Monday, November 9, 2015

High Desert Road Trip, A Crafts Fair, A Cowboy, And A Cherokee Pow Wow

Saturday morning, my friends Mary, Jeanne and I set out on a road trip through the Mojave desert to the town of Ridgecrest where there was a Petroglyph Festival, which also included a crafts fair and a Cherokee Inter-tribal Pow Wow. 

The petroglyphs are located on the China Lake Naval Base. In order to see them, you needed to book a seat on a bus that would take you there. Because of the crowds, we decided to skip that and instead enjoy the rest of the festivities.

Red Rock State Park is more beautiful and impressive than the pictures I took from the car. 

But, as you can see, there's a lot more than sand to this high desert I have come to love. 

There were quite a few people wandering up and down by the stalls of the crafts fair. I have no idea why I didn't take any good pictures of this event. 

I guess I just don't like to put a camera in people's faces, so I'm more comfortable with their backsides.....

More backsides...... 

And, believe it or not, but I actually marched up to a group of young firemen, told them I had a crush on fire fighters and could I please take their picture. They agreed, they even smiled, but the picture didn't come out. I'm sure they thought this old lady must be suffering from something, hero worship, or whatever. I didn't care, I had fun. 

With a little help from my friends, I am coming back to the lighter side of life. 

Looking for the Pow Wow, we found this cowboy instead. He had the coolest chuck wagon I've ever seen (actually, I may never have seen a chuck wagon before, but never mind). He had everything you could imagine,

even a meatgrinder, just like the one my mom used to have. You can hire him and his wagon for BBQs and other events. 

More backsides...... 

The Cherokee Inter-tribal Pow Wow was held indoors, which took away some of the atmosphere, I think. Still, it was a fun mixture of tradition meets the 21st century. Jeanne pointed out that the small boys in the middle wore Seattle Seahawk colors with the seahawk featured in several places on their costumes. And she also noticed that the plates that held a feather on top of their heads were actually CDs. Those two were beyond cute.

While it was great to see the youngsters participating so vigorously, I loved this older guy. It gave me chills to watch him coming around the floor, again and again, in time to the beat of the drums. Like someone from another place and time.....

On our way home, we drove through the old mining town of Randsburg. It looked so much like the mining towns in Pennsylvania and West Virginia that I traveled through a long time ago. I would very much like to go back to this old town, less tired, to explore it with my camera. Old houses, leaning, meaningful junk left behind, mixed with pretty bungalows painted in candy colors, it doesn't get much better than that.

I have more to share from this trip. Jeanne had stories to tell about old men of the desert, a robbers hideout, and at the museum that we also visited there were pictures and information about interesting plants, ancient trees, dangerous snakes, and much more that I will post about at a later time. 


  1. the intertribal pow wow would be really neat to watch, even indoors. looks like a nice event all the way around.

  2. What a perfect day! All things that I enjoy. So glad to see you getting out and about. Each year my students read a story about cowboys and we watch chuck wagon cooking on youtube. Pretty cool stuff!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time! :O). I would have loved to seen the pow wow .. I am sure that was very moving. I agree, outdoors it would have been even more awesome. :O)

  4. I'm so glad you went and had a big adventure! You did things that you'll be able to think about and remember. That's so good for you my friend. Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. Red Rock Sate Park - awesome pictures.
    Firemen huh? Yeah, I concur. :)
    Would have loved to see the tribal 'pow wow'
    Looks like a great time, Inger!

  6. I wish I could have tagged along! It looked like it was great fun. There is something Old World to Cherokee or Cheyenne who have stayed close to their culture -- a stillness that is almost a tangible thing. Those pictures made me smile. Have a great new week!

  7. Inger, it feels no nice following you on this trip to the Mojave desert in the comfort of my chair. The scenery looks spectacular and although you opted out of visiting the petroglyphs of China Lake there was lots to see. I looked up the petroglyphs of China Lake on the web. I'm not sure how old they are but it looks that they have put there a long time ago and were made by people who lived there.

    I love looking at the pow wow costumes. I'm so glad that you are going out on excursions with friends and that you are regaining some perspectives on the lighter side of life. It makes me feel good.

    My foot swelling has gone down but I still haven't returned to work on the farm. I may try tomorrow and see if I can handle it, if not I'll call my son for his help. It doesn't appear that I have any broken bones.

    Have a great week Inger.
    Hugs and love to you and your fur companions.

  8. Oh, Thank you for sharing . . i like the Pow Wow . .
    and, your Cowboy is very fine.

  9. I liked seeing the Cherokee people, Inger, as we have some of our North Shore tribes that put on a dance at one of the scenic sites. My mom used to say somewhere back in all that Scottish blood I inherited was some Cherokee blood - but she has no details. Could be true or just a family legend. . .Good to see you out and about.

    1. D. G. I wouldn't mind having some of that myself, Cherokee blood. Errol had Choctaw blood mixed in with all the rest.

  10. Red Rock is so beautiful. I've never camped there, but have hung out for an afternoon. What a fun afternoon you had with friends! Can't wait to read further adventures...

  11. Hi Inger - love the photos and the cowboy - what an incredible collection of 'old' goodies - fascinating he can be hired to put on BBQs etc. I really need to understand more about the Indian tribes - my uncle had a book .. that I now have ... but time to read: seems to be missing. Fascinating to see them ... the cuteness of the youngsters - yet the serenity of their elder.

    I checked out the places on the map and was fascinated to see - Randsburg is near Johannesburg - while in South Africa our Jhb is the city and Randburg when I first went out was made up of dirt roads - now it's a huge suburb.

    Petroglyphs are wonderful ... what a lovely day out for you ... looking forward to more - cheers Hilary

  12. It sounds like you had a wonderful day with your friends. Was the chuck wagon man selling/serving food?

  13. That was really interesting and sounds like you had a great road trip with good friends.

  14. Wow! Just great post with beautiful pictures of your road trip through the Mojave desert to the town of Ridgecrest. The Red Rock State Park looks amazing!
    So nice you did this nice trip with your good friends Mary and Jeanne.
    The Petroglyph Festival, with so many beautiful crafts and a Cherokee Inter-tribal Pow Wow sounds great!.
    Just funny, I remember that my mom had a meatgrinder just like this one, too.

    I am so glad that with the help from your friends, you are coming back to the lighter side of life!
    Many hugs! :)

  15. Looks and sounds like a great day. So happy to see you out there having a good time. : )

  16. Dear Inger, you know, to my way of thinking, life can't get much better than being with friends and enjoying the camaraderie of shared interests and experiences. Your day must have so refreshed your spirits. To have all that and sun besides.

    One of these days, if we ever meet, I'd love to go to the petroglyph museum with you. Peace.

  17. We lived in Victorville for 7 years with our small children. Never have known of the treasures surrounding that area. You found many treasures there in your photos.
    I am enjoying your adventures, past and present.

  18. Hi Inger - we lived in Central and Southern Cali for several years and came to love the high desert as well. It is so interesting with a unique beauty. This looks like a fun trip with your friends. Enjoy the rest of the week!

  19. Such a fun trip. I loved all of your pictures. Even the ones with backsides!! LOL! I am glad you are getting out and about! So good for you. Your canyon is beautiful!!


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