Saturday, May 31, 2014

Look What We Did!

As the June 15th deadline for wild fire abatement, that is clearing weeds for 100 feet around your house, loomed, we decided last week that we had to get going. With the drought here in California, we have had no weeds to clear for the past two years, but this year they came back with a vengeance.  And......

of course, gentlemen farmers, of the broke kind, that we are, we don't own a tractor. But we do have a weed whacker/trimmer so hubby cut down the really tall weeds with it, but it wasn't nearly enough. 

We found this sort of plow-like contraption here last year and used it with a great deal of success in our vegetable garden. We hooked it up to old Betsy, our 1989 Ford Ranger, and I drove it around the place with hubby directing me. It didn't work that well with the weeds, but hubby had another thing up his sleeve. 

This old trough, part of the junk left behind here, hubby thought could be turned around and used to get rid of remaining weeds as it is really heavy.

And it worked great. 

We took turns driving old Betsy around and around and at the end of the day, the weeds were gone, and two old folks, hubby ill and me in pain, got the job done. 

Our yard went from looking like the picture above, to looking like this:

Not the prettiest sight in the world, but legal and safer than before.

We even did the road up around the barn, so now Samson and I don't have to wade through knee-high (my knees) weeds to get around our exercise "track."

At the end of the day, we looked back and knew we had accomplished a great deal. And we had, in the face of adversity, had a fabulous, wonderful, and very fun day together. 

Once I know more, I will let you know what is going on with my husband. For now, one day at a time, peace at the end of the day, greeting our mornings with a smile at the sound of the first little twitter from the finches that live outside our window. 


  1. They say necessity is the mother of all invention and your husband sure was wise to use that old heavy trough behind the truck. You guys did a great job. Now you know how to take care of this problem.

    I'm hoping that your husband will feel better very soon and that it's nothing life threatening.
    Enjoy the fruit of your labor.

  2. so creative and it worked beautifully.. and better safe than sorry on the fire break... my friends dad drive a tractor at his daughters ranch with a big flat thing to take out the weeds in the pasture. where there is a will there is a way and you two proved it and had fun...prayers for your hubby

  3. Inger this was an awesome idea!!! So innovative and not as backbreaking!!!...:)JP

  4. Now, that's ingenuity! What a great way to repurpose things you already have.

    I hope hubby feels better soon.

  5. You guys are inventive and you get the job done!

    My hubs was ill for a year and half with me pushing the doctor to give him tests. He was throwing up (not normal for him). Eventually they found the problem was the gall bladder and he was just this side of becoming diabetic. We made drastic changes in his diet. He still has to be careful. We don't eat beef at all anymore, and a lot of old faves.

    Sending best wishes to you both to feel better. I'd love neighbors like you two.

  6. Vilket jobb ni har gjort!!! Förstår att ni var trötta och slut därefter.
    Här har det varit lite körigt med hundar, parningar mm. Men nu ska jag kunna komma ifatt med foto och bloggandet!
    Kram Majsan//

  7. you were innovative and it worked great!

    i keep praying for you and your hubby.

  8. I hope everything turns out well for your hubby. Bud & I wanted to visit him but Bud thought there would be too much walking for me!!

  9. I have been praying for you and your husband.

    Your yard - you got the job done - so no matter how - I think it looks good!

  10. You have been busy! How are your legs now? Email me if you have any updates you don't want to share publically, I have been thinking of you and your husband and hoping all is well and being controlled.
    Also, I don't know if you see my replies to your comments but I didn't want to worry you or for you to think I was having negative thoughts, this is what I replied:

    Hi Inger, I can see why you might be led to think that after reading this, but it isn't the case, I wrote this as often the blunt truth hits harder, and I'm just trying to get the point across. I do feel passionately about people being treated fairly, and as I know some of my chronic illness friends haven't been in the past purely because their illness is invisible my emotions are more directed to those who have questioned or said negative things to them. I don't let the rare comments I get personally get to me, it just makes me want to fight harder for awareness! I wrote this post more as an honest reality to get people thinking and hopefully questioning how they treat people who might claim they are ill but don't look it. I hope I haven't worried you, I'm more positive than ever following the positive response to my campaign and I assure you the post had a positive intention to hopefully help raise awareness to our hidden battles. Thank you for caring though my wonderful friend! Xxx

    (I realise now I said positive a lot!) lots of hugs

  11. Wow! That is amazing change. I bet you are both sore and tired. Good work.

  12. Well done. I am concerned about you two. I'm glad Samson is there to care for you.


  13. Very creative! Very wise! I am sure you both were feet up in a cooler house, sipping ice tea.

    You two take care of yourselves, as well as the land.

  14. You two are so great at improvising. Well done.
    I hope both you and your husband start having much better days. Do take good care.

  15. Inger isn't it great to work outside like that and see the rewards. Taking things a day at a time the way you are describing is the best. Sending good wishes.

  16. That is hard work, but work that had to be done somehow, and I'm glad you managed to get it done. I hope you're able to rest and find comfort and peace.

  17. That was a great idea and I imagine you feel more secure.

    I hope they figure out what is happening with your husband and it puts your mind at ease as well.

  18. That was a great way to get rid of weeds. I am glad that you are now safe and legal! Hope your husband is better soon.

  19. Prayers continue for you and your husband. Awesome job.

  20. Hi Inger - lovely comments from your blogging friends .. and such good news that that worry is off your back and the clearing is clear and you comply.

    I too hope that things will ease with 'more fabulous, wonderful, and very fun days together' - just what you both needed ... clever hubby to be so inventive with your contraptions ..

    How lovely to hear the finches twittering ..

    A peaceful weekend .. cheers Hilary

  21. What a genius idea. Prayers and hugs my friend.xo B

  22. What a difference that made.Hope it keeps you all safe.

  23. "you make do"

    one of my favorite phrases in the world :) Good job on keeping the brush down - fire hazards are not to be underestimated!

  24. You two are geniuses!! Got the job done and well too! That must have felt so good, Inger. Good job!

  25. Wow! Good work, Inger!
    Great photos too.

    I hope your husband will be better soon! My prayers continue for you both.


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