Saturday, September 19, 2015

GranFondo 2015 ~ Tehachapi, California

In the early morning, my friends from CERT and I drive up a winding road, one I've never been on before, 

to the large wind farms, 

by the Pacific Crest Trail. 

We set up ice chests filled with water and ice, and a table with snacks. 

While we wait, I take some pictures of wind turbines and my friend Jeanne. And then they come, so fast, the first, the elite ones, pass us by as we're the first rest stop for both the 100-mile and 70-mile rides. The elite cyclists are in such great shape and their bicycles are gorgeous. 

I wonder, at first, will anyone stop? No worry, lots of them do. The pictures that follow are just to give you an idea of the fun of this event.

We help them fill their water bottles, hand out snacks, take their jackets for safe-keeping, as it's getting hot. Then, as suddenly as it began, it's all over. I haven't had this much fun in a very long time, so I'm sort of disappointed: "What? It's over already?"

I like these last two shots the best. 

We pack up and head back to the canyon, where rest stop number 2 is manned by more of our CERT members, 

including my friend Lisa and her husband.

And so ends a really, really fun morning and I go home to bed and take a nap. 

According to local TV News: 1012 participants from 21 states and 2 foreign countries (Sweden, yeah! and Chile), and $20,000 raised for Tehachapi charities.


Thanks for your comments concerning my insecurity about what I write on my blog. I appreciate you and your comments so much. I think because of Errol's death, I have emotions and feelings that I rarely experienced before. Feeling insecure and overwhelmed among them. 

I will try to mix up my blog content a bit though, just to see if I can. If not, I'm sure Faith will be happy to help.



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