Friday, July 24, 2015

A Joyful Family Visit

In late June, Thomas, my late cousin's son, and his life partner, Michaela, came to visit for a few days. 

As always on such occasions, the photo albums came out. 

Good food was served, well, in this case, restaurant food. It was interesting to find a Latin Fusion restaurant in our town. The food from all over Latin America looked fabulous, the place was crowded, and my salmon dinner delicious.

The next day, we started with a trip to K-Mart to buy a present for Thomas's nephew, Oliver. There I found another Thomas, the little engine that could. And in this version, he will blow soap bubbles as he choo-choos along.

Swedes cannot live without their coffee. Every afternoon, they are kaffe sugna and must stop for a coffee break. The German bakery, where I sinned and had a huge eclair, was just the place. 

After that, we stopped by the Mountain Spirit Center. 

Like everyone else, Thomas and Michaela were surprised to find a place like it right here in the canyon. 

Thomas dreamed of refried beans. Imagine that! So we went to a Mexican restaurant at the other end of town for dinner. On our way home, we had to stop to take pictures of a glorious desert mountain sunset. You can see my pictures here.

A brief visit that felt so rich. A certain understanding that you only get with the family you are born into. And that, of course, is something I left behind, without much of a second thought, when I came here as a young woman. 


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