Saturday, May 31, 2014

Look What We Did!

As the June 15th deadline for wild fire abatement, that is clearing weeds for 100 feet around your house, loomed, we decided last week that we had to get going. With the drought here in California, we have had no weeds to clear for the past two years, but this year they came back with a vengeance.  And......

of course, gentlemen farmers, of the broke kind, that we are, we don't own a tractor. But we do have a weed whacker/trimmer so hubby cut down the really tall weeds with it, but it wasn't nearly enough. 

We found this sort of plow-like contraption here last year and used it with a great deal of success in our vegetable garden. We hooked it up to old Betsy, our 1989 Ford Ranger, and I drove it around the place with hubby directing me. It didn't work that well with the weeds, but hubby had another thing up his sleeve. 

This old trough, part of the junk left behind here, hubby thought could be turned around and used to get rid of remaining weeds as it is really heavy.

And it worked great. 

We took turns driving old Betsy around and around and at the end of the day, the weeds were gone, and two old folks, hubby ill and me in pain, got the job done. 

Our yard went from looking like the picture above, to looking like this:

Not the prettiest sight in the world, but legal and safer than before.

We even did the road up around the barn, so now Samson and I don't have to wade through knee-high (my knees) weeds to get around our exercise "track."

At the end of the day, we looked back and knew we had accomplished a great deal. And we had, in the face of adversity, had a fabulous, wonderful, and very fun day together. 

Once I know more, I will let you know what is going on with my husband. For now, one day at a time, peace at the end of the day, greeting our mornings with a smile at the sound of the first little twitter from the finches that live outside our window. 


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