Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thank You & An Update

Thank you for your comments, good thoughts, wishes, and hugs on my Will Be Back On Saturday post. I didn't mean to worry anyone, just wanted to let you know that things are a bit difficult here right now, but we will muddle through. I also realized that I will not really be back on Saturday because my friend Hayley-Eszti will guest post about M. E., the horrific illness she lives with. Talk about difficult, I know of no one who has it quite that difficult. 

So please come by on Saturday and read Hayley-Eszti's post, she is one magnificent young woman and I promise you will enjoy getting to know her. 

As for us, Samson is barking like crazy outside right now, Wednesday evening, coyotes are coming around this time of day. 

I'm going to see my doctor about my leg pain tomorrow and hubby is seeing his specialist on Thursday next week. But since he doesn't want me to write about him, I'm not quite sure what I will do.  

I can tell you what we have done: Together we removed all the leftovers from last year's garden, weeded it, dumped everything, and hubby raked it. Next we will think about how we want it this year. Design it a bit differently based on what we learned last year. Then turn it over, add fertilizer and whatever else is needed. And plant the seeds. 

But before that, we need to get rid of this:

Which can be found all over our land, the result of these:

that blew innocently in the wind last May when I took this picture. That's how they spread their seeds, and spread they did. Everything is green and pretty around here right now, but since we are under Red Flag fire alert already, and the Santa Anas have been blowing strong, we better get ourselves in gear and get moving on all those weeds. I hope our friends in San Diego county are OK; the fires there look terrible on the TV news. 

Our friend Rachael is coming up from Burbank Friday morning. She and I will visit the gift shop at the Norbertine Sisters' Monastery on Tehachapi Mountain, hopefully pet a few goats, then have lunch and talk. And she will cut my hair, which will be so great. She has good intuition and couldn't have picked a better time to come and cheer us up.

Thanks again for everything, you guys are the best! 

Samson Says: Have a nice day, everyone!


  1. How lovely to read this post from you! I, too, have a husband who doesn't like being written about, which can sometimes be a bit problematic and sometimes I admit I do cheat a bit! I do hope the pain in your leg is nothing more than 'getting older'. There was recently something on television here about the problem with tumbleweed -- interesting plant even if it is problematic. My thoughts are with you, Ingrid, and hopes that all goes well for you and your reticent 'hubby'!

  2. I think you worked too hard and got hurt. I am glad to hear from you. You see people love you and worry about you when you are gone.

  3. Oh dear, I'm worried about your leg pain. I hope that it will not be problematic for you.

    I love that photo of Samson. He must be smelling the sent of smoke in the air.

    I had no idea what tumbleweeds looked like when they first start. We don't have them here and it's a good thing but we have the pesky Creeping Charlie weeds that has spread everywhere since the big flood of 2008.

    Wishing you speedy recovery for you and your husband.

  4. You two are really busy... no wonder you aren't always feeling great - you are exhausted!!
    (But, I do understand that need to get the garden going!)
    Take care. You have a lot going on - it will be fun to have visitors.

  5. Lovely moon shot in that first photo, Inger. I'll be by on Sat to see Hayley's post.

    Many of us were worried about you, Inger, so thanks for the update. Also sent you some reading material when you get a chance to check your email. At your leisure.
    More good health wishes coming your way for you and your hubs! I have been having back trouble for a couple of days due to past injuries, so seeing all that yard work makes me cringe. . .PS I reviewed 'Her Bones are in the Badlands' at my blog, aren't you reading that one too?

  6. keep smiling! samson, look out for them both. say hi to rachel!

  7. I am glad to hear from you, dear Inger. I hope your leg pain will
    disappear and heal very soon.

    Love the moon picture and the photos of dear Samson! He is lovely as always! Love your new header too.

    Wishing you and your husband all the best and good health!
    Lots of hugs!

  8. Hi Inger .. I'm so glad you updated us .. just sorry that you are both suffering right now - and I hope things can be eased.

    Fire in San Diego sounds bad .. but those dry weeds are worrying for the fire hazard ...

    You have done lots though for the garden ... but Samson seems to be in fine fettle and no doubt will give you lots of hugs ...

    Many thoughts ... Hilary

  9. Mom says anything that might affect mobility needs addressed right away so it is good you are getting that checked. So you cannot write about hubby, huh? Did he make you sign a HIPPA agreement?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. Hope you're all doing well. I did a quick catch up. Cute photo of your mom. Enjoy the spring!

  11. Maybe things are a bit better than a week ago? Hope all goes well with the doctors....for you both.
    Lovely photos here Inger and just look at Samson! So handsome he is!

    Hayley-Eszti is an incredible woman and her story is inspirational to us all.

  12. Praying for you and your dear husband. Give Samson a big hug for me.

  13. Gracie says the pictures of her Samson have made her day!!!!
    We were just watching the news of the fires ... unbelievable!!
    YOu have your work cut out for you! I hope you and hubby are feeling better. Sending much love...

  14. Oh those Santa Anas! Healing and good health wishes to you and your husband. Love your sweet dog.

  15. So nice to see a post from you. I have been absent from the blogger world for some time too.
    the results of your hard work shows in the pictures.
    I will be back on Saturday to read more.
    Take care.

  16. My hubby is the same - he does not want me sharing his stuff on the blog! Not always easy to do, but I try.
    Thinking of you both and sending good thoughts.

  17. I am glad that you are safe as we hear so much about the fires in CA. It seems everyplace has its problems this year.

    My thoughts are with you, Inger, and I hope you and your husband will be well soon.

  18. I found out yesterday that I have runner's knee. The doctor gave me some exercises to do to ease the pain. I hope you and your husband will be okay.


  19. Hope all goes well for you and hubby at the doctors...don't worry, Inger, the weeds will be there when you get me...we have them everywhere!!,...:)JP

  20. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

  21. I hope the doctor is able to help you, and your husband also. I love the last photo of Samson! He is like the King of all dogs!
    My photoshoot is now on my blog, very happy with how the photos turned out! Very much looking forward to be featuring on your blog again, take care and good luck with the garden!
    ~ H-E

  22. My heart is with you as are my prayers still. I love those photos of Samson. You are loved by many here in the blogsphere. Sam tips his Stetson to you. :-)

  23. Seems like there's always something in life. Get past one bump in the road and there's the next one. I hope this works out and gets behind you soon. At least you have a beautiful place to live and that must help. I've been watching the fires out there, looks rough.

  24. I don't believe that I ever asked my husband what he thought about me writing about him. It's my blog...he is my husband...our vows said 'for better or worse' So he can take that however he wants. Honestly though I am sure he wouldn't care. I hope all goes well for you and him!


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