Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Guest Post by Samson's Gracie: Gracie's Dowry ~ A Fall Wedding! ~ You Are All Invited!

Gracie's Dowry

dow·ry  (dou′rē)
n. pl. dow·ries
1. Money or property brought by a bride to her husband at marriage.

Dear Samson,

As our engagement lingers, I have to wonder how long till I become your Mrs.    So anyway...   I'm thinking a fall wedding when it cools a bit and the leaves are bright and colorful.   What do you think?  


Are you paying attention?

Okay.  So if you have lost interest, maybe this will change your mind:

I have a dowry all my own,
Included are 3 ice cream cones.
Balls that light and ones that squeak,
I even have a ball that speaks.

My Wally measures 4 foot long,
And Piggie - he will sing a song.
Squirrely Friend and Skunkie too,
A hat that krinkles just like new.

One Santa who is missing stuffing,
Man who wont put up with nothing.
Hotdogs, hamburgers, Kongs with treats,
Mr. Raccoon who's lost his feets.

Reindeer, Gumby, balls galore,
Need I mention any more?
All these things for me us were bought.
Are ya ready Samson...  to tie the knot?

Samson Says: 

Gracie,Gracie you I adore
but I am a simple hound
who needs no more
than to have found
true love with you
Just us two
gives me more joy
than any toy

Gracie, Gracie, are you spoiled
no matter how I toiled
that much stuff I couldn't buy
Now I worry ~ can I satisfy
you, my Gracie, and I fear
is it enough to simply kiss your ear

If you will have me anyway
this is all I have to say
Let's get married in the fall
and love each other for evermore

Yours truly, Samson XOXOXOXOXO

To read more about Gracie's life with her sweet family (you should see the grandkids), please click here.


  1. Tell Gracie that Samson only wants her and not her belongings...and that they should sign a pre-nup!!!!...:)JP

  2. that is one big dowry, i say this is the right move Samson, cute and rich, and in the fall you will not be so hot in your tux.

  3. Now, THIS is puppy love! How sweet!

  4. Samson, Samson,
    You're my guy.
    Without you I would,
    Cry, cry, cry.

    You will protect me,
    As we play with my (toys) stuff.
    You'll love me always,
    And that's enough.

    So in the fall,
    We'll say I DO.
    Then for always...
    It's Me and You!!!

    Your Gracie

  5. I love the sweet canine romance here, lol.
    How so very sweet.

  6. Cute! And what pretty doggies. We don't have pets because pets=dustmites=Crystal in constant misery. *sigh*

  7. Samson, you are a lucky boy! Gracie is lovely!
    What a romantic post!
    Many hugs to you both!

  8. When they say 'it's a dog's life', I don't think they were talking about their 'getting hitched'. You must chronicle this, Inger, and perhaps we can offer virtual wedding gifts at the time.

  9. Sampson, it's good to find a lady with some assets, but don't sign any prenuptial agreements!

  10. Samson, When a lady is showing you all the toys she has make sure to compliment them and marry her as soon as possible. After all you don't want her to share her toys with anyone else.

  11. Samson is a truly sensitive guy -- lucky Gracie!

  12. That's a lot of toys, Samson. You might enjoy them more than you think you will.


  13. Samson, I'm thinking you'd make quick work of those toys!

  14. Wow Samson she is pretty and rich, way to go you handsome devil. Hope this wedding is caught on video.

  15. This is so funny! Maybe Samson is trying to say in the second from last photo 'Mummy, help me! I don't want a wife!' and maybe in the last 'will she still love me when I pull funny faces and look (dare I say it) ugly!'

    Thanks for making me laugh!

  16. I didn't recognize your blog for a minute. lol How cute. Samson's getting married????

  17. Samson I am thinking you two will never be bored with all those toys! A fall wedding! How exciting :O)

  18. That is so sweet.

  19. Hi Samson and Gracie .. I do most delightfully accept the invitation to your Fall wedding ..

    I can't rhyme or bark a yuz pls to you and Gracie .. or your delightful owners Inger and Bobbi ..

    Sounds like some new rooms will be needed with all Gracie's dowry .. hope you're ready with your architectural design ..

    Have fun .. a delightfully happy post ... cheers Hilary

  20. I have never seen a dog with so many toys, and Samson is gorgeous.

  21. dang, thats quite a dog dowry you got there Gracie...Hopefully samson can keep you rich in kisses and furry hugs, the best kind of gifts there are from a Samoyed!

    and you two are both very poetic...this long distance romantic stuff sure makes your hearts grow fonder LOL!


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