Saturday, February 25, 2023

Snow, More Snow, And Rain, What -- Rain?

It snowed a lot and I was so happy! . 

A lot more than what's on this old photo from my blog archives. 

I will try to figure out what's wrong with uploading my current photos soon. 

Faith and I went for a walk in the snow on Thursday, up the hill on my road, now covered in snow. Then along the short flat part, flanked by juniper trees. 

After that, I walked down the hill, while Faith was busy examining the news she found with her nose along the way. Who was visiting us during the night, did anything happen worth noting? 

Once she found a round cotton ball, all that remained of a cottontail rabbit, its cute little tail. It was round and fluffy, Faith sniffed it and politely left it where she found it. 

Princess, one of our angel dogs, found a deer antler. 

I found a coyote's paw. Just a short part of a leg and a paw. A very gruesome find, for sure. And the worst thing I've found so far.

Sorry, I digress...

I'm enjoying myself here with Faith, as the wind is now picking up outside. When I checked the weather earlier, it said snow and rain! Sorry, weather, but rain atop snow, we really don't need that. 

And now it's raining. 

So disappointing. 


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