Swedish Rhapsody A-Z 2012

A is for Archipelago (of Stockholm)
B is for Boats
C is for Coffee
D is for Dumb Swede
E is for Easter ~ Mostly what Comes Before
F is for Folklore
G is for Glogg
H is for Handcraft
I is for Ice ~ Rink, Hockey, Speed, Fun!
J is for Jul (Christmas)
K is for Kungstradgarden ~ The King's Garden
L is for Lakes
M is for Midsummer
N is for Noteworthy Swedes ~ 18th & 19th Century
O is for Old Town ~ Gamla Stan
P is for Photos ~ Old Family Photos and Pippi
Q is for Quest ~ Eastward of the Swedish Vikings
R is for Roors ~ The family Kind
S is for Sweden
T is for Tomtar och Troll
U is for Uppsala ~ Historic University Town
V is for Vasa ~ The Unbelievable Story of a Royal Warship
W is for Why I Came to America
X is for X-Rated
Y is for Ystad ~ The town of the Wallander Books by Henning Mankell
Z is for Zoo ~ Wild Animal Park at Kolmarden

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  1. I lived in Uppsala for a year in '92 so I can relate to your Swedish Rhapsody! I still return to Sweden, as my husband and I have lifelong friends there. When I see your photos, I want to hop on a plane and head for my second home. Tak!


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