Monday, July 20, 2015

Update From Samson and Faith

Samson Says: Hello everyone! I thought I better let you all know that mommy is OK. She's just fretting over this thing called a Living Trust she's trying to put together and this house in Los Angeles she has to deal with. She mutters that it's hard to ask for help, she has no kids, no blood relatives in this country, she says her friends are all too old to ask (except auntie Rachael), or dead; she cries, she frets, and she definitely forgets to take us for our walks. Finally, she decided what to do: See the attorney again next week and either do this thing or some other thing that's easier for her. And ask for help with the house too. Phew, sometimes it's hard living with mommy.....

Faith: Mommy also got in her head that she won't blog until she's seen all your latest blogs and made her commentary. What, Samson? Oh, her comments. So since that may take a long time, we thought we better let you know she's OK. Fretting, but OK. 

On July 7th, Samson was 6 years old! Mommy sang Happy Birthday and Samson joined in. Between you and me, he sings better than her. We ate duck cookies and had a fine old time. Guess what his present was: 

A trip to the spa where they blew out all his undercoat, gave him a bath, shaved his belly, and cut back the rest of his fur. Including the mess on his tail. Eat your heart out, Gracie Phillip!!! Just kidding, Samson loves you.

Samson Says: Yea, it took them two hours and twenty minutes. Mommy was exhausted from just watching. Afterwards, she said I was her Prince, I was that good and well-behaved. But did I get cookies, dog biscuits, chicken, people snacks......?

Faith: When mommy took me in the Jeep the next day, I thought I was getting a spa treatment too. After all, my second name is Stinkerbell and I roll in dirt and other unmentionables. But no, off to the vet I go to get my ears examined (ear infection), toenails trimmed, and GET THIS: a microchip stuck in my neck. Just in case you get lost, mommy said. Who me? Get lost? I guess she doesn't know, I'm herding them every time we go out. I keep both eyes on the two of them. I ALWAYS know my exact position and when mommy yells: GO HOUSE, I'm the first one home. And that's a fact. Humans.........

Other than that, it's rained a LOT! Yesterday, we had flash flood warnings on mommy's phone, but all we got was another little mudslide. Nothing big, you just need a Jeep to get around in the mess. 

Mommy has lots of stuff to tell you about, so Samson and me will bug her to get back to blogging soon. 

Have a nice day, everyone!

Samson & Faith


  1. Hello, pups! I'm sorry Mommy frets. This is a hard time for her. I feel alone, too. It's a good thing Franklin is here.


  2. thanks for the update on your mommy Samson, and faith. please give her my love. happy belated birthday Samson.

  3. Samson and Faith - thanks for the update! Tell your mommy to take her time and remind her that she has friends who would be happy to help her. Also tell her that we haven't posted anything new, so she's off the hook for checking/commenting on our blog!! Nice to see you both!

    -Ruby and Otto

  4. The things that humans have to do can be overwhelming and fretting is how we deal with all the problems that we have to deal with. Even if she forgets to take you for walks, please know she loves you very much andis counting on you two for comfort.

  5. We all know you are all taken very good care of by a very special Mommy. I know it's a hard time and I hope she gets the help she needs. Please don't worry about visiting me right now. Tell her just to post from time to time so that we can keep praying specific prayers for her. Lots of hugs to you all, Diane

  6. Sending hugs & kisses to your entire household!! Is there anything we can do to help?

  7. I so totatally understand the fretting that your mommy does. Tell her we love her and she needs to seek help if that is what will make going through this easier. Sampson you look marvelous. And I am glad Faith, you are looking after everyone!! Good job!

  8. So pleased to hear Mom is okay. Give her lots of love.

    I wish I could help.

  9. My, you both sure look grand! Faith, when did you become a grown - up? Samson, you sure are glamorous.

    I hope you are surviving a summer and some rain. Surprise on that one.

  10. Belated Happy Birthday, Samson! You look gorgeous now. Hi to Faith too! I'm glad you had your Mom get in touch with us. Tell your Mom I wish I could help her out, I just live too far away and she's probably in better shape than I am - but I would help if I could. Let her know that having family doesn't always mean they will help. Sometimes, I think friends are better and more loyal.

  11. Cute post! Hope all is going well!

  12. Faith and Samson, the update is wonderful, you both have that way with words to put us all in the picture. A vet visit?? Not too bad at all? Attorney visit, maybe that will let Mummy rest her mind a little.Meanwhile give her heaps and heaps of TLC, and I with all her other friends out here in Blog-land, send love, prayers, and caring thoughts, Hugs to you all, from Jean in NZ . p.s. Tell Mummy Hugh and I are in Wellington from Sunday 26th, maybe 6 or 7 days, will try and do a post while there with news.

