Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Snow

This morning...
This afternoon...


  1. Wow! What a beautiful contrast. I think I'm getting a little "place envy."

  2. Men hallå där har ni också fått snö!? :-)
    Men den stannar inte kvar så länge som här hemma hos oss tydligen. Här börjar vi längta efter våren nu även om vintern är otroligt vacker i Stockholm!
    Vilken fin blogg du har!! Härliga hundar också inte om du har sett det men jag har en jag med. Hon heter Roxy och är en schapendoes.

    Tack för dina fina ord om mina bilder. Blir så glad över dem!

    Ha det så gott!

    // Lisbeth

  3. Louise, The benefit: No need to shovel! The drawback: Leaves lots of mud behind! Also, I love the snow and wish it would stay a while.

  4. You got snow again!! Again!!!!! Well, since we haven't had any, I appreciate the snow pics! Although, according to the weather forecast a cold front is coming in Sunday and we might get snow here on the valley floor! If it does, you know what I'll be blogging about. :)

  5. It's beautiful ... and I love the way you took 2 photo's from the exact same spot at different times of the day ... Thanks for your visits and comments to my blog !

  6. Cindy, We may be getting snow here tomorrow too. Hope you get some.

    Lynda, Thanks for your comments. I love to visit your blog and learn about life on a farm in Africa. And try your recipe of course.

  7. Lisbeth, I'm so glad you enjoyed my blog. Yes, I have seen Roxy -- she is very cute. I told my cousin about your blog and she is now following it from Sollentuna. Spring can't be too far away and I bet it will be gorgeous after the winter you've had.


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