope she can come give you a training lesson, i learn much better seeing things done, not reading. Errol did have the artist eye for sure

  4. I sympathize with you with the new pump. They make thing progressively more complicated all the time, including anything electronic.
    I hope that you'll get it all sorted out without too much stress.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. So glad you have Kathy to walk you through this new equipment. Have fun with your friend and see you next week.

  6. It's hard to learn new things sometimes. Maybe because they seldom give clear directions! Take your time!

  7. I know you'll figure it out and ask for the help you need. I'll keep you in my prayers too. Take care this week! Sweet hugs!

  8. Oh gosh, it all looks so complicated. You really need these days off to study about it. I am sorry you broke your camera, but at least you didn't break yourself!

  9. take care Inger ...sounds complicated.

  10. My own learning curve on stuff like that is pretty rocky. Your two b/w dogs look interested and interested. Keep well.

  11. Hope all goes well and you figure things out. Nice that you have Kathy to help.

  12. I'm pleased that you have been able to get a new insulin pump and I am sure in time you will be pleased with it (I hope so)

    I am so pleased to read that Kathy will be able to help you.

    Take your time, take care, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    All the best Jan

  13. I'm glad you found Kathy and glad you found the manual. It's so nice to have help.


  14. thank goodness for Kathy! even if you found the manual it would make me feel better if I knew a Professional like her validated what I had done. I'm not so good with written manuals!
    good luck dear Inger! xoxo

  15. Good luck Inger - so pleased you're finding out what you need to do ... I struggle with techie things now-a-days. Kathy sounds a great friend - and a professional. All the best with it and I hope you'll feel relaxed with it soon.

    Great to know about the photos - they've been fun to see ... and so pleased you can use them here. Stay safe and with thoughts and a hug or two - Hilary xo

  16. Technology can be SO frustrating. They have to change stuff that already works just fine, and it leaves us all scratching our heads trying to figure it out. I'm sure that you'll figure it out soon. I'm glad that you have a plan.

  17. Your header photo by Errol is especially evocative of a beautiful winter day. That new insulin pump and all the parts and instructions would be daunting to me too. Thank goodness they admit you need to be trained by a person, and Kathy sounds like the right lady.

  18. Hope you are getting familiar now re: the diabetic meds thing. Sounds like your friend and you have such a fun history. I haven't been on line much so glad i came and checked in here and hope to see you back soon.


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