  13. Thanks, Pups, for keeping us updated. Best wishes to your mommy. All the admin stuff can be daunting, and I know it's hard to ask for help, but if you don't ask you don't get, and if you do ask, you just might get it.

    Be well Inger, and hope to see you around soon. We move the end of the week, so I'm in high gear packing mode.

  14. I'm so glad you guys decided to post an update for Mommy. I know she has a lot on her mind but she is fortunate to have you two to watch over her.
    Happy Belated Birthday Samson. What a lovely gift from Mommy you got. You look so handsome and cuddly. I sure hope you don't go roll in the mud now.

    Faith, you are still so pretty and shiny. I hope your ear infection is getting better.

    Wishing you all the best and thanks for being so helpful to Mommy.

  15. Hi Inger - I was going to email this morning ... but now Samson and Faith have updated me. Paperwork and legalities are a nuisance ... it's better to get help, get it done and put the bureaucratic bits behind you - good luck with it all.

    Just glad Samson and Faith are keeping you, Inger, under control ... demanding their baths, non-baths, vet visits et al ... Samson - you do look quite delightful and handsome too - talk about whiter than white ... sorry Faith - your white chest looks good though.

    Glad you didn't have a major mudslide, but also it's good you've had some rain around the county/state ... take care and am happy to see the post ... cheers Hilary

  16. Thank you Samson I have been wondering and maybe a bit of fretting myself. Sounds like Mommy is a very strong capable woman who can do anything when she needs too. We should not fret about her.Oh Faith and you bring her joy and strength so keep it up. If you don't mind could the both of you give her a big sloppy kiss on the cheek for me, I would appreciate that. HUGS Inger our Swedish Goddess (I know I borrowed that from Feral, she is a wise one:)) xo B

  17. tell mommy my brain hurts just thinking about what she is going through, thing like that are not my thing and going to the lawyer is the best idea. i would to... we will be waiting and tell her it is not necessary to read and comment, just blog when you want to...Samson looks gorgeous and so do you, hope your ears are better

  18. Samson, your coat now looks grand. Faith, sometimes you just have to have patience with us mystifying two-leggeds!

    Mommy, it is hard to face such enormous tasks, but breaking them into smaller, do-able units might help. I pray it all gets easier as the seasons flow. Always thinking of you, Roland

  19. Good post. I sure do like those two dogs.

    If you like your attorney, and trust him, then just turn over those issues to him and let him handle it. That's what you hire a professional for.

    I'm a retired accountant, but I have a good tax accountant (she worked for my old company when I was still there). I turned over my records and accounts in good order to her, and she does the taxes. ( an accountant who does his own taxes has a fool for a client, to paraphrase the old saw about lawyers.) Then I don't worry about it anymore.

    You are on top of things, you're doing good!

  20. Thank you Samson and thank you Faith for filling us all in about Mommy. Give her our regards and tell her that if she need to talk to any of us humans we are here for her. I am sure you two are taking good care of her. Keep doing the good work.

  21. Thank you Samson for the update. Tell your Mom that seeking legal help may ease her mind. We all know she has a lot to deal with and for her not to worry about visiting. That can wait. Just be kind to your self Inger and rely on your friends to lean on.

  22. It's good to hear from you. I hope you get everything sorted out soon so you can stop fretting. Samson looks stunning!!

  23. Thanks Samson and Faith for the update. You did a fine job. : )
    Hope it all gets sorted out soon.
    You are still on my morning prayer list!

  24. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I hope you can get it all figured out so you can no fret and worry.

  25. One day at a time. Prayers for your continued strength.

  26. Nice to hear that you are feeling good! It was nice to read the conversation between them...

  27. thanks for the update, you two! samson, happy birthday and you look handsome. faith, you are a very, very good girl!

  28. Samson - oh Samson - you really are a handsome devil arent you! Happiest of birthdays to you!

    Faith - With Samson's ego, it must hard to shine behind all that white fur... we have *faith* in you that you will grow up to be a proper lady yet!

    Inger - You dont have to do all of it, and I know you know this. Sometimes You have to step back from the Goddess duties and hire the professionals to get the job done lol (plus you are helping the economy by hiring ;) In time everything will settle and then you can find your new normal... (((hugs!))) xoxo


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