Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mountain Sunset Or

how I may end up liking my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone after all...

Driving home after a dinner in town with Thomas and Michaela, my relatives from Sweden, the sun was setting, casting a golden glow over the highway signs.

My new phone came up with some surprisingly great pictures (from a moving car at that) of the wind turbines that are by now taking over the mountains around here.

The barren hills at the beginning of our canyon glowed red in the setting sun.

Further into the canyon, clouds added to the spectacular beauty of a desert mountain sunset.

Earlier, I tried to explain to the Swedes how I fell in love with this area after I saw the sun rise over the horizon in the Mojave desert, one morning about nine years ago.

My words were not enough, they never are. I'd have to be a poet.... But after they experienced this sunset, they may have understood a little better 

my love for this mountain canyon. 

A beautiful ending to a great and fun day, which I will write more about soon. 

Just had to show you this and let you know my second thoughts about this new phone of mine. Who would've thought it could take pictures like this?


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