Saturday, September 19, 2015

GranFondo 2015 ~ Tehachapi, California

In the early morning, my friends from CERT and I drive up a winding road, one I've never been on before, 

to the large wind farms, 

by the Pacific Crest Trail. 

We set up ice chests filled with water and ice, and a table with snacks. 

While we wait, I take some pictures of wind turbines and my friend Jeanne. And then they come, so fast, the first, the elite ones, pass us by as we're the first rest stop for both the 100-mile and 70-mile rides. The elite cyclists are in such great shape and their bicycles are gorgeous. 

I wonder, at first, will anyone stop? No worry, lots of them do. The pictures that follow are just to give you an idea of the fun of this event.

We help them fill their water bottles, hand out snacks, take their jackets for safe-keeping, as it's getting hot. Then, as suddenly as it began, it's all over. I haven't had this much fun in a very long time, so I'm sort of disappointed: "What? It's over already?"

I like these last two shots the best. 

We pack up and head back to the canyon, where rest stop number 2 is manned by more of our CERT members, 

including my friend Lisa and her husband.

And so ends a really, really fun morning and I go home to bed and take a nap. 

According to local TV News: 1012 participants from 21 states and 2 foreign countries (Sweden, yeah! and Chile), and $20,000 raised for Tehachapi charities.


Thanks for your comments concerning my insecurity about what I write on my blog. I appreciate you and your comments so much. I think because of Errol's death, I have emotions and feelings that I rarely experienced before. Feeling insecure and overwhelmed among them. 

I will try to mix up my blog content a bit though, just to see if I can. If not, I'm sure Faith will be happy to help.



  1. What a great place for a race. - Aren't those Turbines huge! - Sounds and looks like you all had a great time.

  2. You are getting out and experiencing things you haven't done before, Inger. Bravo! and this is just the sort of thing that blogs should show - what's happening in different parts of the country and teach us about things we didn't know. Your blog is for you. And the pups, since I know Samson likes to pontificate on occasion. . .

  3. oh, what a neat thing to experience! i'm sure they appreciated the water and rest station!

  4. This looks like a great event.Was the road a side road, or closed to traffic other than the wind turbine staff, etc.? Wonderful to know you are out and about, and super series of photos. Yes, the bikes, as our family, daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandies all ride bikes, I know how VERY expensive they can be. Hugs from down here

  5. I am so glad you joined CERT and this looks like a blast to me... love all those wind turbines.. that is a good amount of money for the charities. plus you all had fun.

  6. Teriffic! Being around people and getting involved is the best thing for you.

  7. Fantastic Inger! The photos are so stark which I enjoy immensely with the angles / lines / and finally colours of the cyclists. Jim and I would have had a feast snapping the camera there.
    You are doing so well even if you don't realize it. To be able to assist with the CERT team is a major kudoes to you and your strength. Keep it up!!

  8. I"m so glad that you had this event to participate in. I can tell that you greatly appreciated it to the max. Those wonderful CERT folks need to be fit for cycling 100 miles.
    Those wind turbines are just amazing. There are so many of them and though they might make noise, they are clean energy.

    You're doing so well adjusting to living alone. The emotional roller coster that you're riding now is all part of the healing process healing and little by little you'll get emotionally stronger. Mourning is a lonely process like fighting cancer.

    I'm glad that this event came along to break the monotony and that you have Samson and Faith for companionship,
    Have a great day.

  9. This looks like fun and what a great way to raise some money!

  10. Your blog is you, and so, of course, should reflect your life and events. That looks like fun: watching the others peddling like mad and handing them out water/snacks! I am more a private biker myself! :-) I always look forward to your posts.

  11. Just great photos, Inger!
    I am so glad you joined CERT.
    Sounds amazing seeing so much cyclists and their gorgeous bicycles.
    Love all those wind turbines too.
    Wishing you a nice Sunday.
    Sending kisses to adorable Samson and Faith.
    Lots of hugs! :)

  12. Fantastic shots and a wonderful day. I am sending hugs to you Inger just because OK. xo B

  13. That looks like it was great fun ... those cyclists are amazing , the climbs they make. It must be interesting being part of a rescue team - crazy and sad at times I'm sure, but interesting all the same.
    Have a great Sunday Inger :)
    Fil x

  14. You did a good thing, lady!! Matt is riding for diabetes in October in death Valley.

  15. Looks like fun - hot ....but fun.

  16. Good to see you getting more involved. Great fun too, I imagine!

  17. Inger , we have a big bike race here in our county every Fall. Most of the locals hate it. The Sheriff's department closes off both lanes of the roads they use. There is a five hour period where the only way I can get in or out of my property is to use an old forest service trail where I have to ford two deep creeks!

    The bikers are not popular because in the fall, many of them come up and they ride four abreast, blocking our roads, and won't get over. I'm glad your set up is better and the bikers seem to be better behaved.

    1. We had no road closures here, Hwy Patrol and Sheriff Deputies heavily involved, but not intrusive. Some cyclists obey traffic rules, they are vehicles and must obey, but not every one does here either. We had a meeting with a Hwy Patrol Officer who came to talk about biker safety. It did not go well. Bikers were very upset with drivers and vice versa. Some angry driver drove a truck into the port-a-potties at the canyon rest stop at night and turned over one and messed up the other two. So lots of bad blood it seems. But the bikers we met were very polite, thanked us, and seemed to appreciate our help.

    2. Some things are the same everywhere, I guess. I would be ok with sharing the road, if they would not block it.

      It's just Fall that we have problems. Once mid October passes and the cold comes on the spandex suit crowd disappears.

  18. Looks like a hot day for a bike ride. I'm sure the refreshments were greatly appreciated.

  19. You are doing fine Inger - it is amazing and to admire how you find your inner strength to cope.
    There will be many more lovely days like this ahead of you! :-)

  20. What a delightful post Inger. Here, where I live, in Hutchinson, Kansas, we have a large plant that makes those wind turbines. It is called Siemens Wind Power. Loved your pictures. What fun it would be to bike in that area. Although I am afraid that I would never make it. I am constantly reminded how my grief has changed the way I live. We just need to go with the flow of it and we WILL come out on the other side. Sending you a giant hug!!

  21. Hi Inger - that must have made a change and a fun day out ...especially as you were involved. They raised a fair amount of money - which is excellent news for the local charities. So glad Sweden was there and Chile - you couldn't get two countries much further apart.

    Cheers - it's all good fun ... and we enjoy your posts and your photos - mind you Faith does a pretty good job too ... has Samson handed the mantle over to Faith ... thinking about you .. Hilary xoxoxo

  22. That looks like a fun thing to do. Glad you enjoyed your day.
    I love the wind turbines. I could just sit and watch then turn. They are mesmerizing to me.

  23. Hey Inger! This looked like a lot of fun!
    And your photos are great!
    I find everything you write about is interesting. Please don't feel insecure about what you post's all new to me and most of us here.
    Have a great evening.

  24. What great fun and good that you are all there looking after their well being.


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